Naughty Games: 9 Totally Hot Games to Play With Your Guy

We all need a bit of excitement to keep our love alive. Try these naughty games with your man and have the naughtiest fun ever.

Have you ever spent the entire afternoon or evening with your man wondering what you can do to pass the time?

You probably love each other to death, or you wouldn’t be together otherwise. But no matter how much you love each other, sometimes your time together can get a little boring. It doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy his company. It could be that it’s a particularly lazy afternoon or evening and there’s absolutely nothing to do.

If you haven’t made any plans to go out, but you’re still looking for some fun and enjoyment, this is what you need to do. It’s time to introduce some super naughty games into your relationship and give a new spark to your sex life.

Of course, your relationship needs a lot of love and romance to keep it healthy. But this is not enough. It also needs something extra – some excitement! If you really want to enjoy each other’s company, you need laughter. But, you also need sexy times.

Play with your man a bit. Tease him. Have a bit of fun with your guy. You’ll soon see that it’s possible to transform a boring Sunday afternoon into something fun and sexy.

Pick any of the naughty games below and give them a try. Your man may be a little unsure to begin, but it won’t take him long to get in the mood.

#1 Cross-dressing

It may be a little weird, but it can actually be hilarious at the same time. Standing in front of each other’s closets, pick out clothes you like and get dressed. Dress up in your man’s clothes (don’t forget the underwear) and have him do the same. Cross-dressing can just be a one-off and it can make for some sexy role plays.

#2 Webcam Chatting

Grab your man and, together, log onto a webcam chatting site such as Chat Roulette. If you don’t feel comfortable having full-blown sex in front of strangers, that’s perfectly fine. But there’s no harm in indulging in a bit of naughty foreplay as you watch other couples have sex live.

This is a fun way to kill time, and it will also add a bit more excitement to an otherwise dull afternoon. Just be careful not to reveal your faces. You need to remain anonymous online when getting naked.

#3 Doctor and Nurse

Who didn’t play this when they were little kids? However, I’m certain it was the cleaner version with the neighbor next door. Role playing is a lot of fun and extremely sexy. Dress up in character and try to initiate sex while in character. Choose your roles and have fun playing them.

#4 Sexy Questions

Snuggle up to your man under the covers. Make sure you’re in a space that’s pitch black. Begin making out and getting intimate. In between all the kisses, ask each other sexy, private questions such as secret crushes, favorite sex positions and various fetishes.

When you’re in the mood and getting horny, the truth flows a lot easier and you won’t feel as awkward confessing all your deep and dirty secrets. Being in the dark will also allow you to have fewer inhibitions. This naughty game is not only fun and exciting, but it will help you get to know each other better. It’s a great way of finding out each other’s sexual preferences.

#5 Strip Poker

What man doesn’t like to play poker? This is the all-time classic when it comes to sexy games. You could be really game and add another couple to the equation, or you could just play it alone. Try adding a few truths or dares to the game to make it a little bit more interesting. Everyone’s a winner with strip poker when playing it with your partner.

Alternatively, you could play with a dice and get rolling. Nominate numbers for each piece of clothing and get rolling.

#6 Body Painting and Massage

Grab your edible body paint and use your man as your canvas. Paint sexy and erotic pictures on his body and lick them off. Finish it off with a messy massage and a steamy hot shower together to wash it all off. Let your inner artists shine.

#7 Erotic Reading

Do you have any Mills and Boon books around? Perhaps you’ve got your 50 Shades of Gray copy on hand. Pick up your favorite erotic fiction and read aloud to each other. Take turns getting into character and playing the lead role while the other reads. Don’t forget to pause for effect. Make sure you change your voice up to emphasize the really erotic parts.

#8 Sex Toys

Sex toys aren’t just for self-pleasure. Use them with your man and heat things up a little. Grab your vibrator, cock ring and everything else you have in the house and have a sex toy marathon. Place bets to see who will get off first. The one with the most points clearly wins.

#9 Spelling Body Bee

This is a super fun game to play with your man. It can be really funny and sexy at the same time. Have him lie down completely naked on his belly. Spell out various words on his bare back and ask him to name the word. As he gets the hang of it, write faster making it a little more difficult for him.

For every word he gets correct, give him a kiss wherever he desires. For every mistake he makes, punish him with a spanking on his butt. Use your hand or a whip, it’s your choice. Swap roles and see who will be the ultimate sexy spelling bee champ.

Do you have any naughty games you play with your man on a rainy day? We’d love to hear all about them!


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