5 Nice Alternative Clothing for Women

There have always been girls that don’t really fit in with what society thinks a girl should look like. You’ve seen them – they are the girls with piercings, tattoos or simply different clothes. I’ve been one of them my whole life. Imagine my happiness when I found out that I don’t have to wear men’s clothes anymore, because there is alternative clothing for women.

So, this one goes for all the alternative girls out there. You don’t have to wear pink to look like a girl. You can stay true to yourself and still look great. Check out the list of best alternative clothing for women.

1. Dr. Martens Shoes

Dr. Martens shoes and boots are probably the most recognizable item when it comes to alternative clothing. They have been around long enough to steal the hearts of lots of people that are into alternative style. Lately, the company has started producing more feminine models, so now there’s something for every girl. No matter if you are a fan of the original 1460 model, or you would like something more girl-like, Dr. Martens is your choice.

2. Dr. Martens Clothing

The famous shoe and boots company has in one moment during their work realized that they can make clothing too. And let me tell you – it’s nice clothing. The clothes are pretty influenced by workers’ style, but the items are still feminine, with nice lines and they look good on almost every girl.

The choice is not very big though – there are shirts, dresses, jackets and socks. Still, there is at least one item an alternative girl would like. Find out more about Dr. Martens clothing at this link.

3. Converse All Star Sneakers

Primarily intended to be basketball sneakers, converse all stars are another recognizable item among alternative people. These are the sneakers that don’t last very long, but they are loved and cherished. Furthermore, they are incredibly comfortable and perfect choice for hot summer days, because they are made out of canvas.

You can choose between the original colors or new color schemes. Converse all star sneakers will remain the symbol of rebels, rock and roll and alternative life style.

4. Alchemy Gothic

jewellery accessories

Alchemy Gothic brand started out as a company that produced alternative rock and heavy metal style jewelry. Over the years, they have started to produce clothing, accessories and household items. Jewelry, of course remained their most recognizable brand. Alchemy Gothic items are very popular among musicians around the world.

You can see bands like Lacuna Coil, Sonicsyndicate and The 69 Eyes featured in their newest catalog. Alchemy Gothic is a kind of a classic for every alternative girl. Check their official website.

5. Rock Rebel Clothing

This is not actually a brand, but rather a huge website featuring a lot of brands whose main products are alternative clothes and accessories. The site can be searched either by category or by brand and the choice is really big. You can find anything from simple jeans, to dresses and even swimwear.

There is a special part of the website for items on sale, so you can even find a better deal. Check out the official website of Rock Rebel Clothing. Follow the link and treat yourself with a new item today.

So, farewell baggy clothes and men’s shirts – alternative girls have items specially made for them. They are pretty, they are feminine and they will still let you be you. Choose items from this list of nice alternative clothing for women and become that rock girl you’ve always wanted to be.

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