How to Pick the Right Jeans for Your Body Type

Jeans are one of those basic clothing items that are present in both men’s and women’s closets. You can wear them on formal occasions (styled up with fancy jewelry, high heels and silky jacket) or casually street-wear, like you just got out of bed. The key to finding the perfect pair of jeans is to examine your body type because it’s widely known that one pair doesn’t fit us all. Here are some tips on picking the Right Jeans for Your Body Type, I'm sure you’ll be satisfied with the outcome of your next shopping spree.

Bigger Backside

It’s essential you buy low-waist jeans without pockets or if you can’t find the one without pockets, buy those with the smallest possible pockets you can find. To conceal large hips, choose the ones without front pockets. That will visually narrow your figure. It would be wise not to pick out bleached jeans, as darker shades will do magic for your body type.

Flat Behind

Low-waist jeans that are bleached at the front and on the backside are made for you. It is necessary to take a rather narrow model. Pick the one with many pockets which will fill the gaps you’re missing. General skinniness is best covered up by wearing patchwork jeans, made of different parts of jeans, or combined with other materials, or – if you do not like that style, pick wider classic cut jeans.

Thick Thighs

Straight-cut jeans that are slightly wider at the bell at their ends are your best choice if you are a woman who is built strong in the leg area. Color should be darker. Avoid tight models – those are not exactly doing you any favor. Wearing heels alongside this pair of perfect jeans will certainly elongate your thighs and make you look thinner.

Short Legs

lowrise jeans

Avoid models that reach your waist line and those who have flairs. Practice shows that it’s best to combine jeans with the color of your t-shirt or whatever you chose to wear. This trick will visually make your legs longer and more elegant. If you wear jeans with high heels, be sure to pick jeans that are long enough to fall over heels about an inch.

Jeans should be long enough to reach the ground when you try them on.  Make sure there’s no extra free space in the back, because it just might happen your buttocks “peeps” when you bend over.

Do not believe the sales staff when they tell you a belt will fix everything. Ideal jeans should be good when you sit, stand, dance or do whatever you normally do.

Keep it simple – The fewer zippers, pockets and application, the better. Decorated pockets can handle only flat bottom girls. If, however, you’re gifted in that area, there’s no need to stress it further because you will inadvertently add a few pounds – visually, of course.

It’s mandatory to tag a friend along when you’re about to purchase a pair of jeans, their honest opinion is more important than what you see in the mirror. Don’t get discouraged. Statistics show that a woman tries out nine different models before they find the appropriate one. Experiment with different styles and sizes, even the ones that you don’t see yourself wearing. Eventually you will find the right pair of jeans.

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