How to Love a Younger Guy

You’ve fell in love with a younger guy? So far everything is great; the sex, excitement, long conversations. He tells you he adores you, that you make him complete and you feel the same way too. This May-December relationship, however, worries you now and then; how long will it last, will he meet someone younger and leave you? To love and keep a younger guy, here are 5 things you should pay attention to.

#1 Be Self-Confident

Younger guys fall in love with older women mostly because of their maturity and self confidence. Older women, unlike the younger ones, are satisfied with themselves, their lives, looks, career, which is a true magnet.

Thanks to this, they are much more relaxed in relationships. Leave the jealousy and insecurity to the needy younger women; it is exactly what has driven your man away from them.

#2 Stay Independent

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You’ve had a life before you’ve met him, right? Don’t miss the Friday night’s girl’s poker game just because he wanted to spend the evening together.

To stay his object of interest foster your hobbies, talents, and all those things you do in spare time. Show him you need him and that he occupies a significant place in your life, but keep a veil of mystery; the time for yourself is sacred. He will love and admire you even more for your independence.

#3 Make the Age Difference Work for You

Having life and relationship experience is your major advantage. Knowing what men like and how to please them makes you a desirable partner in and out of the bedroom.

Passion, plus the ability to lead a meaningful conversation on subjects beyond parties, looks etc, is what younger guys find irresistible. It is a mixture of positive attitude, maturity, openness and freedom they feel around you that makes you special.

#4 Be Sexy

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Take care of your looks. Consider some minor changes in your hairstyle, clothes, and make up – not because of him but because it will make you feel sexy and satisfied.

There is no need to compete with young girls and copy them – the last thing you want is to look ridiculous. Adjust the fashion trends to your unique style – a good pair of jeans or a few highlights in your hair will freshen up your look.

#5 Treat Him Equally

Never, but never patronise him and behave like you are his mother. When he asks for advice or an opinion be relaxed and express your point of view but avoid the I- know better – attitude by all means.

This is particularly important if you have a successful career while he is still climbing the ladder of professional acknowledgment.

Rare are the men who feel comfortable beside a woman who has achieved more than them, especially when it comes to career and money. Fight the urge to pay every bill in the restaurant or to give him things he can’t afford- his reaction can be quite reverse of what you wanted.

Cherish every moment of your relationship and don’t be afraid to be yourself. After all, it is you he is in love with, and that staying true to yourself is what will help you keep him.

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I am a devoted hedonist who enjoys nice things – food, wine, fine arts, spending time with friends and family. Teaching mandarin Chinese is my life vocation, but my dream is to open a small restaurant and a patisserie. My life's motto: "Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

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  • I am 61 years old I’m pretty active everybody tells me I look like I’m 50 I’m witty they tell me I have a beautiful smile so I have this 34-year-old guy that really really wants to go out with me and possibly have a relationship with me. I have a 39 and I 37-year-old daughter I don’t know what they would think about this. The guy is very handsome he’s exactly what I would love to have had at 34 but I’m just not sure should I go or should I say no . I’m afraid if I go I will like it I’m kind of scared I really want to go but I’m just not sure so what should I do .