Top 6 Kendall Jenner Style Lessons: Less Is More

Kendall is probably the coolest Kardashian sister at the moment. Here’s how to get her ladylike tailored look with some Kendall Jenner style lessons.

I’m sure you’ve all seen a lot of this cool kid on the block (and certainly the coolest Kardashian sister), Kendall Jenner as of late, and we’re simply in love with her chic, laid back style.

Amidst her working and family life of glitz and glamour, Kendall manages to stay cool and sophisticated with her simple, minimalistic outfits, oozing class whether she’s popping out for a coffee or on the red carpet. Let’s see how she does it…

Kendall Jenner style lesson 1


Here, Kendall can be seen sporting a cool denim tee with frayed edges paired with a pair of perfectly fitted cream jeans and a simple sandal heel. She finishes the look with some understated jewelry, sunglasses, and a simple, sleek low ponytail.


Why it works:

For a sleek and ladylike look, when wearing a box shape top such as this, it’s best to keep the bottom half well fitted so as to show your true form and keep the outfit in balance. Too many baggy things together can often look sloppy and make you seem larger than you actually are.

These skinny jeans are perfect both for accentuating Kendall’s slim legs and also for lifting the outfit and complimenting the denim tee with their light color. The cream sandal is an extension of the cream jean, making the leg seem even longer and keeping the tee as the focal point.

Big hair or a complicated style would completely destroy the simplicity of this outfit. Kendall has kept it fresh and modern with this very simple ponytail that shows off her face and neck and has complimented it with natural make-up. A great pair of sunglasses is the only accessory you need to complete this woman-about-town look.

Kendall Jenner style lesson 2


Kendall keeps it classy in a cropped white top with a tailored light blue trouser, layered with a beige longline coat. She completes the look with a pair of nude pointed toe heels and natural hair and make-up.


Why it works:

This tailored look screams sophistication and class. The combination of neutral tones gives the look a fresh and elegant feel, whilst just a tad of skin showing keeps it youthful and not too serious. The coat draped over the shoulders means the silhouette underneath can be seen, keeping it feminine and leaning towards a more high-fashion feel.

The nude heel with natural make-up and nail color brings this soft and understated look together, whilst the hair is worn natural and not overly ‘done’, in-keeping with the simplistic look.

Kendall Jenner style lesson 3


Sizzling hot! Kendall looks absolutely smoking on the red carpet in this cut-out white number. She accessorizes with a shiny silver clutch and a statement necklace, not forgetting her signature nude heels.


Why it works:

Since this dress is pretty skimpy and shows a fair amount of flesh, it is important to make sure that your accessories compliment, not over-do, the outfit. Kendall has opted for one statement piece of jewelry and a simple silver clutch to match.

Her wrists are free from jewelry and her nail polish is neutral in color, as are her shoes. This ensures there are not too many distractions for the eye to be drawn towards, and makes the dress (and her figure in it) the focus of the look.

Again, her hair is kept super sleek and simple, which is essential for keeping this look classy, not trashy. Her base make-up is fresh with a red lip for that touch of Hollywood glamour.

Kendall Jenner style lesson 4


Super cool! Kendall strolls along the streets of LA in this gorgeous casual combo of draw-string trousers and plain white tee. She jazzes it up with some silver toe pumps and a chic grey fedora, plus sunglasses, of course (it is LA).


Why it works:

The gentle tones of these pieces make the outfit as a whole appear super clean and fresh. The natural fabrics give a laid back, casual and comfortable feel, and the silver shoes and accessories add the touch of glam needed to turn this outfit from Sunday-pottering-around-your-house to chic LA street wear.

Kendall keeps a hold of her slim silhouette by tying one side of her tee in a knot, adding interest and shape, and teams it with a simple non-padded white bra. A cool fedora, satchel style bag and a pair of dark sunglasses tie the look together to street style perfection.

Kendall Jenner style lesson 5


Kendall wears a chic grey trouser co-ord along with black pointed heels, a black shoulder bag and sunglasses.


Why it works:

A trouser co-ord will always look stylish, and what’s great is that you can rock them in two ways. You can go super chic and classy as Kendall has for a sophisticated occasion or even an interview, or with a few stylistic changes wear the same outfit in an edgier way as shown here on the Asos models.

For Kendall’s ladylike tailored look, keep all accessories understated and to a minimum. Here she has opted for all black accessories to frame her outfit and keep the clothes the center of attention, and again, her make-up and hair is very simple so as not to detract or over-fuss the look.

For a rockier feel, add a fedora and a pair of shoe boots or platforms, along with a 90’s style choker and some chunky rings, if you fancy. A co-ord is cool, versatile, and super easy to just throw on on those days you can’t decide what to wear!

Kendall Jenner style lesson 6


Sultry! On the red carpet, Kendall rocks a tailored pair of high-waisted, wide leg black trousers and sandal heels with a sheer sleeveless mesh top. She accessorizes with a simple gold bracelet and box clutch.


Why it works:

Whilst everyone on the red carpet tends to go all out to impress, an understated look like Kendall’s can actually be what it takes to stand out from the crowd. Even on the red carpet, Kendall is effortlessly elegant and doesn’t look too try-hard or outrageously different from her everyday style.

A sheer top is balanced out with full leg coverage, and volume is given to the hips and leg with this wide-leg style trouser. Accessories are, as usual, kept to a basic minimum, ensuring it is her figure and glowing skin that is highlighted. Her healthy, shiny hair is worn in a simple middle parting with a few ombre highlights at the ends, and her make-up is natural. A red carpet winner!

So there we have it, Kendall shows us how less is really more, whether it’s a casual Saturday stroll about town or a full blown red carpet event. Ditch those going-out-on-the-town masks ladies! Take tips from Kendall, and keep your style and make-up fresh and true to who you are, every single day!

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