9 Budget-Friendly Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring awakens the decorator in most of us, driving us to bring garden colors and a feeling of a new beginning inside. Try out some of these spring decorating ideas and have fun.

Whether we just moved into a new house or are living in a tiny rental apartment, at this time of year, we all crave for lively and fresh changes. They give us a satisfying feeling, even if it’s the smallest ones. After all, a little change goes a long way.

If you are renting, significant remodeling is not an option, and that is something you have to make peace with. Still, feeling comfortable in your own home is imperative, and there is still plenty of things that can be done to bring more of “you” into your rental apartment.


Here are nine spring decorating ideas that will help you make your apartment blossom without spending a fortune!

1. Start with the bedroom flair


Start making changes where you start your day. Liven up your bedroom with new, colorful sheets and bedspreads. Gather a bunch of throw pillows; don’t back away from bold colors and vigorous patterns. Mix geometrical prints with florals, big prints with small ones, etc. Incorporate matching prints on accent pieces, like lamp shades, footstools and rugs.

2. Removable wallpaper will instantly glamourize your space!


Self-adhesive vinyl removable wallpaper is an excellent way to change the look of a space. Even if you are renting, you can do it while avoiding asking the landlord for permission. You will just peel it off later.

Use a bright, fun pattern on just one wall to add character to the room and tie it to the rest of the space with décor accent choices. Its vinyl coating makes it convenient for bathroom and kitchen areas as well.

3. Add a splash of fresh paint


Spring is a perfect time to paint your walls and give them a new and fresh look. Your home will instantly look brighter and cleaner. Paint is the most cost-effective tool to renew your interior. Opt for some bright and bold colors this spring!

4. Lighten up!


Everything feels and looks better when it’s lit up! Lighting is a very important fact, and it should not be underestimated. Good lighting opens up any space, while insufficient light source can seriously affect your mood and diminish the feeling of comfort. Invest in proper up-to-date lighting and change the outdated fixtures.

Replace all bulbs with LED ones; they are economic, energy saving and provide excellent light. They are a great choice for both task and accent lighting applications.

Attach some LED ribbons (they are self-adhesive) within the kitchen area, under the upper cabinets for example, or in the hallway to make a night path. They make wonderfully atmospheric lights and are a healthy option for your eyes during the night.

5. Take it outside!


With the arrival of spring, many of our activities take place outside. From the first morning coffee or just reading, to enjoyable evening hangouts with friends- outdoors makes it all more enjoyable.

Start by properly cleaning your balcony, terrace or backyard. Invest in a cozy outdoor seating set, then add some greenery and throw in some covers to warm up chilly evenings. The investment is totally worth it, you will thank yourself later!

6. Express yourself with a statement wall


Dress up the walls! Rearrange your art and frames. Step out from your decorating comfort zone and open up to something different and new. Use interesting art, motivational typography, vintage posters, old calendar pictures, or personal photos you’ve wanted to frame for so long.

If you don’t have any art, look for some unique finds at flea markets or specialized online stores. With a touch of creativity, it can be accomplished on a small budget. Ikea offers a range of frames for collage walls, and you don’t need to spend a fortune on framing.

There are no rules to arranging; you can incorporate all kinds of wall art and frames- different colors and sizes will add dimension and rhythm to your composition. Use the pieces you love, that have meaning to you and create your color scheme. Mix it all up, and you’ll have a unique gallery wall that will liven up the space and add so much personality.

7. When there is a place for everything, everything is in its place


If you are struggling with storage space, a good idea is to go with multifunctional furniture. Not only does it minimize your space, but it also down-grades your productivity. The things you don’t use on a daily basis should be stored away, while beautiful and significant pieces should be nicely curated.

Uncluttered space radiates an airy and inviting atmosphere which makes it pleasant to live in.

With multifunctional furniture you can solve the problem of storage, space saving, and organization. Container store footstools will also make an excellent additional seating. Side tables that double as seating, a coffee table and a storage ottoman, a pull out couch; anything that is foldable, stackable, and can be moved aside will be an asset to your space.

8. Mix more, match less


When you want to quickly redecorate your apartment, the most efficient visual difference will be achieved with the help of interior textiles. A right mix and match of colors and patterns can quickly transform the space. A vibrant area rug will help define the function of the space while warming it up.

9. Fresh flowers and greenery- A cliché, but it works!


Fresh flowers and potted plants are a perfect spring décor that infuses life and warmth to your space. However, houseplants do more than enliven your home’s atmosphere. It has been proven that plants inside your home have a therapeutic effect and can bring a bunch of health benefits.

They can improve the air quality inside your home, increase humidity levels and reduce the amount of dust. Do yourself a favor and bring more greenery into your home life!

Find inspiration in nature, surround yourself with bright colors and enjoy springtime.

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