How To Make Him Last Longer In Bed – Super Secret Tips

Ladies, does your man struggle to satisfy you in bed? Is he less of a “marathon runner” and more of a “minute man?” If you’d like your man to pleasure you more, then read on to find out how you can make him last longer.

My name is Big Mike. Years ago, I was a porn star, filming hundreds of scenes over my career. I’ve since retired, picked up a career, and married an amazing woman. Now, I use my years of industry secrets to teach guys how to be better lovers.

One of the biggest problems guys run into is stamina. If your man can’t last long, it’s highly unlikely he’ll be able to satisfy you. Even though it’s no fault of your own, premature ejaculation affects both of you. The good news is that you can help him last longer.

Using my natural techniques below, you’ll be able to make sex longer for both of you, without any numbing sprays or nasty pills. Let’s dive in. Here’s how to make him last longer in bed.

Use a Condom

This is an excellent way to extend penetration. The sensation isn’t quite as strong because they add another layer of isolation. This might just hold off your partner’s orgasm long enough for you to have your own.

You can also try to use some toys such as C rings. Typically, they go around the shaft, testicles, or both of the penis’s bases.

They increase the pressure at the penis’ base, which limits blood flow. This can then postpone their orgasm, making it last longer.

Most people are aware when they’re going to orgasm, so ask your spouse to change positions when they sense it.

Sex Positions That Make Him Last Longer

Sex Positions That Make Him Last Longer

Believe it or not, sex positions influence how long your man lasts.There are two factors that influence if a sex position is good or bad for extending sex time.

First is a sensation. There are some positions that deliver huge pleasure for men. They feel great, but too much sensation will cause your man to orgasm before you do.

The second factor is work. When your man’s putting in a lot of effort, all the thrusting motions make his heart rate increase. When the blood is flowing and his heart is pumping, his body will rush to orgasm.

Taking these two factors into play, let’s see which positions are good and bad for lasting longer. The worst offender is doggy style. This position combines massive sensation with maximum effort.

For me, doggy style is the worst position for lasting longer. There’s something about the way my penis curves up that causes an extreme sensation on the tip of my head. When you combine that with the deep thrusting and visual stimulus of looking at beautiful woman bent over, this position is only good if I want to orgasm fast!

Another bad position is a missionary. There’s a lot of thrusting motion which takes a lot of labor. Even worse, your man has to support himself with his arms. It’s like doing pushups while having sex!

Doggy- style and missionary are bad for making your man last longer, but there’s a few you can do to make your man last longer.

Hands down, the best position is the cowgirl, which combines multiple factors to make this highly enjoyable. With cowgirl….

1. Your man lies on his back. This will keep his heart rate slow. He’ll be able to breathe, relax, stay hard, and enjoy the view.

2. There’s lower stimulation for the man. The angle between penis and vagina is aligned so he easily slides in and out, and does not get too much sensation.

3. G-spot and clitoris stimulation is very high, bonus for you

4. You can control the tempo. If you feel that he’s thrusting too fast and is going to orgasm soon, you can slow down the tempo so he can catch his breath.

The other position great for lasting longer is face-to-face spoons. This is where the two of you lie down on your sides, act like you’re hugging, and enjoy the glow of hot sex.

This position is great like cowgirl because he can lie down and stay calm. Unlike cowgirl, where you’re getting a cardio workout riding his penis, spoons allows you to take a break, too. Pause the intense sex and enjoy the time you have together.

At the same time, it’s a great position for deep penetration. You can position your body in the right place for him to get deep inside of you.

More importantly, face to face spoons is a very passionate position. Both of your bodies are extremely close, your hearts touching. Wrap your arms around each other and use this as an opportunity for dirty talk.


Let’s face it, most guys learn their sex skills from watching porn. Unfortunately, porn is done to look really hot, NOT to feel good. This is why we use jackhammer tempo in scenes. It looks great on film but doesn’t translate as well in bed.

If you want your man to last longer, you’re going to have to show him a better way. He’s watched porn for years. It’ll take a team effort to undo bad habits and make sex better for both of you.

When you have sex, the sensation is caused by friction between penis and vagina. When you go faster, there’s much more sensation. On top of that, having fast sex is more tiring.

Combine these together, and faster tempo leads to a quicker ejaculation. Therefore I suggest slowing down the rhythm and mixing up the tempo.

Tell your man you want to make love. Start with some good foreplay, and after you’re warmed up, move to facing spoons position. Instead of proceeding straight to crazy monkey sex, have him insert you…and stop.

Yes, put him inside of you and stop. No thrusts. Take a few minutes and feel how his penis stretches your vagina, how nice and warm it feels. Tell him how much you love the feeling, and how much you love him.

After this, increase the tempo, but still keep it moderate. Whatever speed you used before, use half that. The motions should be “grinding,” not “pounding.”

Become conscious of your speed. Think about how great it feels, and ignore any expectations of what sex should be like. Enjoy it.



The best way to prevent him finishing early…is to start correctly. The first tip is to not say anything bad if he orgasms during foreplay. Stress and anxiety cause men to ejaculate fast. When you’re non-judgemental about his flaws, he’ll be more relaxed and open about fixing them.

To help him last longer, ask him what he wants from foreplay. Some guys want more foreplay, to help them relax into sex. Some guys want less foreplay, so they can save their energy for sex. Talk to your man, and find out what would make him enjoy sex better. He’ll be glad to help.

You can also help him last longer by turning down the heat. If you feel that he’s getting too aroused, slow down or hop off of his penis. Have him finger you for a few minutes, or go down on you, until his arousal is lower.

Think about his arousal like a scale, from 0 to 10. 0 is completely bored and flaccid. 10 is the point of orgasm. You want to keep him at a 7. If you feel his heart rate increasing, or he says “I’m getting close…” take this as a sign to back off.

Getting in tune with his arousal will help you with all aspects of sex. If you know he’s getting too hot, you can use any of the techniques in here to help him last longer.

Be patient with him, and as soon as you know it, you’ll be having awesome sex for 20 minutes…or more!

This post was written by Big Mike, an ex-porn star, and male sex expert. You can learn more about him at

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