6 Great Ideas for Cheap Dates

The financial crisis has influenced everyone and almost every segment of our lives. Many of us have lost our jobs and can’t afford many things we used to. Sadly, this often includes dates. Maybe you can’t go to the same restaurants you used to frequent, or maybe you can’t go there as much as you’d like.

Still, love shouldn’t suffer because of your finances. Love should blossom, especially when you can’t afford other things that make you smile.

Creativity will help you solve many of your difficulties – especially the financial ones.

Here are 6 ideas on how to have a great date with little money.

#1 Have a Picnic

Aren’t you a little bored with always staying indoors? Why don’t you two little love birds hit the park sometimes? Make some lemonade and sandwiches, bring a blanket, a basket and the necessary ingredient – your love for each other. Pick a nice day, pick a nice park and go listen to the birds singing and see the sunshine.

#2 Play Basketball

You know, food in restaurants is often very fattening and you should do some sports not to store all that food on your waist. And sports are so much fun when done with someone you care about. Take the ball and make him teach you a little bit about basketball. Do it at night when no one’s in the court. If you fall, he’ll help you get up – or just lay right by your side and kiss you where it hurts.

#3 The Panorama

smiling couple on panorama

Every city has that special place from where you can see all of it – the panorama. Go there with your boyfriend at night and look at the city and the stars. It’s so romantic. You could also bring a lap top and play some Ella Fitzgerald. The amazing sight of the city and the sky will certainly result in pleasurable times, and one day – romantic memories.

#4 The Zoo

Tickets for the zoo are usually pretty cheap and going to the zoo is always fun, especially if you’re an animal lover. Also, even zebras are more fun than the people in restaurants. You could even try drawing the animals you like together. Don’t forget to bring your camera – this date will certainly result in a lot of lovely photos and lots of fun.

#5 The Amusement Park

Bored? It might be time to get amused – in the amusement park! Drive bumper cars together and feel the fun you haven’t felt since childhood. Have some candy and try the rollercoaster – both in the amusement park and the one in your heart.

#6 Private City Tour

This is the ultimate idea: make a list of all the places in the city that mean a lot to you two –  the neighborhood you grew up in, your elementary school, the place you had your first kiss, your first office… Drive around town and visit these places. It will also help you two get to know each other more and really find out what is all this about. Also, you will hear a lot of interesting stories and remember a lot of amazing thing. You two will grow closer and will have a lot of fun.

Yes, the price of gas might have grown, but they still don’t charge us for love. They say the best things in life are free – and you should take what’s free!

Oh, and there’s a really, really cheap place where you could have a cheap, memorable date. I don’t know if someone told you about it, but it’s called “Your bed”. We think you’ll be able to locate it.

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Those who can’t do teach – same with me giving you love advice. I like jazz and the theatre, old movies that I watch while drinking wine, but most of all I like love and smiles.

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