Many women dream about having fuller and more sensuous lips. Surgery is not always the best way to achieve that, as it may have many unpleasant consequences, as well as lead to bad and unsatisfactory results. Discover below how to make your lips bigger naturally and apply these tips on a daily basis. You will be surprised how plumper and more kissable your lips will become!

Brush and Exfoliate Your Lips

Young sensual woman touching lips with rose petal

After brushing your teeth, brush your lips as well!

Rubbing your lips lightly with a dry toothbrush will have many benefits for their texture, as well as for their appearance.

Brushing will not only remove dead skin cells and make your lips smoother, but it will also stimulate blood flow and circulation, allowing your lips to plump slightly. As a result, your lips will appear softer, fuller and more sensuous.

To enhance the brushing effects, you may also apply some honey or Vaseline to your toothbrush. This will make them even smoother and rosier.

Make your lips bigger naturally by exfoliating them regularly

A good exfoliation will improve blood circulation, making your lips swell slightly and appear fuller, as well as younger looking.

Prepare a natural scrub by mixing a little amount of sugar and water into a thin paste. Add a few drops of some moisturizing oil for better hydrating effects and apply the mixture on your lips. Massage in small circles, then wipe off and proceed with your favorite lip gloss.

This scrub may cause slight irritation, which will quickly disappear, leaving your lips naturally fuller.

Use Natural Remedies Instead of Chemical Lip Plumpers

Make your own lip plumpers by using essential oils and natural home ingredients.  The effect will not be long lasting as with other chemical methods, but it will give your lips a fuller and a more sensual appearance for a good couple of hours! Always carry your lip balm mixture with you and apply it whenever you need it.

Cinnamon essential oil

Cinnamon essential oil is one of the basic ingredients of many over-the-counter lip plumpers. It stimulates your lips capillaries and enhances blood flow, making your lips look fuller and rosier.

Add a tiny drop to your lip balm, or gloss, and put it on whenever you want your lips to appear more attractive. You will feel a slight tingling or burning sensation after applying it, but it will disappear quickly, leaving your lips freshly scented and naturally bigger.

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint essential works in the same way as the cinnamon oil – it improves circulation and brings more blood to the surface of your lips. It causes lips to swell slightly and has a perfect cooling effect.

Add one or two drops of peppermint essential oil to a teaspoon of petroleum jelly and use it as your regular lip balm.

Cayenne pepper essential oil

Add 1 or 2 drops of cayenne pepper essential oil to your lip balm or prepare your own fabulous lip gloss at home.

Just mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with 1/3 a tablespoon of melted cocoa butter and 20 drops of sweet almond oil. Add 2 drops of cayenne pepper essential oil and you will achieve a natural glossy lip plumper!

You may also combine an extremely small amount of ground cayenne pepper with a little water and rub it onto your lips when you want them to plumper.

But caution! Don’t ever exaggerate with cayenne pepper. Absolutely tiny quantities will increase your lips blood circulation, while larger amounts will burn like hell!

Do Regular Lip Exercises

beautiful brunette with beautiful red lips

The exercises described below will help you make your lips bigger naturally, without undergoing any surgical procedures or chemical treatments.

You will have to be persistent and repeat your exercises on a daily basis for at least 1 month, then proceed doing them 3 times a week. Exercising will tone up facial muscles, which you don’t usually use, and plump your lips in an absolutely natural way.


Women and men who play musical wind instruments have fuller and bigger lips naturally, because they regularly use their lip muscles. The easy way to obtain the same results is to choose one of your favorite melodies and whistle it for 3 to 5 minutes every day, as strong and as loud as you can!  You will build up muscles and achieve plumper lips.

Smile and kiss

Keep your lips closed and smile as broadly as you can. Hold the smile for 5 seconds, then pucker your lips and push them forward as if you were going to kiss someone. Hold for 5 seconds, then smile again. Contract your lip muscles as much as possible while doing it. Repeat this exercise 20 times.

Move from side to side and rotate

  • Press your lips tightly together and move them to the right, as far as you can. Hold this stretch for 5 seconds, then draw your lips to the left. Repeat this movement 15 times.
  • Keep your mouth closed and stretch your lips out into a kiss. Rotate them slowly clockwise for 2 times, then repeat the motion in the opposite direction. Do a sequence of 10 repetitions.

All summed up, exercising, taking good care of your lips and using a few natural plumpers will considerably help you make your lips bigger naturally! If there are other tricks that we haven’t mentioned, please let us know!