Cute Outfit Ideas For A Summer Wedding

Did you receive an invitation to this season’s hottest event: a wedding? Dressing simply sophisticated like the ceremony and sexy like the honeymoon is easier than you think.

When the summer months roll around, everyone hopes attending a wedding will be marked on their calendars. Weddings, especially in the summertime, seem more glamorous, and dressing the part is always the first thing on our minds.

You might be attending with your husband, dragging your boyfriend along to nudge him down to that one knee, or looking for a new beau, but whoever you go with, the plan is to make sure they can’t keep their eyes off of you.

If you’re hoping to be simple and sophisticated like the ceremony, fun and flirty like the reception, or sexy and edgy like the honeymoon, these styles will keep you and your date happy – just don’t wear white!

Simple & Sophisticated



Jumpsuits are always a great option if you’re looking for something easy, comfortable, and stylish. Although this one piece outfit is a simple solution, most of the designs will leave you looking sophisticated.

If you’re hoping to add a little something sexy to your sophisticated, a plunge but tasteful neckline will help you achieve the look. If you’re continuing with this theme, a cropped, fitted bottom will show off those stylish pumps while a wider leg will give a more whimsical look.

Strapless dresses

Strapless dresses

You can never do wrong with a strapless dress at a wedding. These dresses are meant to enhance what bust you have while the sleeveless aspect makes it more sophisticated that it’s sleeved counterparts.

If a strapless dress is too simple for you, you can spice it up with a slit detail up one leg. The 90s have made a return to fashion, and if you’re a fan of the choker trend, you can enhance your look with a strapless dress with a built in choker.

Pair this look with a sleek clutch and ankle strap sandals, and your simple and sophisticated look is complete.

Fun & Flirty

Tea skirts

Tea skirts

If you’re going for a flirty and whimsical style for this summer wedding, a tea skirt might be the new addition to your wedding wardrobe.

Not only do these skirts give you a beautiful shape by enhancing the narrow of the waist and flaring near the knees, but they also work perfectly at weddings in a floral design.

Floral tea skirts are amazingly wedding appropriate, but if this style is for you, make sure you pair it with a solid colored shirt and simple accessories.

A line dresses

A line dresses

If you’d rather ditch the skirt and wear a dress to this summer’s wedding, A-line dresses have most of the same appeal of a tea skirt. These dresses create the same silhouette as the tea skirt and don’t require the coordination between the skirt and a top.

When looking for an A-line dress, you can choose a sweetheart neckline which is effortlessly romantic and will quickly give your bust a boost.

Although you’ll find many of them with a length similar to tea skirts, if you’re hoping to show off those legs, a shorter cut around the thighs will add a little sexy to your flirty.

Sexy & Edgy

Body-con maxi skirts

Body-con maxi skirts

You probably haven’t seen a lot of women wear maxi skirts to weddings, but we’ll be the first to tell you that this is a hot style for a summer wedding for two reasons.

First, the body-con aspect will immediately show off that summer body and beautiful curves. Second, while your silhouette might be daring and edgy, you’ll still remain covered which gives it our wedding stamp of approval.

Asymmetrical hemlines

Asymmetrical hemlines

Showing off a bit of leg is always sexy, and you can achieve this with an asymmetrical hemline. You’ll see a lot more of these styles popping up in fashion, and that’s because they’re sexy, stylish, and a little bit mysterious.

This style creates just the right amount of sex appeal by putting one leg on display, and because of the heavy detailing of the bottom, you can minimize the amount of accessories you use. When pairing your asymmetrical hemlines with heels, opt for the simple and sophisticated route to stop your outfit from appearing too loud.

Now that we’ve outlined the hottest looks to wear to this summer’s wedding, it’ll be as easy as that slice of cake you’ll be having. Summer weddings are one of the hottest events to add to your calendar because they’re romantic, fun, and it gives us a reason to dress up.

If you follow any of these styles, we promise that all eyes are going to be on you – after the bride, of course!

Do you have any weddings to attend this summer? What are you planning on wearing? Let us know in the comments below!

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