Classy Weekend Bags For Women

Whether you need it for a weekend getaway or just to keep your favorite stuff with you all the time, here's how to choose a classy woman's weekend bag.

“Weekend bag” usually means a large and easily portable bag that looks like carry-on luggage, but they come in different shapes, designs and sizes.

You should look for one that is large enough to hold everything you would need for a weekend getaway – change of clothes, toiletries, a book, and other stuff us girls throw into large bags on a whim.

If you’re only going for a girls’ weekend, the design and style won’t matter as much, but if you want to impress with your sense of style, such as a business trip or a weekend with a new beau, choose an elegant, classy weekend bag. We’ll show you the designer bags, and also cool and budget-friendly pieces.

Black Leather

This one says you like luxury and aren’t afraid to invest in good pieces that will last for a long time. The ideal choice is dark leather as it won’t get dirty as fast and it will be easier to clean. It’s durable, and it won’t lose its shape during the years. Another plus, the creases of a well loved, bag will only give it an extra, vintage flair. Of course, you can also go for faux leather or a similar synthetic material. We love the Maxi Mabel black leather bag by Mulberry (left), but the choice and price range is really wide, so go with what suits your style and wallet best.

Black Leather Handbags

  • Maxi Mabel by Mulberry (
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Calamity Rei bag (
  • Top Shop leather studded bag (
  • Diane von Furstenberg leather drew tote (

Brown Canvas

Ideal for a weekend in the country, the brown canvas is more like a duffel bag, but still classy and elegant. If you plan on wearing denim or being in nature, the brown canvas is a great choice. The obvious choice would be the Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene canvas weekender, but you can find stylish brown bags from other designers for less money.

Brown Canvas Hanbags Collection

  • Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene (
  • Fred Perry bonded cotton bag (
  • Ralph Lauren canvas bag (
  • Club Monaco Ernest Alexander cross-body holdall (

Bold Color

Go for a quality bag in a rich color to brighten up your travelling outfit. Depending on your wardrobe, try a mustard, wine, or pear hue. Bright blue is also cool, but don’t go for a neon or day-glow shade if you want to keep it classy and elegant. Our favorite is the Domo ladies bag in a gorgeous plum shade.

Bold Color Handbags Collection

  • Domo ladies bag (
  • Louise Hempleman red bag (
  • Valextra Babilla green bag (
  • D&G mustard bag (

Print or Pattern

If the occasion is casual, you can go with a printed bag. Stay classy with a serious print, and stay away from the patterns that would look better on a nursery wall. Floral prints or a discreet animal texture, such as the one on the Ethan Ko, look best.

Print and Pattern Handbags Collection

  • Ethan Ko bag (
  • Asos floral bag (
  • Houndstooth weekender (
  • Prada snake bag (

I still think I would go for the black leather – it looks gorgeous, lasts for decades and just has that rich feel to it. Ladies, what are your thoughts?

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  • This post was surprisingly appealing and I would actually consider it when buying a weekend bag even though I have never actually bought one. thanks!