Guys Explained: What Does it Mean if a Guy is Touching You?

What does it mean if a guy is touching you? Sense of touch also plays a very important part in our romantic and emotional relationships.

Men and women exchange body contact all the time, in many situations. But sometimes, it’s hard for women to differentiate between contact that may have a sexual meaning, and that which doesn’t. Sometimes it’s even difficult to tell if he really likes you.

Here are some answers to this question:


We judge beauty by the symmetry and other facial features. Lips and kissing, on the other hand, are two of the most important aspects of our sexuality.

The importance of the face is obvious, and that’s why we rarely let anyone touch it. A stranger on the subway can touch our hand, but we won’t let him touch our face, and everybody instinctively knows this.

If a man touches you on your cheeks or any other part of your face, it’s a sign he desires to be closer to you, even if he is masking it in a neutral gesture like removing an eyelash. If he wasn’t interested in you, he would probably point it out verbally, and not go ahead and touch you.


The hair carries a big statement about our personality. It is seen by all and at the same time, it’s a way we send a message to the world. If a guy is touching your hair he is responding to your statement, most likely in a positive way. This doesn’t always involve a romantic motive, but it easily can. If he continues touching you, the probable answer is – yes.


A guy is really into you if he touches your neck. One of a person’s most delicate body parts is the neck. Your expression demonstrates how at ease you are with him and how close you are to him by allowing him touch your neck.


Hands are the part of your body designed for touching. A lot of social gestures like handshakes or high-fives are common place in many cultures. Mostly, these gestures are devoid of any emotion. Yet, the duration of hand-to-hand touch can say a lot about its meaning.

If a guy holds your hand longer every time you great each other, there might be something there. Be aware of this the next time he touches your hand in any way.

Maybe he is trying to tell you something.


For the majority of men, women’s legs are a big turn-on. A light touch on your thighs, especially if you’re sitting down and facing the man you’re talking to, is always a way to become more intimate. Sometimes men will act as if they touched you accidentally.

This is probably a way of testing your reaction. Usually, if they conclude you’re into them, the next touch will be a longer, but equally light, caress across the length of your leg.


This means that you are probably attractive to him, and he wants you to know it. He is most likely also interested in how you will take his interest and react to it.

It implies that he is not frightened to express his intentions to you or to risk your rejection.


Touching someone’s back carries a message of support and reassurance. It probably originated in ancient history, when people literally needed someone to “have their back”. But this is true for your upper back, and the area just beneath the shoulder bones.

If his touch gets lower, it carries a more intimate meaning. The area of the lower back is really sensitive and the longer a guy leaves his hand on this part of your body, the more you can be sure he is attracted to you.


In our culture, tapping on the shoulders is seen as a universal gesture of compliment. A boss will pat his subordinate on the shoulder after a successful project, and a sports coach will do the same to his players.

If a man touches you like this, he is either doing the same, or maybe using the opportunity to get close to you. This is even more likely if that guy is normally shy and introverted.

Sides and Hips

A woman’s sides, waist and hips have a strong sexual symbolism. In one sense, they represent the woman’s ability to bear children (remember those caveman figurines that represent women with enormous hips). If a guy is touching you in this area and you’re standing face-to-face, this is a clear indication that he wants to pull you closer.

Don’t be surprised if he tries to kiss after this particular touch, especially if it lasts for more than a second.

As you can see, touching can mean a lot of things in a lot of situations. Have faith in your knowledge about different touches as well as your gut feelings about them.

I think you understand better now what does it mean if a guy is touching you.

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  • What about when a guy keeps touching your stomach? I knew a new guy back when I was in high school who used to keep touching my stomach and it would make me uncomfortable

  • So this guy in my class touched my leg lightly and made a line with his finger. It creeped me out since we don’t know each other very well and to add on to the fact he used to hate me!! What does that mean?

  • Most recently, he reached out and gently stroked my cheek with the back of his hand. I’ve been trying to figure out what this meant. It totally caught me off guard. Men, what say you?

  • a guy holds my hand for too long,hugs me,strokes my cheeks and when I call him he answers immediately .does it mean he likes me or he is a player

  • I’m currently dealing with the repressed memory of being raped. A new friend knows about it. While I was crying and not able to look at him, he cupped my face in his hands. Later that evening, while he was standing in front of me, he put his hands on my sides. I’ve never dated, so this made me very uncomfortable. He knows that I can up when I feel anxious. Do I need to worry about being taken advantage of again?

    • Yes I would instantly talk to him about it that like you don’t feel comfortable about it

  • I am an adult male. I have recently become friendly with an adult male neighbor. He is constantly touching me. Whenever we meet he hugs me and touches my arms, back & hands frequently. He also once kissed me on the cheek. I’m uncertain of how to interpret this.