12 Easy Ways To Become Irresistible To Him

Want to make your crush gush over you? Thankfully, it isn’t hard! Here’re some sure-fire ways to become irresistible to him. He’ll become obsessed with you!

So, you’ve met a guy who you can’t get enough of. Charming good looks, great personality and a smile that just makes your heart melt.

You want him to like you too, but how? When it comes to bagging your crush, the devil is in the detail. Here are top 12 ways to become irresistible to him.

1) Confidence

confident girl eating cake

We love a guy who is confident and sure of himself. It shows us he’s a go-getter, assertive and comfortable in his own skin which is very attractive.

The same goes for the gentleman, ladies! Man or woman, confidence is sexy. Period.

Men are naturally drawn to a woman with confidence. It shows we’re self-assured and not afraid to go for what we want in life. Confidence is charismatic, and people are naturally drawn to that.

So, how do you achieve higher self-confidence?  Know who you are! You have to know the specific qualities that you have that are good.  Accept who you are and love yourself.

These are 3 important steps to higher self-confidence.

If you’re confident, or just faking it until you make it, it shows your crush you can handle yourself and comfortable in your own skin and mind. Men love that!

2) Wear a nice scent

This one’s a given. Crush or no crush, we should all be taking care of our personal hygiene. Showering, deodorant, you know the drill!

It’s a fact of life that we all love nice smells, and if it’s on someone we’re attracted to it makes them ten times more attractive!

Studies and surveys showed that vanilla was one of men’s favourite scents on a woman, along with spicy, light floral scents. Dab a little perfume on places like your neck, the insides of your wrists, elbows, and behind the ears. Like us girls, guys love a woman who smells good.

Don’t go overboard, though! You don’t want him to be hit with a wall of strong perfume. From experience, it doesn’t go down well!

3) Don’t be afraid to talk to him

Young couple talking on the terrace of the restaurant

Yes, I know it’s scary. We’ve all been there. But if you want to take that leap of faith from admiring a hottie whose name you don’t even know to a potential boyfriend, you’re going to have to talk to them at some point!

An important part of anything developing in to dating or a fully fledged relationship is getting to know the person you’re interest in.

Like any relationship we form, be it friendship or otherwise, getting to know each other takes time. So don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation if you can and get to know the man you’re crushing on so badly. You never know, you guys might have some things in common!

Do you know what three simple words that can change the course of your relationship are?

You see, these words seem really basic; however, once you understand what their true power over man’s mind is – you will be amazed. The best way to dive deeper is to take a look at Make Him Worship You by Michael Fiore.

4) Compliment him

It’s always nice when out of the blue, someone pays us a compliment. It makes us feel good and reinforces good self-esteem. The same goes for the guys too, ladies!
Like us, men like to feel appreciated and understood.

So if there’s something you really like about him, say his great sense of style or he’s a brilliant conversationalist, let him know! For example:

“Nice shirt.”
“I love your sense of humour. You’re so funny!”
“You’ve got great taste in music!”

It will not only make him feel good, it’ll make him remember you and want to talk to you more. You two may find some common ground to bond over. Maybe you like the same band or have the same favourite sports team! Just don’t go overboard though as that can come across as creepy or desperate!

5) Smile!

Beauty portrait of a young brunette woman with beautiful smile

Remember the phrase, “smile and the world smiles with you”?

When we smile, endorphins are released in to our bodies. Endorphins make us happy and happiness is contagious. Like how we yawn when someone else does, when someone smiles, most of the time we can’t help but smile too.

Not only does a smile make a general conversation more pleasant, it opens up our body language, makes us appear friendly and approachable, sending out positive vibes that naturally draw people in.

And let’s face it, we’ve all gone weak at the knees for someone with a killer smile!
So don’t be afraid to show those pearly whites and become irresistible to him!

6) Make the first move

Throughout history we’ve been taught that men must always the first move. If a woman asks a man out, it emasculates him.


If you like a guy and want to ask him out, do it! You shouldn’t have to hold back just because of gender. Besides, guys like it! Yes, you heard me right!

In a survey conducted by Lavalife, 95% of men surveyed said they thought it was hot if a girl asked him out.

In a modern world where women have more autonomy than ever before, increasingly becoming the breadwinners in the home and being high-flyers in their own right, why shouldn’t you go and ask that gorgeous man out? Be bold and go for it!

The worst he can say is no. If that happens, don’t take it personally. Rejection’s all part of the dating world. If that happens, just take it on the chin and move forward, you’ll be ok!

7) Show, don’t tell

Couple kissing at alley in city

You’re close circle of friends may big up your best qualities, be it a wonderful sense of humour, generous, good listener etc. You want your crush to see you’re as awesome as your friends say you are.

The answer?

“Show; don’t tell.” Says dating expert Matthew Hussey, “People don’t like to be told things. It makes them feel they’re being asked to believe something that may have no credibility. They do however, want to discover things.”

If someone tells you they’re the nicest person on the planet, would we believe that? Probably not. But if this person performs an act of kindness, i.e. caring for those less fortunate and not expecting anything back, they don’t have to tell us they’re a good person, their actions shows us they are.

So if you want him to appreciate certain traits about you, show those traits. Be kind, be caring, be outgoing etc. Actions really do speak louder than words. That is how you become irresistible to him!

8) Flirt

Being a little flirty is a good way to tell him you’re interested (and to become irresistible to him).

Laugh when he tells you a joke, give a little smile when he greets you or gently touch his arm when you’re talking or about to make tracks.

Like we mentioned before with compliments, these are also a fire way to catch his interest by making him feel good about something. When it comes to women, every man wants to feel like a superhero. They like to feel appreciated and needed.

So, ask for his opinion on something, i.e. “Hey, what do you this…?”

Or ask a favour: “Hey, could you help me out with this?” Be sure to thank him afterwards. Aside from basic manners, it’ll make him feel helpful and really give his ego a boost!

Or if you’re really confident with flirting, let him know directly. Like we mentioned with making the first move, a direct approach can go down well with a lot of guys. It shows straight off the bat that you’re interested, giving him the green light to ask you out…if you haven’t already done it yourself!

Read on to learn how to be more flirty.

9) Don’t go crazy with makeup

Love couple on the street with retro scooter

When we like someone, we want to make ourselves look as good as possible to catch their. We’ll take a little extra time with our hair, we’ll wear some nicer clothes and we’ll up the ante a little on the makeup.

We often thinks guys like a lot of make up on girls, but the truth is they don’t.  This  way you won’t become irresistible to him. Men see inch-thick foundation and spidery false lashes as a major turn off. Out of all the men I’ve spoke to about makeup, all of them said they preferred a natural look on girls, to even no makeup at all!

Keep it simple and natural.  Enhance your best features and refrain from shovelling on the slap.

10) Take Control from Time to Time

To most men, a woman who can handle taking control from time to time is irresistible.

While some men enjoy having control over how their relationship develops, most men prefer it when their girlfriend takes the reigns. It might be as basic as planning a date or as complex as seizing control in the bedroom.

11) Communicate

Communication is super important!  Above everything else, a man enjoys a  woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell him. Men were not born to be mind readers.

They don’t know what we are thinking most of the time and genuinely get confused when we become upset for something that could have easily been resolved with proper communication.

12) Be yourself

I know this sounds like the worst piece of advice in the world but this rings so true, especially when it comes to dating and relationships.

You want your crush to like you, so don’t try to be something you’re not just to impress him. Not only will it make you unhappy, it can cause real friction in any friendship or relationship when you’re not the real you.

So be your fabulous self and become irresistible to him! If he doesn’t like that then it’s time to move on. There’ plenty more men out there who would kill to have you on their arm.
But if he does, then fantastic! Go for it!

Remember, also, that sometimes, as women, we do things that confuse, irritate, or turn men off. These 10 biggest turn offs for guys may be something you are doing now without even realizing it.

Thanks for reading! If you have any other tips or pointers for attracting your crush, let us know in the comments below! How to become irresistible to him?

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