How to Have Sex on a Chair

The best sitting sex position is when there is a chair involved, because it is comfortable, sexy and you can incorporate a lap dance! Find out how to have sex on a chair effectively.

Why a Chair is the Perfect Sex Prop

It can be boring and predictable to always end up having sex in bed; no matter how many different sex positions you try. As soon as you take sex away from the bed though, suddenly an element of unfamiliarity, anticipation and fantasy boosts the excitement up a notch! To make it feel more spontaneous though, you don’t want to have to think too deeply about how or where you should do it, because the best sex is uncomplicated sex. Everyone has a chair in the bedroom… and a chair is incidentally the perfect sex prop, because it provides enough support for comfortable sex, making sex practical as well as exciting. A chair is also great for incorporating other sexual turn on techniques, like being tied up or giving a lap dance.

How to Have Sex on a Chair

How do you have Sex on a Chair?

The best way to have sex using a chair is for the man to sit on it. This is especially important if you are using an average four legged desk chair, because his weight will add to the stability, and you are both less likely to topple over!

Make sure you and your partner can both comfortably sit in the chair you’re using for sex.

Once he is sitting comfortably in the chair with an erection, you simple sit on top of him as he enters you. You can sit facing him, or sit facing away from him. Then using him or the chair for support, you lift yourself up and down on his penis, or grind into it rocking back and forth… Whatever feels best for you.

How to Make Sex with a Chair Even More Exciting

If you are feeling particularly limber you might want to lean back as far as you can to alter the angle of penetration, with him supporting you with his hands. Seeing your head fall back and your neck exposed will be super-sexy and he won’t be able to resist pulling your chest up towards his mouth and licking your nipples.


if you are using an armchair or something much more sturdy, you can kneel on the chair facing the back and he can enter you from behind, which will give him a more active role and feel very, very naughty!

Standing doggy style: In this  position, the recipient is supported by the seat or back of the chair as their partner penetrates them while they are looking away from each other. Both anal and vaginal penetration are effective in this position.

Want to surprise your partner?

Give Him a Lap Dance First! Or, just learn how to chair dance, so you feel sexy and confident? Learn this Sexy Chair Dance .

If you have your man sitting in a chair, you might want to take the opportunity to switch on some sultry music and do a bit of a strip tease first. The show will make sure his erection is at it’s peak, ready for when you decide it is time to climb on board!

Different Heights and Benefits

A standard dining chair works well for straddling and riding a partner. For standing oral, a high-top stool or chair may be ideal (with the receiving partner seated). Learn how to give your guy the best blow jobs of his life.

Read these 61 refreshing, no-nonsense tips, written by a guy, on how to give a great blowjob ever.

You can also try a solo sex on chair. Use suction dildo or vibe to ride at your preferred angle on a chair. Add props to intensify it further.

When you’re having sex on a chair, you get so much skin-to-skin intimacy, plus you get more depth control.

Share Your Sexy Chair Experiences…

Using a piece of furniture you already have in your living room, chair sex is a fun way to spice up your sex life.

What naughty sexual adventures have you had involving chairs, or other pieces of furniture in the vicinity? Do you have any questions about using a chair to have sex? Discuss them here by sharing your thoughts and responding to others in the comments section below.

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