How to Have a Romantic Holiday if You are Single

The season of all things love and romance is upon us and even if we are single we can create an amazing, romantic, Christmas!

Romance, unlike popular romance novels would like to tell us, isn’t all about finding Mr. or Ms. Right. No. Romance is about all the things surrounding it.

You might meet Mr. Wonderful and have not an ounce of romance. You can also experience romance in your everyday life 24/7 if you like—well, maybe not when you accidentally step in a puddle, drop your purse and end up looking like a soaked cat before you even make it to work… but there are definitely things you can do to add romance to your life. And here’s the thing: it will make you feel so much better in general.

Create Romance in Your Home.

Girl in bed with coffee cup reading a book

You come home, turn on the fairy lights and light the candles. Your house smells faintly of pine as you have a nice wreath hung on one wall. On another, you have a gigantic advent calendar. You sit down in your favorite armchair as those old Christmas tunes float through the air.

You wrap yourself up in a big blanket, sip a cup of delicious hot chocolate and read a book that puts a smile on your face. As you read, the scent of cinnamon reaches your nostrils thanks to your scented candles. Peace surrounds you.

Bringing Christmas romance to your house is something you will enjoy. It will make you feel great when you come home at night and when you wake up in the morning. It will also make you feel superb when you bring friends over for a cup of warm tea in the darkness or have a little Christmas party.

Enjoy the Christmas spirit.

There’s nothing more romantic than adding some cheer to someone else’s life. All those teary-eyed moments in movies are about the beautiful moments in life. So, go about creating them!

I wrote another article about giving the gift of charity for Christmas, but in short there are three different versions.

First, do acts of charity for friends and family; show them you love them. Bring them a little homemade gift, send a card or call to say you care.

Second, look around you in your community for where acts of kindness are needed—maybe a neighbor of yours is having a bad time or is feeling lonely, or maybe you simply want to reach out anyway. Random acts of kindness are both beautiful and romantic—possibly as romantic as it could get.

Last, you can join a charity (or set one up), whether for a day or for months to come. Not only will you feel good experiencing giving of yourself to others, but you will also meet other people who might become friends for life.

Take part in all things Christmas.

Christmas shopping concept

OK, so maybe not all things Christmas, but the things you enjoy be it visiting Christmas markets, having frosty winter picnics, going ice skating, walking around the city with steaming cups of hot cocoa/mulled wine or doing Christmas shopping (you can read my article about creating romantic gifts, even on a strict budget).

Bring love around.

You might not have a date, but what about your friends and family? Get busy spending quality time together. You can do the things mentioned above, spend a day at a spa, take a walk around the city or sit at home chatting over hot cups of Christmas-flavored tea. You can also get together to create gifts for others, bake for others or do charity work together.

What’s more, you can arrange your own little Christmas party, be it for two or two hundred people. It can be something as simple as a hot chocolate party with Christmas games or as complicated as a Christmas ball.

Get into the spirit.

Old Book and Gifts

Apart from decorating your home and doing all things Christmas, an excellent way of getting into the spirit is to read novels and watch movies that have a wintery Christmas feel to them. There’s always one or two gems among the all-too-cheesy and unrealistic ones.

To Sum it all Up

There are many ways to enjoy the romance of Christmas when single. Romance isn’t about having a date; it’s about living a romantic life. So, light the candles, bake some gingerbread cookies, enjoy the Christmas markets with friends, give the world some random acts of kindness, take in the glory of winter sunrises, watch the kind of Christmas movies that make you smile this season and generally spoil yourself with romance.

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