7 Tips On How to Pick Up a Guy at the Gym

There’s something about the gym that really gets you in the mood and I’m not referring to fitness… I’m referring to men and sex .How to pick up a guy at the gym?  It’s not rocket science, ok?

You just love hitting the gym. There’s nothing like pounding the treadmill endlessly burning off all those calories and getting your adrenalin pumping.

There’s a plethora of hot men at the gym wearing tank tops and sexy workout clothes. Their bronzed muscular bodies flex as they pump iron and you just can’t help but admire their Adonis-like looks and physique even when beads of sweat are pouring off them… it makes them look hotter!

There’s this one guy in particular. He’s there all the time and you seem to share the same workout schedule. He’s tall, handsome and even when he sweats it gets you going. You don’t know him, but you do know that you have one thing in common: Your love for working out and fitness… ah, it’s a match made in heaven, or should I say the gym?

He’s noticed you; how could he not! You’re there all the time and even when you have other things to do, you push them aside so you can just catch another glimpse at his royal hotness. He’s pretty fit and never seems to be out of breath, but here are some surefire ways that you could leave him panting and breathless

Girl, it’s time to get your flirt on!

#1 Take It Easy

Let’s be honest here. Meeting a guy at the gym and effectively picking him up isn’t the most conventional way of hooking up with a guy – it’s nothing like heading out to the bar with a gaggle of girlfriends, drinking and flirting your way to land yourself a date.

At the gym, there’s no drink involved, you’re in your gym clothes (but I’m pretty sure you’re making more of an effort these days) and he’s also a serious gym-goer, which means that he’s really serious about getting even more buff than he already is…yummy!

You can’t just go in there and flirt the pants off him; it’s not going to work that way. Baby steps, girlfriend…. Start with a smile on Monday, a “hi” the next day, a flirty look on Thursday and perhaps strike up a small conversation over the weekend.

The more you connect and the friendlier and more fun you come across, the more interested he’s going to be and if he’s keen he’s certainly going to ask you out – but not straight away (he’s also trying to suss you out in the meantime!)

#2 Position Yourself Well

Gorgeous brunette warming up and doing some push ups a the gym

If you want to pick up a guy at the gym position yourself well. No, I don’t mean the downward dog yoga position, but that will surely rouse his interest too. What I do mean is be careful where you choose to work out in the gym.

Perhaps you’re a yogi and you can’t get enough of your exercise classes; that’s all great for your body and flexibility, but you’re cutting yourself off and making yourself less approachable (it’s very rare you’ll find a guy in an exercise class) – basically, it’s the complete opposite of what you want to achieve. Start working out in his zone more.

Try some more cardio exercises on the step machine, treadmill or the bike and do some core strength work on the benches…you need to position yourself where he is otherwise you’re never going to get the opportunity to get chatting.

#3 Wear Red

Ah, the lady in red…red is not only the color of love and steamy passion, it’s also a color that most men find irresistible so it’s no surprise really that a man, who already finds a woman attractive, is going to be even more drawn to her when she’s wearing red.

Red is also an extremely flattering color and most people can pull it off – just don’t go OTT and wear it from head to toe or you’re just going to end up looking like a tomato.

Hey, you never know you may land a date (the odds are on your side) and if you don’t, who cares at least you still look good.

#4 Make Yourself Approachable

Make yourself approachable if you want to pick up a guy at the gym. Remember what we’ve been drilling into you ladies…confidence; it’s sexy and it makes you 100% more approachable than those women who aren’t confident.

We can all feel a little vulnerable at the gym, but try to remain positive, confident and keep smiling  a decent man is going to pick up on these vibes instantly and all men love a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin.

There a lots of cute little tank tops that are really sexy. Buy yourself one and work it, but whatever you do, don’t be one of those girls who wears makeup to the gym and does her hair especially for the occasion.

You may think men love it, but actually it’s a total turnoff and they’re just going to deem you high maintenance (and most guys just can’t be bothered with that crap).

Men love natural looking women. Tie your hair up in a loose ponytail and, if need be, wear a touch of lip gloss and waterproof mascara, but nothing else.

Make sure you pay close attention to your surroundings.

Personally, I love to work out with my iPod in my ears with my favorite songs blasting away giving me the motivation to keep going, but if you walk around blocking out the world with your music, no one’s going to approach you.

#5 Work Out Your Eyes

Attractive Man at Gym with Three Women

Hah, no, you’re not going to actually be doing eye exercises per se; I mean eye contact. Speak to that cute guy with your eyes, catch his gaze and when you do, don’t quickly avert your look elsewhere embarrassed – smile. However, be careful not to go too far and give him a stalker “I’m a crazy girl” look; keep it flirty and cute! So, glance at him briefly and smile. Make eye contact with him for about three seconds, smile, look down shyly, and then turn away. Read more about eye contact flirting: 8 tricks to getting guys to approach you. 

#6 Choose Carefully!

For sure your personal trainer is super cute and looks like Bradley Cooper, but when it comes to him, it’s best to just concentrate on your workout to get those killer abs you’ve wanting and lay off the flirting.

Like any instructor/learner situation, it’s wise to keep the relationship professional. Sure a little bit of harmless flirting can be fun, but don’t allow it to go any further as it can seriously mess up your training and therefore your results.

#7 Ask Him a Question

Are you getting a little restless just hanging out waiting for him to strike up a conversation with you? If yes, take initiative (men love this) and make the move yourself.

Open the conversation up: Ask him to show you how to do the stretching exercise you’ve seen him doing or how to use a piece of equipment and if that doesn’t work then just simply introduce yourself and see where it takes you.

How to pick up a guy at the gym? We’d love to hear your tips!

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  • Omg I laughed so much
    There’s a mega cute guy at the gym, but the thing is… Is my self esteem. He’s so cute, he could be with anyone he wanted, why would he want to be with me?
    It doesn’t help that I powerlift and probably appear really unfeminine to him.

  • I don’t think the makeup tip is all that relevant. a) just no – I can’t be bothered to remove it, especially if I’m heading to the gym after work. Replace my makeup? Now THAT’S high maintenance. b) You do realise men have no idea most women are even wearing makeup right? If you use a barely there or nude look already, this is a non-issue. c) I like makeup, it’s part of my self expression and I’m not going to gel with a guy who’s going to be weird about that. I’d rather repel people who aren’t on my wavelength, than be fake and conforming.

  • Girl yes! I completely agree, I read that and had the same reaction. It’s not like we all laze around in bed and then decide to go to the gym. We have makeup on because we’ve gone out prior and shouldn’t have to bother to take it off. If I want to wear makeup to the gym, screw off!

  • Wow, this article is on piont I workout early in morning so I don’t be dolled up at all. Gym clothes, no makeup sweaty as hell. It’s a cute buff guy that started saying Goodmorning to me. I was shock and was a lil self concious. I want to chat with him but is scared. After reading this, I might make the first step to meet him. I’m nervous as hell cuz he so HOT!

  • I powerlift too, most of the guys at my gym think it’s cool, I also wear nice gymwear and natural looking make up.I think the guys that don’t like fit,/strong women are generally the ones out of the gym. Even though I m a woman over a certain age I have had guys at the gym approach me and it’s very flattering.