Top 10 Male Sexual Fantasies

We all fantasize! It’s kind of like this awesome, sexual, creative outlet. Some of these things we’re happy to keep locked up deep in our minds, but some we’d be glad to try out! Check out the top 10 male sexual fantasies!

1. Threesomes (Him + Two Girls)

Big whoop! We all know this is one of the most common male sexual fantasies. Which guy wouldn’t be happy if he had two (or more) girls uh… attending, to him? Even though threesomes rarely work out like they do in fantasies or porn movies this one is sacred to him! In his imagination he’s like the king and the women would do practically anything to please him. It feels good!

2. Sexual Ravishing

Having complete control over the sexual act and being in charge is definitely very pleasuring for lots of men. They like the feeling of controlling the entire situation, adjusting it to their own needs and desires and completely subjecting the woman! There’s something about it that makes them feel kind of God like, and don’t they love it!

3. Being Dominated

Woman with high heels and a man

On the other hand, many guys fantasize about what it would be like to completely give up control. Fantasies about being dominated and submissive are just as common amongst men as they are amongst women! There’s just something about being a sex toy to this iron lady who wants to have him, and wants it her way!

4. Making His Own Little Sex Tape

Videotaping the sex and watching it later is one of the most arousing things a man can think of, especially if he’s really satisfied with his hot bod and performance. It’s the fact that he’ll be able to see what the whole thing looks like and just how awesome he is, that makes him all fired up!

5. Voyeurism

Ah the Peeping Toms of this world. So many guys get sexually aroused just by thinking about watching a sex act or, what’s even more common – a woman pleasuring herself. Maybe it’s ‘cause of the porn industry’s rise or something, but the fact is – guys don’t even need to put themselves in the equation to get turned on! They’re happy enough fantasizing about watching!

6. Exhibitionism

Having sex in public places and/or in front of other people is a huge thing for them! It’s one of those fantasies that stay on the top of the list even though it’s less of a taboo than some other things. I mean, lots of people have tried having sex in a public place. But fantasizing about stuff like that and something a little more hard core, like having a full on crowd watching you, is something lots of men do!

7. Role Playing Games

Female Cop 2

So many scenarios that he’ll probably never get to live out in real life are filling up his head day in and day out! You have your typical schoolgirl & teacher fantasy, and then you have the naughty nurse, the female police officer… So many unrealistic sexual encounters play out so beautifully in his imagination!

8. Mirrors all the Way

As I’ve pointed out many many times now, guys are very visual! They like being visually stimulated! And, unfortunately for them, they can’t always have a full on view of everything that’s going down during sex. So, having sex in front of a big ass mirror and actually watching the action at the same time is something considered very arousing. That’s why it’s one of the things he fantasizes about very often.

9. Sex with a Stranger

This is known to be a popular women’s fantasy – being seduced and taken by a complete stranger. However, men fantasize about a gorgeous stranger, ready to do anything and get wild, just as often! Not knowing who they are, what’s their name and still sort of ‘owning’ them sexually is a huge turn on!

10. Sharing His Partner

Yes, some men fantasize about this kind of a threesome too. Having another guy there and sharing his woman with him can be pleasuring to him ‘cause of the fact that the two of them will be able to do things to her he can’t do alone. Also there’s something a bit degrading about having to share, which can also be a turn on for some guys.

Just like the last one, many of these are probably just for his imagination only. So, before you go on to suggesting you do something from the list, be sure you’re not going overboard. The thing with sexual fantasies is – we’re perfectly aware they’re in our heads only. We can think about stuff we actually wouldn’t even be comfortable doing. Some people aren’t even comfortable talking about them. That’s why it’s the best to ask him about his fantasies rather than just guess.

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