Five Ways To Rock A Long Waistcoat This Season

Whether you like to feel elegant or just casual, long waistcoat is a fashion staple of the season. Here are five ways to look unstoppable in it!

A lot of the time, fashion trends circle round and round, and they’re bound to come back again at some point. However, the wonders of the long waistcoat are still fresh and ready to be discovered!

They are flattering in all the right places, can show off and extend your long and lovely figure and make you look fierce and ready for anything. What’s not to like? So, without further ado, here are five ways that you can turn heads with that long waistcoat of yours.

1. Keepin’ it casual


This is the perfect style for your everyday casual look, without dressing it too much and not looking sloppy at the same time. Pair your long waistcoat with a simple long sleeved blouse or a billowy shirt, depending on what you prefer, in a color that contrasts your waistcoat and really shows off your long and slender arms.

Grab those dark, fitted skinny jeans or even a high-waist pair to extend your legs, and top them off with a pair of simple pumps that match the color of your waistcoat or blouse. By combining your waistcoat with simple shoes and jeans, you can look dressed up without being ‘overdressed.’

2. Keepin’ it snazzy

This look is the perfect way to turn it on its head when you want to jump from casual to night-out with the same waistcoat!


Underneath your waistcoat, wear that cute little black (or white) dress that we all have one version or another of—something simple that contrasts beautifully with the color of your waistcoat; it doesn’t need to be long sleeved. Pair this look with some killer heels and a matching clutch to really give you that night-out vibe.

3. Keepin’ it simple


Feeling a bit too lazy to get dressed up today, but still want to show off that long waistcoat of yours? Don’t worry. By wearing a simple fitted t-shirt or long-sleeved top and black leggings, you can jazz up your look with a lovely colored waistcoat over the top.

By accessorizing with a nice pair of boots or pumps, a simple necklace or scarf, you are guaranteed to look like those hours you spent this morning fast asleep were, in fact, ones of making yourself look fabulous!

4. Talking business


You have a big job interview coming up, a scary meeting or just need to look the part at a conference day. Whatever it may be, stand out from the crowd of boring pinafores and suits with your very own long waistcoat.

You may be thinking that a long waistcoat is more for casual and night out based situations, but you’re wrong; you can totally rock one in a professional work environment!

Underneath your waistcoat, you want to aim for something that isn’t too over the top or revealing. Try either a crisp shirt with open collars, or perhaps a smart billowy blouse to give you that extra feminine feel.

On your lower half, a fitted pencil skirt to the knee and some flesh-colored tights will do the trick. With your waistcoat on top, you will appear well turned out and professional, but at the same time chic and extremely elegant. Of course, don’t forget those high heeled court shoes!

5. Jumpin’ jumpsuits


You may believe that jumpsuits are a thing of the past, things that appeared three years ago on the runways of fashion shows and are never to be seen again.

However, when the weather is still changing and you can’t decide between a casual trousers look or a dress, they are the best thing to go for! There are so many options, and you will have plenty of choice depending on the occasion or reason to look the part.

Either way, a jumpsuit combined with a contrasting long waistcoat is an outfit that your nearest and dearest won’t forget in a hurry! Try a khaki green jumpsuit, with very little detail on it, that hugs your figure, paired with a white long waistcoat for that extra wow factor. Add some gold statement jewelry and simple shoes, and you’re ready to roll!

So there you have it! There is so much you can do with one simple long waistcoat, and it’s a whole new world to dig up and discover. A long waistcoat will show off your best bits and keep you feeling elegant, as well as ready to take on the world one bare arm at a time. They are the perfect addition to any outfit, whether you want to dress up or dress down. A wardrobe essential right there!

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