20 Ways to Dress So You Look 10 Pounds Slimmer

You want to lose weight, but you don’t have time before your class reunion or first date with the hot guy you met online to drop a few pounds. So, what can you do to look slimmer instantly when you’re on a time crunch, allowing you to bolster the self-esteem necessary to make a great impression?

We all know that losing weight is hard. If looking good was easy, we’d all be size 2’s with a rock solid behind and ta-ta’s that are perky and bouncy, not saggy and droopy.

And, there’s no doubt that how you feel about yourself projects outward to those around you. If you want to show confidence, self-acceptance and personal power, you need to feel it from the inside out.

Dress in a way that makes you feel like this and you’ll be unstoppable! Here are 20 guidelines you need to follow to look slimmer and feel more confident instantly:


Make sure you have the right size bra

woman wearing black shirt and white bra

It’s alarming the number of woman who actually wear the wrong size support for their ‘girls’. If your cup is too small, your girls will start cascading over the top, but if it’s too big they’ll look dehydrated like a raisin behind a sea of fabric.

And, if the band isn’t the correct size, you’ll either end up with back fat bulges or not enough support which leaves your girls swinging in the breeze.

The best way to insure you have a proper fit is to go to a specialty store and get yourself measured. It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to slim yourself quickly.

Don’t wear clothes two sizes too big

A lot of women attempt to wear bigger clothes to hide their weight. However, it does just the opposite. Big clothes make you look even bigger. Pick clothing that actually fits your true body size.

Don’t wear clothes two sizes too small

There’s nothing more uncomfortable and more unflattering than pants that leave you with a muffin top or a shirt that threatens to unfurl the very buttons that are trying to hold it in place. Again, buy clothes that fit.


Wear patterns that accentuate your shape

If you’re straight bodied, choose color patterns that make it appear as if you have an hourglass shape. If you are lucky enough to have an hourglass shape, accentuate it with something that draws attention to your waist area.

If you layer, layer appropriately

Put dark colors on first and add light colors over them.

Go with vertical over horizontal

Patterns that go up and down will make you look thinner than ones that go side to side and seem to make you appear wider.


Get pants that have the side seams visible from the front

If the seams that run down your legs can be seen by someone standing directly in front of you, looking at you head on, you will appear smaller than you actually are.

Choose mid-rise jeans

woman wearing mid-rise jeans

While it may seem tempting to go for low-rise, you’ll likely end up with muffin top. However, if you choose mid-rise jeans, they’ll fit better and conceal more of the dreaded fat that you are trying so hard to hide.

Keep your lower half all one color

Choose the same color pants, nylons and shoes if you want to look thinner.

Choose dark bottoms to hide your tummy or hips

Go with black or dark blue slacks or shorts and pick a brighter color top if you’re trying to divert the attention from your lower half.

Wear the right style skirt

If you have a bigger bottom, stay away from A-line dresses and skirts and go for something that is more fitting. And, if you want to appear taller, don’t go with something that is any longer than just below the knee.


Choose the right cut neckline

If you want to draw attention to your hips, go for a v-neck top. However, if you want eyes to focus on your face instead of your body, go for a straighter, less dramatic neckline or one that has a pattern that draws attention.

Pick a shirt color that accents your eyes

pretty woman wearing white shirt

If your shirt makes your eyes pop, it takes the focus off your body parts that you’re not overly excited about.

Lengthen your torso

If you are trying to elongate your midsection, either wear something that cinches you right below the chest or choose separates that meet around your hip area. 


Choose the right shoes

fashionable shoes with golden jewelry

Skin tone shoes make you appear taller. So if you want to add some height to your frame, aim for a pair of tan heels. (Only do this if your nylons are skin tone or you’re going with bare legs.)

If you have thick ankle areas or calves, go for a thicker heel. But, if you have smaller, more defined feet and lower legs, feel free to stick with smaller, more petite heels.

And, pay attention to how your shoes look from the front. Some shoes have a way of making you look shorter (like strappy shoes) and some make you look taller (like open fronts or sandals) so check it out in a mirror before making your selection.

Use jewelry accordingly

If you want to highlight your neckline, choose a chunky necklace or dangly earrings. If it’s a longer looking body you’re after, get a necklace that drapes down to your waist to elongate your midsection.

Consider a belt

If you have a nice waist, accentuate it with a belt. It will show off your hourglass figure easily and effectively.

Accessorize with the right handbag 

An oversized purse can make you look larger than life while a smaller purse can leave you with the same problem. Choose something in the medium range so that you don’t appear to be trying over-compensate for your size.

Wear a scarf

Again, if you’re trying to divert someone’s attention from your body to your facial area, a scarf is a great way to accomplish this.

As a final suggestion, pay attention to your posture. Walk with your head up, shoulders back and tummy in and you’ll automatically look like you just finished a weight loss program.

Just because you have a few pounds to lose doesn’t mean that the whole world has to know that you feel it. Dress using these great tips and you’ll soon have people asking, “Have you lost weight? What’s your secret girl, because you look great!”

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