How to Seduce a Man Without Him Even Knowing It

Some call it sex appeal, others call it the art of seduction. Throughout history and many different cultures, the ability to successfully seduce was highly praised.

Some women, like the Egyptian queen Cleopatra even affected the courses of entire empires with the allure they had on men. But, seduction, like many other examples in human interaction, works best when the woman doesn’t even realize she is doing anything out of the ordinary.

In fact, knowing how to seduce a man in this manner doesn’t require you to do much. From my experience and practice, men respond in the best manner when they recognize in a woman a simple, yet powerful mixture.

This combination will give you the means to seduce a man without him knowing it.

Spontaneity Will Get You Noticed

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Spontaneity is the key ingredient in this mixture. If you had to choose whether to spend time with a person that seems spontaneous to you, or a person that seems tense and that over analyses everything, you wouldn’t think twice. The obvious choice is the spontaneous one, whatever the situation you find yourselves in. Even if you are in a business environment, you will still gravitate towards the people that look relaxed and natural.

The same applies in seduction. If you plan everything out in advance, predetermine the things you will say and the way you’ll act, there is a zero chance of seeming spontaneous, even if you’re really good at it.

Seduction isn’t and shouldn’t be acting, with you as the main character and the man you’re interested in as the audience. Your goal is to get someone interested in meeting you, tingle his imagination, but not by doing it directly.

Only a spontaneous person can pull this off.

No One is Liked by All

Now, having this in mind, you have to accept that not every man on the planet will find you attractive. This isn’t determined only by the way you look – believe me, a lot of men don’t think that supermodels and movie stars are the best looking women in the world.

Men may turn around when you walk down the street just to get another look at your perfect figure or beautiful face, but still, there may be that one guy in your building that you would really like to meet, but who, for some unknown reason, doesn’t even notice you in the elevator.

You shouldn’t focus on that guy. He has his reasons, and you don’t need to examine them, or try to get on his radar. Crucial part in this kind of seduction is to be aware of those men who are not even slightly interested, and to move on. Forcing yourself onto someone that is clearly not into you gets you nowhere, and at the same time it also kills the spontaneity in your appearance.

Choose to Have Fun

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Instead, focus on having fun. After all, seduction has to be fun for everyone involved, even if the man doesn’t realize he is being seduced.

Go out, talk, flirt, move around, and meet new people. Don’t be afraid to experiment with social networks and use technology to your advantage.

Don’t try to be anything you’re not, and don’t exaggerate your sexuality. If you act natural, it will flow on its own. The best thing about seducing a man without him even knowing it is the surprise factor involved in it.

By being spontaneous, mindfully natural and outgoing, you will catch the attention of many men, but you won’t know who’s exactly until they come to you. In that point, they will be hooked – they won’t be able to put their finger on it, but for some reason, they will feel really attracted to you.

You will just have to decide if you want to reel them in, or cut them loose.

In any case, your seduction will be successful, and it required only a pinch of spontaneity and self-acceptance.

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