Victoria Beckham: 6 Things to Learn from This Style Queen

Victoria Beckham has made her name as a style queen, and she still manages to turn heads with her ever-evolving style. Here are six most important things you need to know to nail her style.

It is now nearly two decades since Victoria Beckham shot to fame as a member of the Spice Girls. Yet she seems to be the only one that has stuck around in the public eye. The other four members are now virtually unheard of, but Victoria’s fashion-forward and ever-evolving style has kept the world curious about her every move.

She may have started out as a singer, but Victoria’s passion for fashion has definitely been the focal point of her career. Her clothing line is a favorite among several celebrities, including Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively, and rumor has it that Mrs. Beckham will be teaching fashion at this month’s Vogue Festival in London.

There is so much to learn about fashion from this style queen, but you do not have to travel to Vogue’s festival to learn from her. Here we have rounded up six of the most important things you need to know to nail her style.

1. Don’t follow fashion; let it follow you

Outfit Combinations of Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is a trend-setter. She has never been one to follow fashion; she creates fashion. Time and again she has reinvented her look, only to have it mimicked by women across the world. She knows what looks suit her best and adapts them to create trademark images.

The style icon is renowned for influencing celebrities’ styles. Shortly after Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise, she was transformed from a youthful girl-next-door to a sophisticated woman by the simple adaptation of Victoria Beckham’s sleek bob.

You too can take the lead with your own image. Don’t follow trends for the sake of being in style. Establish what looks best on you and adapt what is currently in fashion to your own individual taste. Know what suits and flatters you best and use trends to compliment your uniqueness. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new looks. Taking even the most minor of risks with your image can pay off.

2. Update your wardrobe

Outfit Combination 2 Victoria Beckham

Keep your style fresh and updated. Since rising to stardom in 1996, Victoria Beckham has been through countless style evolutions. Times change and so should your look, and although you do not have to completely overhaul your entire wardrobe with every new season, implementing subtle changes to your makeup, hair, accessories and attire will go a long way to making you feel like you’ve had a makeover.

As “Posh Spice”, Victoria’s style was bold and uncompromising. She was nearly always clad in black and kept her hair and makeup almost regimentally groomed. Sleek and simple lines dominated her wardrobe, showing off her envious figure. Leather was a regular favorite and a serious pout became her trademark.

The move from London to Madrid in 2003 completely changed Victoria’s all-over style. Gone were the days of black, bobs and bold cuts, giving way to a more feminine appearance. Block colours were replaced with camisole tops, dressy jeans and blazers. She adapted her hair style to suite her new look by opting for flowing highlighted extensions.

Since then, her wardrobe has been revamped time and again. Nowadays, she is mostly snapped wearing below-the-knee length pencil dresses from her own clothing line. Her palette seems to have gone back to bolder shades, but who knows how long it will be before we see yet another change?

3. Vary your hairstyle

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Aside from updating your wardrobe regularly, a new hairdo can make a remarkable difference to your look. Victoria first came onto the scene with a sleek and straight bob, which was gradually shortened to a structured pixie do. Highlighted extensions transformed her look, only to be replaced by an asymmetric bob.

After spending a few good years experimenting with short hair-do’s, Victoria’s long flowing locks are back. Never one to get stuck in a style rut of any sort, Victoria has dabbled with all shades of brunette, even going completely blonde on more than one occasion.

If going from long to short or vice versa feels like too drastic a change, opt for long bangs, which can easily be grown out, or ask your stylist to vary the way your layers are cut. Changing your colour by a shade or two can also give you a refreshed look. Alternatively, brighten up your appearance with subtle highlights.

4. Shoes complete an outfit

Victoria Beckham High Heels Combinations

Have you ever seen Victoria Beckham without a pair of killer heels? Not only do they elongate her petite frame by a few extra inches, they pull her look together completely. This does not mean that every woman should wear stilettos on a daily basis, but it is proof that the shoes you wear will make a big difference to your overall look.

Follow Victoria’s lead and choose shoes that enhance your frame and compliment your outfit. Be they flats, kitten heels or platforms, always opt for a pair that make you feel and look great. Don’t just throw on any old pair. If you want your outfit to turn heads, choose a pair of shoes that will do the job for you.

5. Always look your best

Victoria Beckham Casual Outfit Combination

“I’ve been that celebrity on the red carpet, and I appreciate that something hasn’t got to just look good from the front, from the back, it’s got to look good at all angles.” ~Victoria Beckham

Not everyone gets followed around daily by fans and paparazzi like Ms Beckham, but this does not mean that making an effort with one’s appearance doesn’t matter. After all, who knows who you may bump into while you are running errands?

Victoria always looks immaculate, even if she is simply going shopping. Her hair is well-groomed, she is never seen without makeup and her attire consistently reflects her impeccable taste. It is impossible to dress up every day, but making the effort to look good at all times will make a remarkable difference to how you feel, walk and conduct yourself.

6. Go for a glow

Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyles

With all of the radical changes that have been made to Victoria’s fashion choices and hairdos, one thing has stayed consistent, up until recently: her St Tropez tan. Not too dark, not too light, even toned and orange-free.

You do not need a tan to achieve glowing skin, but even a very light tan will give your skin a healthy radiance. Alternatively, simply dust a light bronzer either just on your cheeks or on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. This will give your face a subtle radiance. Highlight your cheeks to add definition and a soft sheen.

Victoria has recently given up her fake tan, claiming that it is “ageing”, but her skin still looks radiant. Such healthy looking skin is only achieved with proper nutrition and a healthy skin-care routine.

Research your skin type and invest in the right products to nourish your skin. Switch your foundations and powders for mineral make-up, which lacks irritants and does not clog your pores. Also, make sure that your skin is getting the right nourishment by eating lean proteins, healthy carbs and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

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