Top 7 Sex Positions for Beginners

Getting comfortable doing it when you’re new at all of that sexual stuff takes some time! That’s why it’d be smart to start off nice and easy. Going slow is the way to go, and you can do it with these best sex positions for beginners - until you loosen up.

These are mostly what are considered to be ‘standard’ and ‘regular’, and therefore, the best sex positions for beginners. They are definitely the ones to start off with if you’re just beginning to explore your…uh…options! They aren’t too hard on your muscles and won’t cause discomfort or strain for either of you, so, you’ll be able to work up some experience before you go on to some more challenging ones!

1. Missionary

Considered to be the tamest of them all! Everybody knows how this one goes – the girl is on her back and the guy in on top. There are variations as for what you can do with the legs – wrap them around him, spread them wide, pull them closer to you, put them on his shoulders etc.

But for starters, stick to what comes easy. All variations make a difference in the angle and depth of penetration. Since the guy is on top, he’s pretty much in control of the speed and force of thrusting. Make sure you tell him to slow down it starts feeling like too much – which can happen in the beginning.

Missionary is anything but boring! It should be embraced and enjoyed. Here’s how to make the most of missionary.

2. Girl on Top

sex positions for beginners

It’s pretty self-explanatory, this one… You’re the one on top AND the one in charge. Even though it’s most common for girls to lose their virginity in the missionary position, it’s not a bad idea to try and do it this way instead – simply because with this one you can be in control and decide how hard and fast you want to go.

If you’re reluctant to get on top cause you feel like you won’t know what to do or how to move, don’t worry! It’s not expected of you to be an expert if you’re just beginning. There’s no one right way to do it. Just do what feels right, and try and see what movements give you and him the most pleasure.

The reason men like woman on top position is that they are aroused by visual stimulation. This means that anything visually raunchy and erotic turn them on.

If you like the feeling this position gives you, you can always learn more about how to ride a guy properly and include this position in your everyday sex life.

This position is considered to be the one that can get most girls to orgasm, because this is where they can take care of their big O themselves!

3. Doggy Style

This is a favorite for most guys and many girls too. When you’re on your hands and knees it enables him to have access to everything and get a deeper angle of penetration.

Any kind of raw animal-type of sex will appeal to a guy’s natural animal instincts. They love to get all hot and sweaty, a bit of rough and tumble always adds to the excitement, and taking a woman from behind provides pure primal pleasure.

Because of this, ask him to go slow at first until you make sure it’s not causing you any pain and you’re ready to get a little raunchy!

Here are some sex tips to ensure you get more pleasure from doggie style sex.

4. Reverse Cowgirl

It’s girl on top, but, the other way around. You’re not faced towards each other so he won’t be able to get a good look at the girls, instead he’ll have a nice view of your back.

Again, lots of variations are possible. Once you get a bit more comfortable being this intimate with your partner, you’ll naturally start to switch it up and move with your instincts.

5. Standing up from Behind

sex positions for beginners

You standing against the wall with him behind you is also a good position for beginners. It’s a bit out of the ordinary just cause you’re not in bed but are standing, but it’s still easy to pull off. Because he’s in the back you’ll need to arch your back and stick out your butt a little bit so he can have easier access.

6. Against the Table

Or against anything you can sit on that’ll allow him to be standing up while you’re at it. So you should find an appropriate table or something similar.

You sit on the edge, wrap your legs around him and let him do the work. It won’t be hard on him either if you manage to find something the right height.

7. Sixty-Nine

Last but not least, the ultimate oral sex position. You’re…uh…attending to his private parts while he’s attending to yours. Both of you feel pleasure at the same time.

It’s easy in the sense that it’s clear what goes where but know that ‘working’ while being ‘worked on’ takes a bit of focusing, and you’ll have to agree who’s going on top! For specific positions when performing oral sex on your guy we suggest you read this awesome guide we’ve reviewed for you.

Lie side by side, facing each other at opposite ends so that you both have access and a clear view of each other’s genital areas. Don’t make it all about reaching orgasm though. Think of this as foreplay and exploration that may or may not lead to an orgasm.

Sex habits every woman needs to make

Here are some sex habits we need to start making when it comes to sex.

Make him work to give you an orgasm. You both need to feel good during sex, or even after if that’s how you’ll get off.

Masturbate. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You want to get the most out of sex, or even just have a good orgasm. There is no shame in a good orgasm.

You do not have to do anything you don’t want to do. Do not let him pressure you into doing something that you aren’t excited about. One more, very important thing. Always use a condom just in case. You don’t need to worry about STI’s and pregnancy.

Bonus Tip: You don’t have to be a beauty queen to make him feel like he’s in heaven!

The truth is… you shouldn’t be overthinking things in terms of sex positions. The most important thing is your attitude and how you feel. This is what influences how he feels about you and how turned on he gets (and stays) before, during, and even after sex. A guy’s orgasm happens in his mind first, and then his body follows. That’s why it’s so important that you understand men on a deeper level, and that’s where Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire comes into play. Just a few right words can make him melt. The key thing is that you learn to relax and talk dirty to him in a completely confident way.

Q&A About Sex Positions for Beginners

What are the best sex positions for beginners?

The best sex positions for beginners are missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, spooning, and standing. These positions are comfortable, easy to perform, and provide a great starting point for exploring intimacy.

Are there any sex positions that focus on clitoral stimulation?

Yes, the butterfly position and reverse cowgirl are excellent choices for clitoral stimulation. These positions provide easy access to the clitoris and can enhance orgasmic sensations

Which sex positions are recommended for deeper penetration?

For deeper penetration, positions like doggy style, cowgirl, and the bridge are highly recommended. These positions allow for maximum penetration and can intensify pleasure for both partners.

What can beginners do to feel more comfortable during sex?

To feel more comfortable during sex, beginners can communicate openly with their partner, use lubrication if needed, and try different positions to find what feels best for them. It’s important to prioritize comfort and relaxation for a pleasurable experience.

By starting with the top sex positions for beginners, you can build confidence, enhance pleasure, and strengthen your connection with your partner.With time and practice, you’ll discover what works best for you and embark on a journey of sexual exploration and satisfaction.

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  • Thanks for the advice for beginners!!Pretty straightforward but just as exciting as the more “out there” positions.Indeed very helpful.:)

  • Hii everyone…….i am azaira…18 yrs old,from India. Till now …i am virgin & now…i wanna lose my virginity with one of my loving & caring friend,who is also 18 only….. We both wanna do sex very wildly & badly…..infact we wanna do oral sex also…bt i don’t like sperm to get inside my mouth…….& also I am very scared of the pain…which is having in first time sex… kindly tell me the best positions,creams,lubricants…which will act as a painkiller for me at this tym. And one thing more….we both are scared about sexual diseases also… kindly tell me….how can we be saved or know that if we make physical relation ..then we are safe…and don’t get any type disease…

  • try the missionary position.
    use lubricants and don’t be afraid. it will be a little painful in the beginning but don’t worry its totally normal. Don’t freak out when your thing starts to bleed..Try to be matured and have fun.
    If you’re afraid of diseases,use condom.
    if you still feel not okay,I’ll be glad to give u free lessions.