15 Must Have Accessories For True Fashionistas

Must have accessories can make or break an outfit. To ensure that they’re always adding to your outfit, make sure you know how to accessorize right!

Welcome to the age of fashion and accessories! Be it a chic watch or a dandy belt, it’s very important to accessorize and to accessorize right.

So, here’s a list of 15 must have accessories that will give even a bland outfit just the right amount of edge and bling!

1. A pair of goggles


A pair of glares can make you look anything from cute to stunning. Not only does it protect your eyes from the detrimental UV outside, but it’s also a very popular style statement!

You just need to find the right pair to harmonize your facial shape and bingo!

2. Zero power black-rimmed glasses

Although glasses are a necessity for many, others can also sport the bespectacled look for a day or two. Square, black-rimmed glasses can make you look immensely attractive, yet geeky!

Be sure to trim your brows to a proper shape before you try this look, because the eyes are framed by the glasses, but the glasses will be framed by your brows.

3. Earrings


Overdoing anything can take your style from “oohh” to “nah!” Next time you go out with your friends, make sure you wear a pair of silver danglers, which can take a regular outfit to a whole new level.

This won’t make you go OTT, and at the same time, will accentuate your style!

4. Nose pin

If, all of a sudden, the ethnic bug bites you, then this is exactly the right embellishment to sport. Don’t worry if your nose isn’t pierced, fake nose studs are widely available, and they are seemingly tailor-made for the ethnic wearers out there.

Craving for an out-of-the-box look? Team your jeans and shirt with a tiny glittery nose-pin. Need I say more?

5. Neckpiece


If earrings just aren’t your thing, then this is! Be it a choker or a simple pendant on an even simpler chain, this particular accessory can make you look elegant and fashionable at the same time.

6. Scarves/Stoles

Go shopping and pick a brightly colored stole. Bring it home and just give it a careless flip around your neck. Anyway you wear it, be it infinity or a waterfall, this piece is sure to make you look different—in a good way!

7. Cocktail Ring


A pretty, oversized ring is just what you might need to go in excellent concert with an otherwise plain, knee-length, pastel dress.

8. A manicure

Next time you visit a beauty parlor, make sure you trim your nails to your desired shape, and then flaunt elegant manicured nails or a trendy nail-art!

9. A cuff bracelet

This ornament adorns your hand and makes you look simple, yet elegant. It’s just the right piece of finery to sport on an evening out with your friends.

10. Belts


Provided you have an hourglass figure, these fashion items will ensure that you step out in style. A wide variety is available, ranging from super-thin to ultra thick, they can give your attire a whole new look.

Sport a thick one with a classic white shirt and faded blue jeans or a neon hued thin one with a white knee length dress, you’re sure to set a trend!

11. Watch

A good chunky watch goes with almost everything. You go zero on every accessory except this one, and you’ll still look complete!

12. Oversized handbags


Car keys, touch-up, house keys, wallet, pen-drive…you name it and it has to be carried on you when you step out for a hectic day at the office.

What’s better than a cool oversized handbag? Avoid bright colors in this case (if you’re going to office), pick monochrome and you’re good to go!

13. Clutch

Be it a sequined box clutch or a simple day clutch, they are just the apt companion for your LBD.

14. Flats


Heels are not always THE thing for every lass out there. So, for the heel haters, casual or chic, a pair of sparkly ballet flats is a sound substitute.

15. Platform wedges

For those of you who do not like stilettos, this unique combo of wedges and platform heels give you a decent height, that too without stumbling and tripping!

It goes perfectly hand-in-hand with anything, right from miniskirts to flared trousers, which are so in nowadays.

So, what are you girls waiting for? Grab your purse and go shopping for a marvelous fashion makeover!

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