5 Cool Ways to Style the Versatile Peplum Jacket

We saw enough and more of the classic peplum dresses last summer, and news is that the trend is not going away anytime soon. Read on to learn how to style with it!

The alluring vintage silhouette, a reminiscent of the 1940’s, made a dramatic comeback in Spring Summer 2012. The peplum design accentuates the waist creating a flattering figure for most body types. The peplum flounce has been adapted into various wardrobe staples and one such emerging trend is the peplum jacket.

We love Zara’s chic light camel leather jacket with ruffle details. The very feminine jacket is well constructed with ruffles that have been toned down – so the style works even for the wide hipped femme! The soft, creamy camel color blends well and balances the colors in any ensemble.

As we transition into spring 2013, here are 5 cool ways to style your peplum jacket:

Look #1

Casual outfit combination with peplum jacket

Spending Saturday afternoon with the girls scouting for the foxiest trends this season? Rev up your cool casual look with a peplum jacket.

A Pair of well fitted skinny jeans will make your legs look longer, thus elongating your figure. Wear high heels to accentuate the height even further. The peplum jacket balances the length by adding a curve at the hip. Complete the look with an oversized handbag.

Look #2

Floral print outfit combination with peplum jacket

For those with a skinny body frame, a peplum jacket can very well become your best friend! To create an illusion of a curve, team your peplum jacket with a short, flared, printed skirt.

Large floral prints are a big trend for Spring Summer 2013 and will add fullness to the hips. Peplum jacket that ends just at the hip bone will further accentuate the sexy curve.

Again, wear high heels for a slender curvy figure.

Look #3

Military style shorts outfit combination with peplum jacket

Are you one of those who have never set their hands on a peplum just because you think it can make your wide set hips look even broader? Look no. 3 will entice the wide hipped honey to experiment with the peplum flounce.

Pull out your high-waist military style shorts and pair it with a svelte black corset top. The show of legs and focus on the upper body will divert attention from the wide hips. Throw on your peplum jacket and voila, show off your hour glass figure!

If Kim Kardashian can pull it off, so can you!

Look #4

Sexy and chic outfit combination with peplum jacket

The peplum jacket is a versatile piece and was probably designed keeping in mind the apple shaped, top heavy soul. Pair the exquisite leather jacket with your deep neck, knee length dress. V- Necks tend to create an illusion of a slimmer upper body and together with the ruffles on the jacket will work like magic!

Accessorize well with a clutch or a chunky bracelet and watch heads turn.

Look #5

Elegant Outfit Combination With a Peplum Jacket

For those blessed with an hourglass figure, the peplum jacket can further emphasize your dapper figure.

According to Hilary Alexander from The Telegraph fame, “The secret of a successful peplum is in the cut and fit, and the balance between shoulder, hip and waist to achieve that all-important hourglass silhouette.”

The final look is a marriage between the fit of the peplum with the season’s hippest trends. Create a drama with a sheer lacey blouse and a bold striped pencil skirt. Add the peplum jacket for a sensational effect, and flaunt those curves!

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