I Need a Vacation: 20 Signs You Need a Vacation

If you’re showing some of these signs, it’s time you said “I need a vacation” to your boss, got out your map, packed your bags and hit the road!

Vacations can help us in so many ways, whether it’s gaining perspective, letting things go, bonding with someone or just loosening up. Sometimes women get so caught up taking care of their family, they forget their wild nature, so they need to get back to their roots and let go of the titles they put on themselves for a little bit.

Whether you’re a mom, wife, teacher, stockbroker, doctor or waitress, you need a vacation from time to time to just be. Say “I need a vacation!” to yourself and others, and claim your right to decompress. I’m just saying, maybe you came across this article for a reason.

1. You went through a breakup


Is everything in your house and the routes you drive through just reminding you of your ex-boyfriend? Well then, do yourself a favor and get out of dodge. You definitely need a vacation. It could be simple, just a night in a hotel where you feel spoiled. Maybe you want to go camping or you want to go on a women’s retreat.

There are so many fun options to switch things up and get you thinking about something else!

2. You noticed your smiles are forced

Hey, if you feel like you’ve been faking it a little bit and drudging on a little; it’s time for a vacation! You shouldn’t have to force your smiles and that’s a clear indicator you need to unwind and get connected to what you love about life. Maybe you’ve been really focused on school or work or fixing a problem, but now, it’s time to focus on fun!

3. You can’t remember the last time you went on vacation


Ah, the telltale sign that you deserve a vacation is when it’s been so long that you don’t even remember what it feels like to get away. You should start thinking about places you would enjoy seeing, and stop worrying about your office being mad at you for taking one. It will probably make it easier for them to deal with you anyway because it will put you in a good mood!

4. You feel stuck

Do you have that feeling that you’re just kind of running in sand? You want to make some life changes, but you’re not sure how to go about doing that? Well, taking a vacation can get you out of the reality you have painted on so thickly, and as you step outside of it and take a bird’s eye view, you can gain insight and creativity on how to change your life.

You can ask those important questions you may have been avoiding as you relax and unwind. When we slow down, we are able to analyze the direction we’ve been moving and connect to our underlying motivation.

5. You are forgetting how to have fun


Uh oh, have you been Mrs. Serious as of late? Has everything been overly practical, hyper organized and just stressing you out? Looks like someone needs to go and have some fun. I’m not talking about irresponsible fun. I’m talking about good clean fun. Getting in touch with your inner child is seriously one of the healthiest things you can do.

When we take ourselves too seriously, we begin to eat away at the ability to laugh, approach things playfully, and brighten the day for others. Just plan some goofy things to do on your vacation that will get you to lighten up and laugh!

6. You haven’t seen the light of day

Has your skin begun to reflect the sun and hurt your eyes because you’ve been inside working so much? Well then, let’s safely say that you need a vacation! If you’re showing signs of super pale skin, you might very well deserve a weekend excursion to a cabin, a beach, or a fun city where you can experience something new and get outside in the process!

7. You’re feeling stressed


Have you had a lot on your mind recently? Maybe you’ve been having trouble focusing or have been feeling the stress more as tension in your neck and shoulders? It’s that time my dear, you need a vacation!

You can watch all the funny movies you want from the comfort of your hotel room, bask in the pool, enjoy a glass of wine if you’re so inclined, and maybe even sleep in! It’s good to live a little, no matter how productive you want to be, you must incorporate some fun into your life to stay balanced.

8. You accomplished something

It maybe is time to reward yourself for a job well done? Whether it’s a graduation, a completed project or a wedding that you helped plan, if you’ve just reached the finish line, maybe you need a break! Why not get out of town over the weekend and just pamper yourself? You know you deserve to be treated like a queen, so go ahead girl!

9. You’ve been working overtime


Has your boss been cracking the whip at work and maybe pushing you a little too hard? Well then, exercise your right to take a vacation day, and how about a 3 day weekend? How much do you want to dig your toes in the sand, get a sun kissed tan or enjoy the smells of the mountains? If your body is all stiff and feeling more like a box than a body, you need a vacation!

Too much sitting and staring at computers isn’t good for the soul! Go for it, you probably will enjoy it more than you think. Maybe invite your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or go solo. Hey, why not even make it a big fun group thing which could lower costs too!

10. You miss nature

Do you see eagles soaring over your head in your daydreams? Do you see yourself doing yoga by a lake or hiking through the jungle? Do you yearn to get back in touch with nature? Are you forgetting what animals in the wild look like?

You might be experiencing nature deficit disorder and need some serious Mother Earth time. Getting into nature on a vacation is a great way to recharge and feel like yourself again!

11. People keep saying “You need a vacation”


Hmmm do you think they might be picking up on something? Maybe you really do need a vacation! A lot of times people say that because they recognize your need to relax and there’s no harm in taking their advice. Don’t take it personally, take a vacation!

12. You’ve been taking care of everyone else

Are you bending over backwards to make everyone else happy? Maybe you’re even sacrificing sleep or not eating regular meals to appease someone? Well then, you definitely deserve some time off, woman! Take a vacation and don’t feel guilty.

If you’re a nurturer, let’s use some of that mothering energy and point it in your own direction. Bubble baths, massages and delicious meals are in order. I believe you may have been neglecting your own relationship with yourself because you’ve been giving all your energy out. Well, let’s fill up the energy reserve tank with some premium grade vacation.

13. You’re looking for inspiration


Have you been feeling a little lost or wondering why you don’t feel passionate about things? No worries, a vacation can reignite your connection to your passions and maybe help you uncover new ones! Trying new things will get your brain working in different ways and you will find what you are drawn to.

You can bring an inspiration journal and make sure to see some art or creative performances to get your emotions to open up and release that inner creativity latent in each of us magical women.

14. You want to think through a big decision

Are you considering a major life change? Or you would like one and you’re not sure what you want to change? Well, it can be helpful to clear your head on a vacation. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but changing your environment can help you gain insight that you wouldn’t be able to find in your normal habitat.

You will be able to listen to your subconscious desires as you eliminate distractions and find some peaceful solitude. Even if you travel with people, when they doze off on the plane or you steal away when they fall asleep on the beach, you will see what your heart has to say and feel the truth of the matter in your mind.

15. You need time away from the kids


Maybe you desperately need a break from the responsibilities of parenthood. It’s okay to accept some help from your friends and let them watch the kids so you can get away. Maybe your and your partner’s intimacy has been affected by your business, and you can go have a romantic weekend alone.

16. You want to be adventurous

Are you feeling like changing your hair color or getting a tattoo? Maybe that’s just the adventurous side in you looking for an outlet. We are not meant to be cooped up inside all the time, we need to roam and explore and engage our senses. We need to connect to our deep feelings and express ourselves, and we need to find adventures no matter what age we are.

When was the last time you were in a rain storm or warmed yourself by a fire, listening to a real drum? If you are feeling the calling, just go and connect to your natural state.

17. You’ve saved for a rainy day


Did you recently look at your bank statement and realize you have a nice cushion? Well, I’m not saying to blow it all in Vegas, but maybe just splurge a little bit? Memories are more important than handbags, and one Louis Vuitton could be worth a handful of mini vacations!

18. You lost a loved one or a pet

If you’ve recently experienced loss, it might help to boost your mood if you change up the scenery. You will be surprised at how those thoughts begin to lighten up as you take some stress off your plate and unwind on vacation. Your body is sensitive to your emotions and knowing when you need to take a break can help you actually feel much better.

19. You need space from someone


Has someone been driving you a little bonkers? If you feel like you’re getting into little disagreements for no reason, you may be spending too much time with this person. Whether it’s a spouse, a coworker, or even a child, you will do you both a favor by taking some space and building up your positive attitude again.

Often we can’t see how we are handling another person’s actions and behaviors when we are right in their personal space, but when we step back, we can figure out how to deal with their unique personality in a more positive way, which is more empowering than fighting with them.

20. You’ve been binging on junk food

Are you suddenly eating Oreos uncontrollably or craving comfort foods? Either you’re pregnant or you’re just stressed and you need to decompress. Often stress will trigger cravings and is a sign that we need to pull back and evaluate how we’ve been taking care of our bodies.

Maybe go for a healthy vacation where you will be able to attend yoga classes, a spa and eat healthy clean foods. If your body is feeling out of whack, a yoga and wellness retreat can really give you the jumpstart you need to get back on track!

I hope you found this useful, and I look forward to your comments…thank you for being a part of our community on YouQueen.

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