Simple Ways to Implement Color in a Neutral Wardrobe

There’s nothing wrong with rocking an outfit of all black, but it’s also essential to know of a few simple ways to let some color into your #ootd.

There are two types of fashionistas: those who are drawn to bright colors and patterns all year ‘round and those who can’t seem to stay away from neutral-colored staples.

If you’re a neutral lover and can’t seem to step outside your comfort zone of black jeans and grey v-necks, here are some easy ways you can begin to tip-toe into the world of color.

It’s not necessary to go on a shopping spree and buy a whole new wardrobe if you’re looking to brighten up your everyday, go-to outfit. It’s more about adding to your preferred clothing style rather than changing it completely.



There are another two types of fashionistas: those who know how to accessorize and those who don’t. If you’re the first type, you’re already one step ahead! But, for some, accessorizing can prove to be a bit of an overwhelming experience.

Here’s the good news for the all-black enthusiast: accessorizing with color isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Everyone knows that everything goes with black. Therefore, virtually any color of necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings could be paired with your daily outfits.

As long as your choice of jewelry of choice matches the level of formality of your outfit, the number of options you have to accessorize your wardrobe is as large as your jewelry armoire will allow.

Don’t feel the need to wear an entire set of jewelry on a daily basis if it’s not something you’re comfortable with. A good quality statement necklace on its own is perfectly capable of taking your outfit to the next level.

If jewelry still doesn’t excite you, it’s just as easy to accessorize with a colored headband or pair of sunglasses.


The word layers may sound intimidating at first, especially in the middle of summer. Fear not: the goal here isn’t to gear up for an Alaskan snowstorm, but rather to learn that fashionable layering is practical for every season.

We tend to stash away our winter clothes when summer comes around. Next year, think twice about storing it all out of reach. You’d be surprised at how some clothes that are typically worn during fall and winter months can add to a summer outfit.

This doesn’t call for breaking out the winter parka—just a few scarves and light cardigans. If your winter stash doesn’t offer any type of colorful, light layer, there are sure to be some hidden gems at your favorite clothing store during the summer.

Add a light pink cardigan to a black tee and denim shorts for a pop of color, or a patterned and brightly colored scarf to wear normally or in your hair. Just like that, you’ve created a brand new outfit.

Of course, the winter months offer many more opportunities to layer with color. Sweaters, tights, knee-high socks… all of which can be the perfect colored counterpart to a basic first layer. Also, don’t be afraid to be colorful with your winter accessories that keep you warm. Invest in a stash of gloves and hats that give you some options to choose from. Who said winter warmth can’t be fashionable?

Nails and Makeup


An easy and more subtle way to incorporate color into your daily look is to switch up your go-to neutral lip or eyeshadow look, and try to add some color into your technique. This doesn’t require you to go full on ‘80s blue eyeshadow, but maybe try a red lipstick and see how you like it. If you’re not ready for the red lip plunge, try a brightly colored mani-pedi to spice things up.

Choose Your Color Palette


For the indecisive fashionista, incorporating color into a wardrobe can be a challenge because of the vast array of colors offered by endless racks of clothing. This is where choosing your own color palette may come in handy.

If you aren’t sure what kind of colors to go for when trying to pick out some colorful staples, decide on a color palette that you’re drawn to. There are warm tones and cool tones, neons and pastels and much more. Therefore, deciding on what kind of colors you’re on the hunt for might make your search a little less chaotic.

Some people think of an outfit as solely a top and bottoms, paired with a favorite pair of shoes. However, a complete outfit is much more than that, which is why there will always be room for color in your daily ensemble.

Hopefully, the neutral color enthusiasts have learned that facing the world of endless colors in fashion doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. And, if it does prove to get a little trying at some point, your all-black attire will always have your back.

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