How to Prepare for a One Night Stand

One night stands can be fun, and sometimes just what you need, but, they can also be a complete disaster filled with mishaps and embarrassing slip ups. Here’s how you prepare before going into such a little adventure!

If you’re not the type of girl to have much experience with one night stands you’re probably not familiar with what it takes to make it a pleasurable one rather than an uncomfortable mistake. How you go about it is going to take a huge part in determining whether you look back the next day and think “I had a good time I’m glad I did it!” or “What the hell did I just do?!”

Woman can enjoy casual sex as much as men can, claim psychologists! But it’s really more than just picking up a stranger in a bar and going back to his place for a wild night. I mean, it could go like that too, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

1. Always Use Protection

Condoms are an absolute must! It’s important to always use condoms, of course, even when sleeping with someone you know and are comfortable with, we all know that. But, I cannot stress enough how important it is to use protection against sexually transmitted diseases (and pregnancy) when sleeping with someone you don’t even know or don’t know well. You don’t want to have that night of fun haunt you for the rest of your life if somehow things don’t go the way you planned.

2. Always Be Safe

Couple bed time

Don’t mean to sound paranoid here, but it’s only normal to think about the possibility of something going wrong when leaving the bar or a club with a complete stranger. I’d suggest rather going to your place where you’re somewhat in control.

Also, if at all possible I’d be a hell of a lot smarter to have casual sex or a one night stand with someone you know through a friend of a friend, or something like that. When it’s someone you have some sort of a connection with, you might even feel more comfortable than you’d feel with a total stranger. But again, it’s not enough of a connection you wouldn’t be able to keep it casual.

3. Ease Up on the Alcohol

It’s perfectly fine to have one or a couple of martinis or something but you don’t want to get trashed and then hook up. Inhibitions get lowered by alcohol and you might end up doing something you wouldn’t have done if it weren’t for the booze, like, forgetting to use protection or spending the night, getting in too deep etc.

Also, you don’t want the night or anything about it to be a blur, you want to remember the event without the alcohol induced haziness.

4. Don’t Expect Anything More

If it started as a casual hook up, just enjoy it for what it is – great sex (hopefully). Sure, it’s not impossible to develop a connection and even a relationship after, but, it’s highly unlikely. Keep it real, enjoy what’s happening and don’t try and force it to be something more. Don’t even exchange numbers or do the fake I’ll call you this was great talk. It was a one night stand, that’s it. You’ve had your fun and that’s that.

5. Take Charge

More often than not women will not have an orgasm the first time they sleep with someone. That’s simply because he’s not familiar with your body yet so he might have some difficulties taking you there. That’s why you need to take control of your own orgasm! Be vocal and tell him what you want or just do whatever you need to do in order to come! There’s no time for shyness and holding back ’cause you probably won’t be getting a second chance at this!

6. Don’t Dwell on the Guilt

The guilt trip is completely unnecessary! You need to ask yourself two simple questions after the deed is done – were you safe and did you have fun? If your answers are positive you’re good! Why feel bad if it felt good? If that’s what you wanted to do at that moment in time and that’s what you did, I say all the power to you!


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