How to Wear Hats and Look Fabulously Stylish

Hats used to be a big part of women’s wardrobes, but now we tend to think of them as old-fashioned. Or are they? The truth is, there’s a hat out there for everyone.

It’s just a hat.

What is so important about a hat, Amanda? Nobody wears hats anymore. Well I’ll tell you that that is far from the truth. The fact of the matter is that hats are making a huge comeback whether it’s fitted hats, beanies, sun hats or even Fedoras. They are coming back in full force.

So, why is it so important that I inform you lovely readers about this accessory? Because our generation has forgotten how to wear a hat!

I know it may not seem like rocket science, but there are certain hats that are meant for certain people and then there are people who perhaps just do not know how to wear these hats. So, with that being said I am here to take you step-by-step through how to wear four different types of hats properly.

The Fitted/Baseball Cap

Yes ladies, that is Queen RiRi rocking her fitted cap! Now, obviously Rihanna could be wearing a grandma-quilted dress and still look undeniably fabulous.

However, in this case, it is not just the fact that Rihanna is wearing a fitted cap that makes it look great; it is how she is wearing it!

If you look at her picture and the other pictures listed above, you’ll see that there are several different styles to wearing this cap.

First Way: Backwards


The backwards cap look will be around for centuries to come! However, more and more women are willing to get their own hats instead of borrowing their brother’s or their boyfriend’s.

In this look, keep your hair out leaving it straight or wavy. If you wear your hair up, make sure it’s either in a braid or in a low-low ponytail.

Place the hat backwards on top of your head, pull down and remember to fix your hair. With this placement of the hat it’s near impossible to wear your hair up in a full ponytail because it takes away from the image you are trying to portray. With this style, you are basically going for an adorable but don’t-mess-with-me look.

Second Way: Forwards


The forward’s look is a bit tricky because, again, it is still all about placement! If you have a fitted hat, you will want to wear your hair down. If you have a baseball cap, it’s totally fine to wear your high ponytail because you can just slip it through the back of the cap.

With this placement, what you do not want to do is pull your hat down all the way in front of your face. Although the hat is meant for blocking the sun, it’s not meant to hide your face. Be sure to let the top of your hairline show just a little bit.

Third Way: Sideways


I haven’t really seen this look much lately—quite frankly it’s dying out and becoming tired. However, for this look I would suggest wearing your hair down! When it comes to the placement of this cap, sideways doesn’t truly mean sideways. It honestly, just means crooked. You only want to turn your hat a little bit. This will give it that cute-yet-tough look. Wearing it fully sideways is just not the way to go; it honestly looks a bit ridiculous.

The Beanie

Although I personally suck at wearing beanies and feel like my head is just not properly shaped for them, that does not mean that I don’t own 20 of them!

Beanies are just awesome! You can wear them in the fall, winter, and even beginning to mid spring. If you wear one in the summer, you will be judged silently. Beanies have made such a huge comeback over the years and certain companies have even made them fun with funny sayings, slang and crazy colors!

There is really only one way to wear a beanie, but there are two different types of beanies.

First Type: The Slouched Beanie


Since this beanie is already slouched, you are looking to perfect having the center of the beanie fall towards the middle to back of your head. For this look, you will want to leave your hair loose.

Second Type: Regular Beanie


With this beanie, you really want the edges of it to be a few inches above your eyebrows. Just being placed there, the beanie draws an insane amount of attention right to the eyes and looks incredible. The back of your beanie is really up to you.

Some people like to leave the top of it sticking straight up while others like to try and pull it down a little bit. I would suggest leaving your hair out for this one, too.

The Sun Hat


A big favorite lately that has been trending since the winter is the oversized sun hat, which I love! The firm favorite is definitely the basic black followed by tans and so on.

You can match this hat with any look whether it be long sleeves, no sleeves, short sleeves or even a dress for that matter! Regardless, your outfit will be more than complete with this hat.


There are really only two ways to wear this hat: either leave your hair down or wear it in a low ponytail or braid. You then just want to place the hat right on top of your head while slightly pulling the hat to the back of your head leaving your face visible.

This is such a subtle yet powerful look! It is definitely in the top five of new fashion trends to experiment with!



Personally, I feel as though Keira Knightly invented the Fedora!

Everywhere she goes, she is wearing one! It is definitely classified as her signature look. Anyways, not everyone can pull of a Fedora hat, but this little trick should be able to bring you one step closer to Knightley status.

Fedora Time:

The best advice I can give you is to leave your hair down! The low ponytail or braid will throw off the look.

With your hair down, simply place the Fedora on top of your head and try and angle the front/side of the hat to a slight angle. This will then leave your hair in a place to be played with as well as moved around, and it will leave your Fedora in a place while accentuating your facial structure, too. This will leave you with strong features that you will not be afraid to show off.

So there you have it! Hats for women are making a huge comeback this year and have been spotted on many celebrities! There are many different ways to wear to each hat; it is just choosing the right one that best fits you!

Which style do you think you’re going to try this year?

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