Paris Street Style Outfit Ideas: The New Neutrals

Nude and stripes are closet essentials for everyone. Here are 18 ideas on how to style them to take your outfit from predictable to exciting!

Seventies fashion trends have re-entered the fashion scene, but it’s not only the flares, fringe and suede that are coming back into style. Designers are also extremely interested in the colors of this era.

The color palette we saw on the runways this season was dominated by warm, earthy tones and natural shades that are a carryover from the ‘70s. This range of colors is now called “nude”.


Despite what many people think, nude isn’t limited to one color. Nude matches individual each skin tones, which is why it varies so much. The spectrum is wide and ranges from light ivory to champagne creams, biscuit beiges and coffee browns while continuing to evolve!


Nude may seem like a tricky color to pull off, but that is only partly true. The tricky part can be finding the right shade that complements you skin tone.

Nude is the ultimate chameleon. It can be worn from head-to-toe as easily and effectively as it can be mixed-and-matched with other colors and patterns.

With such neutrality, you can go from the office to lunch or from shopping to dinner at the fanciest restaurant and straight to the most glamorous party! It’s appropriate anywhere and anytime.


If you’re looking for a color that allows you to wear your dress instead of the dress wearing you then nude is one for you. When it comes to nude clothes, the only trick is to choose the right shade of nude for your skin tone. To avoid looking washed out, don’t go for exactly the same shade as your skin tone; instead, choose one that’s a few shades lighter or darker than your skin tone.

Its minimalistic look leaves a lot of room for the imagination to flow, so thinking that nude from head-to-toe will be monotonous and boring is far from true.

You’ll quickly realize that lack of color isn’t a problem at all! If you want to create an interesting color progression, all you need to do is mix light and dark nude tones to get a fresh and exciting outfit!

You can also play with interesting cuts and shapes of clothes. By adding some textures to your outfit and using different fabrics, you will take your outfit to a completely new level.






Nude & Other Neutrals

If you decide to wear nudes with other colors, the possibilities are endless, and you’ll never find yourself asking if the colors clash. You can always use a nude as a base around which you can work a look.

Mix nude with darker colors like black and navy for an edgier look and starker contrast. If you want a look with less contrasts, mix nude with brighter colors like white for the perfect feminine look.





You’ll probably be surprised that we called this one neutral, but stripes are the one of the most-trusted examples—we don’t even have to talk about how versatile they are—pairing as perfectly with other patterns as it does with colors, denim and leather. There are no restrictions for this style.

We all have at least one item in this pattern we reach for when we want to brighten up an outfit, right?


Position and placement of stripes is very important. Horizontal stripes can make you look wider, but that is not a reason to give up on them. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing horizontal stripes, stick with vertical strips. They look good on everybody!

If you have wider hips, wear pants with vertical stripes while horizontal stripes can give the impression of a fuller bust if you’re not naturally endowed.

More is More

Stripes have come a long way since their introduction in sailors’ uniforms to becoming a firm wardrobe favorite among the French. Since it’s initial transformation, the use of stripes in fashion has seen many additional changes, but we’ve never seen designers as head over heels with stripes as they are today! Thick and thin, horizontal and vertical, even and uneven, waves and contrasting colors—stripes are as playful as floral prints.


The idea of pairing two striped items may scare you or seem like a major fashion faux pas. While it may be tricky to pull off, it is certainly worth the effort and attempt!

When mixing two striped items, try to pair opposing lines. Play with width—thinner lines on top and slightly wider on the bottom or try stripes in different colors for a visually interesting outfit.





Nude and Stripes

Nude allows other colors to take center stage. That’s why stripes will pop up so beautifully against the neutrality of nude.

As the striped item will be the focus of your outfit, use the knowledge about stripes we have shared with you and choose wisely which body part you will accent.






If you choose to accent with accessories like your favorite striped bag or shoes, make sure to wear nude shades in the rest of your outfit so that it will not detract from the detail of the key item.


How did you like these outfit ideas? How would you style nude and stripes? Let us know in the comments below.

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