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Guys Explained: What Does it Mean if a Guy is Touching You?

by John |

Biologically, we are hardwired for communication – our fingertips have a huge number of nerve endings and are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body.

Sense of touch also plays a very important part in our romantic and emotional relationships. Men and women exchange body contact all the time, in many situations. But sometimes, it’s hard for women to differentiate between contact that may have a sexual meaning, and that which doesn’t.

So, what does it mean if a guy is touching you? Here are some answers to this question:


We judge beauty by the symmetry and other facial features. Lips and kissing, on the other hand, are two of the most important aspects of our sexuality.

The importance of the face is obvious, and that’s why we rarely let anyone touch it. A stranger on the subway can touch our hand, but we won’t let him touch our face, and everybody instinctively knows this.

If a man touches you on your cheeks or any other part of your face, it’s a sign he desires to be closer to you, even if he is masking it in a neutral gesture like removing an eyelash. If he wasn’t interested in you, he would probably point it out verbally, and not go ahead and touch you.



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smiling man and woman in love

The hair carries a big statement about our personality. It is seen by all and at the same time, it’s a way we send a message to the world. If a guy is touching your hair he is responding to your statement, most likely in a positive way. This doesn’t always involve a romantic motive, but it easily can. If he continues touching you, the probable answer is – yes.


Hands are the part of your body designed for touching. A lot of social gestures like handshakes or high-fives are common place in many cultures. Mostly, these gestures are devoid of any emotion. Yet, the duration of hand-to-hand touch can say a lot about its meaning.

If a guy holds your hand longer every time you great each other, there might be something there. Be aware of this the next time he touches your hand in any way.

Maybe he is trying to tell you something.


For the majority of men, women’s legs are a big turn-on. A light touch on your thighs, especially if you’re sitting down and facing the man you’re talking to, is always a way to become more intimate. Sometimes men will act as if they touched you accidentally.

This is probably a way of testing your reaction. Usually, if they conclude you’re into them, the next touch will be a longer, but equally light, caress across the length of your leg.


romantic man and woman in bedroom

Touching someone’s back carries a message of support and reassurance. It probably originated in ancient history, when people literally needed someone to “have their back”. But this is true for your upper back, and the area just beneath the shoulder bones.

If his touch gets lower, it carries a more intimate meaning. The area of the lower back is really sensitive and the longer a guy leaves his hand on this part of your body, the more you can be sure he is attracted to you.


In our culture, tapping on the shoulders is seen as a universal gesture of compliment. A boss will pat his subordinate on the shoulder after a successful project, and a sports coach will do the same to his players.

If a man touches you like this, he is either doing the same, or maybe using the opportunity to get close to you. This is even more likely if that guy is normaly shy and introverted.

Sides and Hips

A woman’s sides, waist and hips have a strong sexual symbolism. In one sense, they represent the woman’s ability to bear children (remember those caveman figurines that represent women with enormous hips). If a guy is touching you in this area and you’re standing face-to-face, this is a clear indication that he wants to pull you closer.

Don’t be surprised if he tries to kiss after this particular touch, especially if it lasts for more than a second.

As you can see, touching can mean a lot of things in a lot of situations. Have faith in your knowledge about different touches as well as your gut feelings about them. You can read this article to figure if a guy likes you.

I am a psychologist, author and a journalist, currently in training for a Gestalt therapy degree. I am mostly interested in emotional relationships and the process of change in people endlessly fascinates me. When I’m not working, I enjoy movies, novels, travel and snowboarding.

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116 thoughts on Guys Explained: What Does it Mean if a Guy is Touching You?

  1. youqueen girl illustration Monika

    What does it mean when a guy is strocking your face and staring at youwhile your asleep in his bed ?

    • He could just be admiring your beauty, or he could be fantasizing about his future with you. Either way he’s not stroking your body when he could be, and he’s probably as intimate and vulnerable as a man will let himself be.

    • youqueen girl illustration Anonymous

      I think I will go with that to he is either horny or he wants you

      • youqueen girl illustration Kendra

        What does it mean if you are in 6th and he’s in 7th and he touch your butt at a school meeting while the teacher is not watching

    • it means you should slap the sh*t out of him…wtf kind of question is that?

  2. What does it mean when your boyfriend touches down your back side while kissing? is there another agenda?

  3. youqueen girl illustration Hannah

    What does it meen if a guy holds ure cheeks then pecks you on the lips?

  4. What does it mean when a guy tries to poke your forehead?, just for fun?

  5. What does it mean when a guy stares at you, whether it’s in bed or watching TV?

  6. what does it mean when you are taking a regular picture and the guy pulls you closer by the waist and holds you their and his body and chest is pointing towards you..just a pose or is there something more to it?

    • youqueen girl illustration Monica

      hes attractd to you. pumping the chest means dominance and it means he wants to protect you

  7. youqueen girl illustration Kendra

    What does it means when a guy wants u to sit on his lap

  8. What does it mean when a guy is constantly touching (not patting, but letting his hand linger there) your shoulder when he says “Hi” to you?

  9. youqueen girl illustration Crazy101

    What does it mean if a guy rubs his foot against your leg gently

  10. youqueen girl illustration Helena

    What if you are sitting next to a guy and his legs are touching yours? And you move away to see what happens and then he moves again and your thighs are touching again?

  11. So what if it’s a close guy friend who is comfortable letting you rest your head on his lap (for sleeping!), gives you unnecessasrily tight bear hugs, or doesn’t mind letting you hold his hand in public?? Is that just like extreme friend zoned, or something else?

  12. What does it mean if a guy stares at your ears/neck(that area) while talking a lot?

  13. what does it mean when a guy grabs your head and he is shaking it?

  14. What does it mean when a guy gently holds you hips, gently pushes you hair and neck to one side, kisses your neck and moves his lips along you neck, continuously kissing

    • youqueen girl illustration Lillian Barbour

      He want to have sex with u or just to leave a hickey to show other males your already claimed by him.

  15. What does it mean if at a fancy event the dj or orchestra will play a romantic song and this guy will romantically guide you to the dance floor, and and he spins and dips and swoops you in his arms and then towards the end of the song he takes you in for a lift, lifts you, makes a centre of attention, lowers you but while lowering you he looks into your eyes the kisses you.

  16. I need help I idk if this guy is really into me like he says he told me He wants to be with me and be my bf and I know him since hight school now I’m out of hight school and he tells me that and try to go 4 it but he is hitting on other girl and not talking to me anymore and when he does it’s over devices like facebook or text it’s never over phone or face to face and when I wanted to hang out he say I’m busy or blows me off 4 another girl when I told him figure out what he wants I let go of him and made time to be busy by helping my family out with things he got mad at me 4 not responding back to his messge then when we both decide to meet face to face he told me that we should be togther and that he wasent going to talk to girls anymore enless they were good friends we talk a bit and then he look me in eye came towards me touch my hair and then kiss me what doses that mean? does He like me 4 one day is he being truefull what he says or is he into me alot I can’t really tell he gives me mix singals

    • He is interested and wants to get closer. He is getting excited and is testing the waters to see if you will let him go any further and he will go as far as you will let him. With each inch he gains more confidence moving from base to base. Don’t loose your self respect stop him before he gets too far.

  17. What does it mean if he touches your waist instead of your face when kissing?

  18. What does it mean when my boyfriends feet at night have to touch mine.

  19. What does it mean if a guy holds onto your shoulders while looking into your eyes and talking to you

  20. When a guy touches ur leg it means that he feels connected with u and will like to be closer with u. Its a sweet sorta tease but he’s highly interested in getting to know u more

  21. youqueen girl illustration Tychng

    What does it means when a guy touches your elbow with his elbow oftenly?(He sits beside me) And he always comes close to me, TOO close to me. What does it means?

  22. What does it mean when a guy hugs you tightly Nd ur chests are touching each other… And what does it mean when he kissed you on the cheek goodbye and its not a quick one either its kiss n hold…

  23. What about, your friend won’t stop hugging u and asks to kiss u, you kiss, then I asked him if we would ever date and he said NOT A CHANCE

  24. youqueen girl illustration A girl

    What does it mean if a guy always makes eye contact, accidently touches your hand and holds it there, scootches close to you and talks and laughs with yoy all the time? (He is not my BF just this guy friend from Science :)

  25. youqueen girl illustration Tamiera

    What does it mean when a guy shakes your hand on a bet or something like that and holds your hand for a long time while looking into your eyes and smiling?

  26. What does it mean when he takes his index finger and rub it down your nose and lips?

  27. youqueen girl illustration Anonymous

    What about if he lifts you up by the waist and spins you around.

  28. Hi! so i have this guy friend and he puts his hand on my head…and leaves it there…like he just puts his hand on my head and doesn’t move it. I ask him why but he doesn’t say anything and…smile? i dont remember but yeah.

  29. What does it mean when the guy is shorter and he has his hand on your ass and you have your hands around his neck

  30. What does it mean if a guy squeezes your cheeks aloottt.

  31. Ok so I think this guy likes me but I’m not sure. Today we were watching a movie and he sat on me, like playing around then he started to touch my face and his eyes dialated. He was flirting with me but I’m not sure if it’s that he likes me. What does this mean?

    • This guy definitely likes you and wanted to break the friendship touch barrier and couldn’t find any other way to do it. He has a playful personality so be careful don’t move too fast, do something to show you care. The next time you are with him make sure you make a more concerted effort to touch him gently, see how he reacts. A few minutes later offer to get him something to drink, water, tea etc…

  32. What does it mean if my guy friend, calls me baby or darling and saying something sweet in public, hugs me tight in public and now asking me seriously to kiss him in front of many people. But he does not text me first or message me in facebook. Does he like me or he was just tripping?

    • youqueen girl illustration Aaliyah

      Just because a guy doesn’t text you first doesn’t necessarily mean he is “tripping”. Guys find it attractive when a girl texts first because he finds it sweet how the girl loves to talk to him!

  33. youqueen girl illustration VAnessa

    What does it mean when we make out and he kisses me on the forehead or cheek afterwards?

    • I have a friend who stops by to visit and stays for a while we are both very busy people so we don’t get to spend a lot of time together. When we are together I can feel the energy, notice the way he looks at me, every chance he gets he gently touches my hand and he gives me nice comments. I really want him to know that I like him but am afraid of being hurt!

  34. what does it mean when a man trys to unbutton your coat for you. i see this man for an hr once a week. we have a great relationship and he does touch me alot (touches my hands and the small of my back). its just today i was really struck at how intimate it was, it felt intamate at the time and it felt even more so after i began to think about it!

  35. youqueen girl illustration lorelle

    what does it mean when a guy who is just a friend puts his hand on yours for a long time and doesn’t look at you. also if he hugs you and touches your cheek, rubs your arm,touch your hair, sits facing you, always wants you to sit by him and then calls you his buddy is he a player or just doesn’t know he likes me yet ?

  36. what does it mean when a boy keeps smiling and looking at you, also what does it mean when a boy constantly keeps touching you and pretend its an accesident

  37. youqueen girl illustration Yellow

    What does it mean when a guy winks at you, blows you kisses, moans your name in public places, and always calling your names? Does he like me?

  38. What does it mean when a guy friend constantly hugs you and touches your shoulder when he talks to you and touches your face and plays with your hair?

  39. youqueen girl illustration Latrisha

    My boyfriend has recently been putting his hand on my head instead of my shoulders, and we fall asleep that way. Does that mean he is feeling more protective?

  40. youqueen girl illustration Anonymous

    What about if a guy strokes and plays with your hair a lot and also touches your face playfully (pokes your cheek, grabs your nose, ect.) Also, I’m a teenager and I know him in school so it isn’t as serious.

  41. What does it mean why a guy touches your arm while hugging?

  42. youqueen boy illustration Noeli Lopez

    I have a friend at work who is always standing next to me shoulder to shoulder always laughing and talking to each other. Recently we were working on doing something when he held my hand for more then a minute. So what is he trying to tell me are we friends or does he like me.

  43. youqueen girl illustration jordan

    what does it mean when a guy puts his arm around you then pulls you closer?

  44. youqueen girl illustration Britney

    So I have a question , Im dating my best friends brother , right well when I come over to her house she is constantly giving me dirty looks when I kiss him or play around with him , Is she jealous ? does she like her borther more than a brother ? I don’t know what to think me and her brother are reallllllyyyy in love im not saying that out of my own words people are always telling me and him ‘you guys are gonna marry ‘ or you guys are so perfect together my mom and his mom are best friends as well but they aren’t jealous all im asking is if my best friend is jealous she called me a whore when her brother is my fisrt ever boyfriend and she usually tells me im a b*tch and that I wont end up with him it hurts me like I feel like kicking her ass sometimes me and her brother love eachother dearly we cant live without eachother he kisses me and holds my hand and grabs me from behind he respects me and he is always their for me …but im worried about my best friend please help me !

    • i relate so much! the same thing happens to me. i dont know what to do!

  45. Well you are dating her brother so she is probably just super hurt that you would do that. Maybe just talk it out with her hey you can at least try. Also good luck with the brother!:)

  46. youqueen girl illustration Christina

    Hello! I have a question. What does it mean when a guy touches your (my) face? I had this classmate. We’re not really that close though, he was in my presentation group and we had a dry run today. So throughout the day, he kept on so-called teasing me eg. hit my head playfully with his script while I was listening to other people present their slides and hit my head again when I was wearing my another guy friend’s cap. I disregarded all these acts until he said he was cold and I told him the temperature in the room was just nice then he looked at me (I was sitting down and he was standing up) and placed his hand on my cheek when he can just hold my wrist instead to check for the temperature. The weird thing was, this was the first time he’s doing all these things to me so I was shocked. Furthermore, every time our hands will touch each other but today, he wanted to take the pen in my hand but he sort of grab my hand instead. Therefore, I’m quite curious to find out :/ Please help me yea! Thanks alot! :D

  47. What does it mean when a guy touches your hands in a certain way like I go to grab stuff from him(like say a recipet) ill put my hand certain distances to see if he will touch my fingers and almost every time he touches them. Even when I help him out during work (he’s a coworker that I like & absolutely adore) sometimes he’ll grab my whole hand with the item still in my hand. And he’s always touching my shoulders and patting my back. He called me beautiful once and complimented me a few times. But teases me now. He told me he likes to creep me out I asked why and he said ” idk ” the sucky part tho he doesn’t like to give hugs &i get rejected by them. My friend told him he has a secret admirer (me) and knows im it but he told her he’s talking to someone, but yet he asks me (me who likes him& he knows) bout some chick (a customer) to me it feels like he’s just trying to see if I would get jealous or some sort &telling me he’s “open” Maybe I’m just trippen because its not even awkward between us when he found out . I REALLY need your help/ Opinion

    • Hes just playing with your feelings girl and possibly flirting! Be careful and dont break your heart over him. Its too precious :)

  48. How about if a guy that likes you….meets up with you every week…and lets you KNOW that he def. has an interest…you get very close….but he NEVER EVER messages first or never asks when to see u again….but still says he misses you when you see him??? I need help. Im stuck. Dont know if i should end this. :(

  49. What does it mean when my boyfriend holds my hand and starts stroking my thumb?

  50. youqueen girl illustration Wilma2wp

    I have a female friend who is always taking hair out of my face or an eyelash or correcting my make up.

  51. youqueen girl illustration Shortie26

    What’s it mean when your ex touches your face like strokin your cheeks and touches your hair plus hugs you a lot for a while but also comes up behind you and covers your eyes when he sneaks up on you and messes around sometimes by putting his d**k against your ass

  52. youqueen girl illustration lanalou

    What does it mean when he lightly touches my thigh over and over again at school…

  53. youqueen girl illustration horseluvr101

    what does it mean if your sitting in class, and the guy beside you puts his foot on yours, and then when you move it he gets closer again, and brushes your leg with his constantly?

  54. youqueen girl illustration Christie

    My teacher touches my shoulders all the time…does that only meant compliment??

  55. youqueen girl illustration Annonymous

    Okay, I was having a bad day at work and this guy whom I’m questioning whether he likes me or not, came over and comforted me.He ran his hand down my cheek.

    Someone said it means he thinks of me as a sister.

    He then kissed my hand and forehead.Any ideas?

  56. What does it mean when a guy always argued with me and now is really nice and accidentally bumped into each other at ice skating (not literally) and pretended to make me fall by touching my hips for a couple of seconds?

  57. youqueen girl illustration Corine

    What does it means when a guy randomly flicks your forehead?

  58. What does it mean if a guy puts his hand on the back of your head, kisses your cheek when he is saying hello to you?

    • What do you think? He obviously likes you and find you attractive.

  59. What does it mean when a guy is constantly touching your face (e.g. gentle slap, pokes, squeezes your cheeks, messes with my hair etc.) and tackles you?

  60. What dose it mean if, the guys friend says that they like you, then they sit next to me a lot, and touch my shoulder. Then my friend said that i like him, but I don’t know if i like him. Then he didn’t talk or annoy me. Just in the middle of him not talking and annoying me, one of his friends said that he thinks I’m hot. Now he has started talking to me, sitting next to me and once he touched my appear back, near the shoulder. I’m confused can someone please tell me what dose this mean!!

  61. youqueen girl illustration Monique Fotso

    what does it mean when a guy holds u in his arms while you people are sitting then he releases you, only to hold you again?

  62. what does it it mean if a guy taps your back then walks away and talks to you when you didnt look at him

  63. youqueen girl illustration fan2014

    i was watching a movie on the way back from camp with my crush and he moved his hand up my arm and touched my boob then latter on in the movie he moved my hand and placed it on his leg what does all of this mean???

  64. What if a shy guy touches you a few times during a single conversation on the shoulder? While standing pretty close? Is he trying to tell me something?

  65. At school this guy I like sits next to me and he touches my legs and rubs his thumb in circles on my thigh I’m not sure if he likes me though what does this mean

  66. youqueen girl illustration Brandy

    What if he always messes with your ears? What if he always gives you hugs and sometimes hugs you around the waist? What if he says you have pretty eyes? What if he touches your butt now and then….but he has a girlfriend…

  67. youqueen girl illustration london

    what does it mean if a boy grabs your butt i am confused about what hes trying to tell me..

  68. What does it mean if my crush had joked about dating me, that he got his eye on me and that we will be a happy couple soon. He sometimes touch my hair and put his hand on my shoulder when we walk.

  69. Okay , So what if he is constantly just stroking your leg and occasionally squeezes your thigh ? however They state they aren’t interested in things of a sexual relationship and are afraid of being in a relationship? How is one to read into this. ” I ran into a pole because I was looking at you and got distracted” – Men are confusing

  70. But what if a guy touches your vag while you sllep and than you talk to him and he says he likes you as a freind

  71. youqueen girl illustration Another chick

    So me and my Ex broke up, he says he only did it to get to know me better. He texts me: Hey Sexy, beautiful, love. Whenever he finds out something happened, or i’m upset he gets upset. He holds my face, or he pulls me closer and runs his hands from my shoulders to my hands. Or tickles or grabs my sides and waist. He always smiles widely, or chuckles when we do things like mess around. I’m not very good at romance, i can’t tell if anyone likes me at all..Help?
    ….~Thank you♥

  72. youqueen girl illustration ramola_lee

    What does it mean if a guy friend has started touching your hair, caressing your cheeks, holding your hands, puts his arms across your shoulders and touches your lower back? He also talks about your lips,face,hair while doing these things..

  73. What does it mean if a guy holds onto your waist tightly to protect you from falling into a lake when you are on a small area on land surrounded by water

  74. Hi, please help me. There is a guy in my class and lately i find him staring at me. He is not a shy, the opposite, he is confident, extrovert and he was teasing my very close friends (especialy one of them) but not me. And every time he looked at me he was blushing and smiling but he is smiling with other girls too. He was touching my knee with his leg, and when i was around he was changing his behavior. One day i just was writting something on my hand with pen and my teacher came and she smiled at me and i think that he thought that i like someone else and he changed his behavior(he was cold after that and just left). And the next day he just started teasing every girl in our class(me too). On history we were sitting and watching history movie and he was touching my friend in her legs in front of my eyes and he was giving me some looks. Please help???PLEASE.

  75. what does it mean if a guy stares at you all the time and finds a way to touch you

  76. What does it Mean when your friend with benefit comes over uninvited way to often.

  77. youqueen girl illustration babygirl

    What does it mean when a boy does a number of things to you like grab your hand, tickle you, stare at you, etc.??

  78. youqueen girl illustration Cassie

    What does it mean if a guy grabs your butt and your hands, but yall are not dating?

  79. youqueen girl illustration Mercedes

    while we are walking around the streets, my boyfriend always has his arm around my waist and doesnt remove it. What could this mean?

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