Eye-catching Eyewear Trends to Try This Fall

Go from classroom geek to retro chic in a matter of seconds by upgrading your grade school frames for a stylish pair of spectacles.

From fierce runway models to brainy career women, a great pair of glasses can instantly elevate style and make a fashionable facial statement. Try one these top trendy frames that will flatter your face shape and really change up your look.

The Retro Cat Eye


Best suited: all face shapes, especially heart

The term cat eye comes from the angled almond shape our feline friends are blessed with. For centuries, we have mimicked this beautiful oblong trait with both makeup (think Cleopatra) and eyewear.

Some give credit to glamourous Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn’s role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the rising popularity of cat eye glasses in the 1950s, while others say it was Marilyn Monroe who was the responsible catalyst for the feline frames.

Either way, you can rock their look today by picking out a replica model or (if you are lucky enough) finding an authentic pair at an antique shop. Most optometry centers will fit and install prescription lenses for you, but take note that a vintage pair must be structurally strong to handle the weight of modern lenses.

Considered one of the sexier shapes, the cat eye frame feels oh-so-flirty with a typically rounded rim that comes to a curved point at the outer edges. For another historical throwback, try a horn-rimmed pair straight out of an episode of Mad Men.

The retro vibe of the cat eye seems to never go out of style, and this season is no exception. There are tons of styles to pick from due to their booming popularity, and big names like Vogue, Chanel, and Ray Ban are picking up on the hipster-induced trend.

The College Professor


Best suited: square, rectangular, and diamond face shapes

The perfectly circular eyeglasses popularly worn by famous dreamer John Lennon and a host of other hippies are from the ‘60s. Likely to be sitting on the nose of your English professor, this style is a bit more eclectic in nature but nonetheless wearable if you dig the trend.

If you are ever in a situation where it would aid you in any way to look more intelligent—like a big job interview or meeting your boyfriend’s parents—definitely bust out your round pair for an impressive first impression.

Despite the simplistic round shape, this style comes in many variations. From punchy prints to colored metals and rim adornments, there is truly something from everyone. To avoid looking like a Woodstock wannabe, go with a modern spin in a rose gold tone or a thicker rim. Keep in mind that the smaller the lenses are, the more ‘Harry Potter’ they can potentially look.

The Tortoise Shell


Best suited: every face shape

A neutral style with more personality, the tortoise shell print is so big at the moment it can almost always be found as a second alternative to black. Although it is typically muted in tone, this dimensional pattern come in both the classic brown and black combination and a mix of other colors.

While tortoise shell is flattering on everyone, there is ‘the right one’ that will enhance your coloring. A rule of thumb for finding the most suitable one: if you have a warmer skin tone, go for a lighter shade; if your complexion is cooler, then go darker.

The traditional brown and amber print can make blue or green eyes really pop since it contrasts these colors and makes them look even more saturated.

The New Librarian


Best suited: round, oval, and heart face shapes

This shape, what I like to call the librarian, is inspired by your traditional mousey bookworm. Similar to the cat eye, this frame is slightly swept up to the temples but with a boxier rim. These tend to be more mainstream as the square shape is muted; however, today there is an unlimited number of unique ones to choose from both online and at your optometrist’s office.

When it comes to choosing a particular pair, sometimes size matters. If you plan to sport this style at the office, go for a smaller pair that is more conservative and generally work-appropriate.

The larger you go, the quirkier and high fashion your look tends to be. While the oversized style might be in at the moment, you will want to have a pair that will fit into your professional life just as you would any other attire.

It’s easy to express your mood and share your style with a fabulous pair of frames. Let us know your thoughts on these eyewear trends and what made it to your wish list.

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