These Top Celebrities Are Sober And Vegan For Years

These celebs are devoted to their healthy lifestyle for years. Could this be the secret not only to their beautiful physique, but also their other worldly success?

We have seen many celebrities get sober and then fall back into the party, life but some have stuck with it for a long time and love their healthy lifestyles. Many of them are even writing books about it to help other people.

We also see a lot of celebrities involved with animal rights organizations as well as helping other celebrities to get clean. While some celebrities have gone back and forth on drinking and veganism, here are some who have been consistently sober and vegan.

Check out the cool advocacy they are doing to encourage progress and lead an example for both adults and young people!

Ellen Degeneres


Superstar and talk show host Ellen Degeneres is a vegan and not afraid to show it. She is constantly supporting animal rights campaigns, and in 2010, she was named Woman of the Year by PETA (People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals).

She also donated 200,000 meals to animals in shelters in 2014, and has her own healthy pet food company called Halo. When she hosted the Oscars, she added 10,000 meal donations to some of the Oscar bags for people to donate to shelters of their choice.

In 2014, it was reported that Ellen was giving up booze to support her wife Portia DeRossi’s sobriety. This was to help improve their relationship and Portia’s health.

Russell Brand


If you know Russell’s work, you know that he is open about his drug past. He now practices yoga and promotes veganism. He openly admits that he struggled with drugs and alcohol, and is now an ambassador for PETA.

He has videos about becoming vegan on his funny YouTube channel The Trews (it’s supposed to mean True News), which already has 1.2 million subscribers.

In 2011, the hot celebrity activist tweeted, “I’m now vegan, goodbye eggs, hello Ellen.” He starred in a documentary about his recovery from addiction called “Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery,” which is available on Netflix. The story reveals that, in 2002, he was told that he would only live 6 more months if his heroin addiction continued. What a turn around he made!

This star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him To The Greek now speaks on many different humanitarian issues and campaigns to help many causes. His recent film Brand: A Second Coming follows his transformation from junkie to political activist and humanitarian.

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez worked with Beyonce and Jay Z’s personal trainer to lose 10 pounds. Her trainer, Marco Borges, also had her on a vegan diet.

His nutrition bars, which are called 22 Days Nutrition, are packed with superfoods and really tasty. She’s slimmed down and feels more confident. In January of 2016, reports said that she was 100% vegan.

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t drink alcohol because she says that it messes up the skin. At 46, she’s looking better than ever and is a great role model for healthy living; she doesn’t even drink coffee.

The hot celebrity, from movies like Maid in Manhattan and The Wedding Planner, has two trainers and is getting a lot of press about her new diet.

Tobey MaGuire


Spiderman’s Tobey MaGuire has been sober since he was 19. This guy has a strong will power to have survived all the peer pressure that can come with fame. He has a vegan chef come to his film sets, and even helped Natalie Portman go vegan for a while. PETA also declared him the world’s sexiest vegan back in 2002. He became a vegan in 2009, and hasn’t had meat since 1992.

Interestingly, this star had a problem with alcohol and drugs as a teenager. He grew up on food stamps and his family sometimes slept in shelters. He always knew that he would be successful, and his vision for the future is what pulled him out of poverty. His story is incredibly inspiring!

Jason Mraz


Jason Mraz in an environmentalist and human rights advocate. He owns his own avocado farm and helps with ocean conservation.

He started eating a raw vegan diet to help his friend who had type two diabetes. He loves solar power and hybrids and is quite the modern chap!

His love for the ocean comes from his passion for surfing, and he is avidly involved with the Surfrider Foundation. He promotes veganism on his social media outlets and even tours ‘green.’ In 2012, it was reported that Jason couldn’t drink in moderation so he quit although he still smokes weed.

Hopefully, these stories have inspired you. These celebrities are humans like all of us and struggle to make good decisions for themselves.

If the spotlight is going to be on them, we might as well learn from their lives. It must be hard to admit to struggling with drugs or alcohol, but they have turned their lives into an inspiration for others, and helped many non-profits through their own learning process.

Do you have a story you could share in your community about your own lifestyle change? Maybe this article has inspired you to get involved with animal rights or conservation, or to look at your health in a new light. Share your thoughts and comments below.

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