Kama Sutra Crash Course: 3 Sex Positions for Her

Skip all the history and let us get straight to what we need – Which Kama Sutra sex positions are going to help you achieve a mind-blowing orgasm? We’ve singled out 3 sex positions for you to try out…

When my first boyfriend and I lost our virginity together (I know, how sweet!) he went away and came back with a goody-bag for me. Inside was an assortment of sexual bits n bobs to express his enthusiasm for our new-found pastime, including a mini book of the Kama Sutra.

Because it was so mini, I was cruelly deceived. Upon opening this little book and flicking through I realized that I had a lot to learn about sex.

Now, of course, I know that the reality is that no matter how many fancy sex moves you learn, you will only end up referring back to three or four in your everyday sex-life.

So why do we limit ourselves when the opportunity to explore sexual pleasure is so vast? Well it’s quite simple, you just don’t need all the moves to have a satisfying sex life. Besides, if you really want to know, the Kama Sutra isn’t just about sex positions…

A (Very) Brief History Lesson

Did you know that originally what we know as the Kama Sutra Sex Bible was in fact an ancient manual for much more than just the 64 sex positions we associate it with today? It was a way of life. Written in Sanskrit, and the practical sexual section was just a small part of it.

Historians believe that this guide to balanced and productive living appeared sometime between 400 BCE and 200CE. According to translations there are sections relating to ‘Acquiring a Wife’ . Also, all the necessary related topics . Some of them such as a man’s behaviour in the presence of other mens’ wives, a wife’s duties and privileges, and sexual union.

There are even sections on ‘Courtesans’ and ‘Occult Practices’. The Kama Sutra was essentially a practical and spiritual study aimed at men on how to achieve and lead a fulfilled life with a woman.

There are many aspects of the original text that can be found insightful and contribute to our education on living, but what we are most interested in here, as fickle as it may sound, is how the Kama Sutra can help us achieve amazing orgasms during sex! 

The 3 Kamasutra Sex Moves That Will Bring You Closer to Your Orgasm

Yes, out of 64 positions there are in fact 3 that you can concentrate on to achieve your orgasm. Well, these are the three that I have zoned in on, because they are fun and make sense.

Many of the positions are just variations of each other anyway, so don’t think you are missing out too much. I think that when you are looking to enjoy sex as a merging of physical, emotional and mental pleasure, the last thing you need to worry about is being distracted by unnecessary sexual acrobatics.

Seriously, have you seen some of the illustrations of these sex position? I’m sorry, but my back doesn’t bend that way.

Here is my selection of the more realistic Kama Sutra sex positions, and hopefully the ones that are going to help you achieve your climax…

#1 Tiger Crouching

I quite like the idea of being a tigress. Sometimes when I’m doing this one I like to imagine my partner can see the stripes on my back.

If you find it a bit disconcerting to be facing away from your partner during sex with your back and ass exposed for his inspection, it helps to imagine that you’re a sexy striped wild animal writhing about in front of him… or do I stand alone on this one?

How to do it?

Here is how this pose looks like. He sits with his legs stretched out, probably on the bed with his back against the wall for support. You sit on his penis, facing away from him, in a sort of crouching position. If you kneel rather than sit then you can control the penetration and alter the angle better. Your partner can support you by lifting your ass and thighs, not to mention giving your ass a cheeky squeeze and tug!

Why is it good?

There is plenty of room for movement and you are in control. Because it is rear entry you can angle yourself so that his penis rubs against your front vaginal wall where your G-Spot is. Most importantly your partner is in the perfect position to play with you! He can caress your breasts, tweak your nipples, kiss your back and neck, rub your clitoris. These are all the things that are going to help you drift off to that distant place called ‘heaven’!


This position can get a bit tiring for him. This is why I suggest him using the wall for support, and you kneeling rather than sitting so that you can support most of your own weight. It is perfect for having a rest though, because you are both in the sitting position. You can just be still for a while and enjoy other things like kissing and touching. Sex doesn’t have to be a race to the finish line.

#2 Wings of a Plane

Obviously the title of this Kama Sutra position has been modernized! I find that there is something quite powerful about this position, despite there being a lot less movement required.

Sometimes being still heightens your sensitivity even more. It forces you to stop and focus on the small sensations you are feeling, rather than focusing on creating or building pleasure quickly. It is about enjoying the present, and being at one with your partner.

How to do it?

Lie on top of your partner. When he is inside you, close your thighs together and lie perfectly parallel with his body, so that you can feel a sense of harmony. You can provide subtle stimulation by moving your body up and down and clenching your vaginal muscles to build up your own orgasm and give him pleasure too.

Why is it good?

You will enjoy the full-body contact. You are face -to-face which is great for kissing and connecting on an emotional level. Often we forget to look into each others eyes during sex. The sex will also feel incredibly intense because of the way your vagina grips his penis tightly. The sexual tension you build by tensing your muscles, merging it with your breathing and subtle bodily movements will make you feel all the more sensitive and susceptible to tiny pleasurable vibrations. Also, you are completely in control.


There is not much room for movement, but that is the whole point. If your partner is significantly smaller than you, he may not be able to breathe.

#3 Spider’s Web

If you like to have sex in all sorts of crazy places, then is the one for you… Before you ask though, no this sex move doesn’t involve you killing your mate after sex like an actual spider does in the wild.

How To do it?

Here is how this pose looks like   Sit on the end of the bed and let your partner kneel in front of you to penetrate. Then once he is inside, wrap your legs around his legs for balance and deeper penetration. If you want to vary the height sit on a table instead and have him stand in front of you. If he’s is super-strong or you are super-tiny he may even be able to lift you and do this move with you pressed up against a wall, legs wrapped around his waist.

Why is it good?

It’s an intimate position. It will feel good for him to have your legs wrapped around him, and he can pull you closer and stroke your back or squeeze your bum. You can lean back if you are sit to vary the angle of penetration while giving him a good view of your breasts. The best thing about it is that you can do it anywhere… on the kitchen counter, on the side of the the bath, on the desk in the study… the potential to mix it up with fantasy is available too… don’t take your clothes off, wear sexy high heels.


If he goes a bit crazy and the table is wobbly, expect things to get broken!

Here is what experts have said about their  favorite Kama Sutra positions that couples should try at least once.

So, do yourselves a favor and go get a copy of Kama Sutra  from your local bookstore. Randomly flip open a page and see if you and your lover can get into that position.

It’s tricky, it’s sexy, it’s fun, and it’s not always possible (which definitely makes things interesting).

Especially if you are tired of the same old bedroom routine. No matter what your personal sex style is, there’s always something new and fun you can try with your partner. Here are twelve new things to try in bed (and get out of your sexual rut).

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