How to Get the Woman-on-Top Sex Position Right

Every confident woman loves the woman on top sex position because it puts YOU in control, but find out if you are doing it right to optimize HIS pleasure.

The woman-on-top sex position is a win-win situation. You get to control your own pleasure knowing that your man is enjoying himself too because you are on top doing all the legwork and he gets to watch!

Why do women love it so much?

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Some women feel too exposed and they are not free enough with their own bodies to climb on top and take charge. Perhaps they feel shy or don’t like the idea of being in control. But once most women get the hang of it, they appreciate the woman-on-top sex position for the following reasons.

  1. You control the depth of penetration
  2. You control the angle of penetration
  3. You control the pace of the sex
  4. You control how much friction your clitoris gets
  5. You can lean forward and enjoy some intimate kissing too!

Notice that all of these points include YOUR pleasure, but what about his?

Why do men love it so much?

A woman can be confident that the man underneath her is enjoying sex when she is on top too, for the following reasons.

  1. They can just lie back and enjoy themselves
  2. They get a great view of your breasts and stomach
  3. Their hands are free to wander and caress
  4. They get to see the pleasure on your face, which is a big turn on
  5. If they want to take control they can just grab your hips and start thrusting upwards for deeper and often more vigorous stimulation.

The question is… are you doing everything you can to make sure that he is able to achieve all of this pleasure while you are on top focusing on your own pleasure?

How to do it right

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If you want to gain ultimate sex-goddess status when you are in the woman-on-top sex position follow these steps to optimize pleasure for both of you.

  1. When you sit up, sit up properly, so that your breasts are perky instead of hanging down in front of you. You want to give him the best view of you possible, right? Plus, when you sit up with better posture you stomach will automatically look flatter and you will be able to use your abs and PC muscles to intensify your own pleasure. You can even lean back a bit for a different angle and more G-Spot stimulation. If you lean back you will provide him with more space to see and play with your clit too!
  1. Use a variety of different thrusts, when you vary the pace, angle, depth and direction of penetration you will keep him guessing and surprise both of you with different kinds of sensations. Keep in mind that what gets you off in this position isn’t necessarily what gets him off. He will automatically want you to move up and down because this gives the length of his penis the most stimulation, but you will get most of your stimulation from a grinding movement that provides you with more friction for your clitoris. A variety of different thrusts will keep you both happy.
  1. When you bounce, be uninhibited. The main reason guys enjoy it when the woman gets on top is that they get to watch you. They get to watch you looking and feeling great which turns them on too. So don’t hold back in displaying your pleasure by letting your breasts bounce up and down. Lift your arms and pull your hair back so he can see the expression on your face as you bounce your way towards the climax.

As with everything new, start slowly and practice often. Soon you will be confident in yourself, you will know his pleasure points, and you will properly know how to ride your man.

Every woman has a trick or two up her sleeve when it comes to the well-tried-and-tested sex positions. Share your sexpertise with other YouQueen readers…

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  • One of the sex position that gives women confidence and instant feedback is received if both partners are enjoying it. Nice write up.