The Best Sex Positions for Using a Mirror

Most guys are visually turned on during sex, but women can enjoy a similar sense of visual arousal by watching themselves and a partner have sex in the reflection of a mirror. Increase your enjoyment during sex by trying various mirror sex positions.

The Sexual Appeal of Visual Arousal

The Best Sex Positions for Using a Mirror

When you watch through a mirror, what you see can seem ever so slightly detached from what you are actually experiencing. This can feel a little bit disorientating, but can also add to the excitement.

It can feel sexy to observe sex while it is happening, whilst simultaneously being a part of it. You can also use a mirror to see angles that you wouldn’t normally get the pleasure of witnessing.

How to Prepare to Have Sex With A Mirror

The secret to enjoying having sex with a mirror is to make sure you are prepared for what you are going to see beforehand. I suggest setting up your mirror or mirrors when you are along so that you can experiment and see for yourself what you look like.

You can avoid feeling insecure by playing with lighting beforehand. This is how during sex you are not worrying about what you look like. That’s because you will already have a good idea. You can check yourself out in different positions so that you can feel fully confident with your partner.

The Best Sex Positions to Enjoy With a Mirror

Using a Mirror for The Best Sex Positions

Lie on your front

Face a full-length mirror at the bottom of your bed, so that you look into it. Watch your partner thrust into you from behind. This is extra naughty if he doesn’t know you are watching. He will be oblivious and you will be even more turned on by watching him lose himself in his own pleasure, taking control above and behind you. Try a doggy style or a reverse cowgirl for an intimate mutual gaze.

Lie on the sofa on your back with your legs up

Slightly at an angle so that your partner can penetrate you kneeling at the side of the sofa. Use a hand mirror to watch his penis going in and out. He will already have a great view of it from where he is. That’s how you get to see what he sees. This could be particularly fascinating if you are experimenting with anal sex.

Woman on top position

Make sure you both get a great view of yourselves. Place a mirror off to the side of you. It might even make you feel like you are having sex alongside another couple!

Standing directly in front of it!

You’ll both be standing, with your partner penetrating you from behind. For leverage, your partner may place their hands on the wall or on your body.

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Give him a hand job

Straddle your partner from behind and press your body firmly against his as he is seated on the edge of the bed, obviously facing a mirror. Grab his penis and give him the best hand job ever. Hand Job Should be Fun

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Blow his mind

In front of a full-length mirror, have your partner stand or sit while you drop to your knees and give him oral. Let him return a favor.

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What Turns You on Most about Having Sex With a Mirror?

Maybe you get aroused knowing that your partner is getting turned on seeing you at different angles whilst you are having sex? Do you like to watch your partner or are you more aroused by watching yourself?

First-time mirror sex experiments might be challenging since they require you to confront your true appearance. To help you gain confidence, there are ways to gradually include it into your sex life.

Don’t focus on your body and start by observing your own facial expressions as you become more aroused.

This is fun, so continue exploring and enjoying mirror sex positions.

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