10 Steps to Spice Up Your Missionary Sex Position

Are you trying to make it a little more interesting in the bedroom tonight? You don’t have to go all Kama Sutra, just spice up your missionary sex position…and here’s how!

I understand you; I’m a missionary lover myself. There’s nothing better than the feel of your lover on top of you, looking into your eyes, kissing your lips, your neck, while his body heat warms and covers you during your lovemaking session. Missionary style is the best sex position ever!

It’s also the most underrated sex position.

Missionary sex position gets a bad reputation and it’s underestimated far too often. People assume it’s boring or it’s too safe.

Let me be the first to tell you that this fantastic position doesn’t have to be safe or boring! In fact, missionary is one of the most versatile of all sexual positions.

You don’t have to pull a muscle trying some contortionist sex trick, you won’t end up in the emergency room for some sex related injury…but you can, and you will, have some of the best orgasms you’ve ever experienced along with the romance and intensity of looking directly into your lover’s eyes while you’re in bed together. Here’s how to make the most of missionary.


1. Throw one leg over his shoulder

Some of us prefer missionary style because we’re too out of shape to really do much else. Honestly, I find it exhausting trying to be on top for too long. If you’re like me, some positions are just too painful to be in because of the way your uterus curves or because, perhaps, he’s a bit too big for you.

One way to spice up your missionary style is to throw one of your legs over his shoulder. He will love the feel of your smooth calf against his cheek, it gives him easier access to grab your ass, and it adds a little depth when he’s inside you. It’s also one of the easiest missionary spice styles.

2. Throw both legs over his shoulder

If you want him to feel deeper inside you, then put both of your legs over his shoulders and let him use his hands to grab your ass and lift your pelvis up to meet his.


3. Lie on your side

Add a little “twist” to your missionary position by rolling onto your side instead of lying on your back. Let him enter you from the side. If feels entirely different for both of you, and yet it has the same intimacy as when you’re “spooning” each other when you sleep. Believe it or not, this position is much more intimate than feisty and you’ll be amazed at how great it feels.

4. Put a pillow under your bottom

If you really want to add some spice, put a pillow under your ass or your lower back so that your pelvis is raised for him. This lets you do less work, him get deeper inside you, and helps your love making session last longer.


5. Use a little light bondage

Just because it’s missionary style, doesn’t mean you can’t get a little kinky with it! Missionary position is perfect for light bondage play. Let him blindfold you or handcuff you to the bedpost and explore a little bit of “master” and “servant” play. Being tied up and unable to look at your lover is much hotter than it sounds on paper, you’ll both enjoy this tip, believe me!

6. Keep your knees bent and your hips raised, thrust!

Your legs don’t have to be flat when you’re in missionary position, you just have to be on bottom facing him. One of the most satisfying (and the easiest) spicy tips for this position is to just bend your knees (like you’re about to do a sit-up) and lift your pelvis to match his thrusts. It helps you both stay in the same rhythm and it encourages him to actually meet your speed instead of making his own.


7. Grab his behind

Many people think missionary has to be boring, or that the woman doesn’t have a lot of options in the position, but that just isn’t true. This position allows you to play with HIS ass for once! Don’t you just love a man with a great behind?!

Okay, stop being boring in bed, grab his gorgeous buttocks and pull him into you, or, if you’re feeling particularly spicy, let him know how much he pleases you by clawing his back while he’s inside you and you’re having an orgasm. Don’t be boring, touch him, caress him, claw him, do whatever you need to do to add sensuality into your sex session.

Extra tip

Drive him wild with the male G-spot

The male G-spot is very real indeed. Maybe you know it by its everyday name: the prostate gland. It  is easily accessible in different ways. By stimulating this gland, you will help your man achieve a longer erection and a much stronger orgasm. The prostate has many more nerve endings in it than the head of his penis, which is why it’s so pleasurable for him when you stimulate it.

Don’t be afraid to give your man the pleasure he deserves. The male G-spot is the one place on a man’s body that is guaranteed to make him orgasm like never before. Don’t believe me? Try it!

8. Wrap your legs around his waist and push his ass with your feet

Pushing doesn’t have to be done with your hands (which can be particularly difficult if you and your guy are pretty different height wise). Try wrapping your legs around his waist and pushing your heels against his ass.

When he’s moving inside you, encourage him to go deeper or faster by pushing your heels into his buttocks. I know, this doesn’t sound particularly sexy in writing, but believe me when I say that it feels extremely sexy in action!


9. Have sex to music

If you and your man just aren’t in the mood to get creative with the missionary position itself, try this little trick instead. Put on some rhythmic music and see what happens. I guarantee you it won’t take long before the two of you are moving to the beat of the music.

Rock music is best for this, RnB works well, too. Classical music, Heavy Metal, and Country music…not so much. Pull out those Barry White albums and let the rhythm take you to new pleasures.

Here are some of the best sex songs to make love to. Add these to your playlist for special occasions where you need the perfect mix to add to the ambiance.

10. Bend your knees underneath you

Finally, you can spice up your missionary sex position with a little bit of a more difficult trick. Bend your knees underneath you and spread your legs. Imagine this if you leaned backwards instead of forwards while you were doing it Doggy Style.

This position raises your hips, tests your muscles (giving you an increased orgasm), and gives him some extra depth. It’s better for those who are in shape, otherwise you might get a leg cramp.

You see, ladies, missionary is anything but boring! It should be embraced and enjoyed. So, how are you going to spice up missionary sex position tonight?

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