How To Surprise Your Boyfriend In Bed – 17 Steamy Tips

If your sex life is starting to plummet, or if you want to spice it up, then read on to learn how to surprise your boyfriend in bed in order to wow him.

Surprising your boyfriend in bed may sound easy and simple, but it’s not. Many women find that it’s tricky to figure out ways to blow his mind while surprising him due to them being shy, self-conscious, or just unsure of what to do.

Fear not, during the heat of the moment you may just be unable to think of ways to surprise him due to how great the sex actually is. However, to us women, that isn’t good enough, it would seem that we always want to surprise, impress, and knock the socks off of our man. Read on to learn how to surprise your boyfriend in bed.

What is the Easiest Way to Surprise Your Boyfriend in Bed- 17 Ideas?

By introducing surprises and new experiences, you can reignite the passion and intensity in your relationship. It keeps things fresh and exciting, ensuring a fulfilling and satisfying sexual connection. Surprising your boyfriend in bed shows him that you care deeply about his desires and pleasure. It fosters trust and intimacy, creating a stronger emotional connection between you both.

Discussing what you both feel comfortable with and exploring shared desires can lead to incredible surprises in the bedroom..

Be one with the dessert

how to surprise your boyfriend in bed

Bringing food into the bedroom has never been something that sounds sexy. However, it can be. Get your man’s favorite chocolate sauce, and then smear some on your chest, stomach, or any other place you think he’d like and let him lick it off.

Another idea that he would also be surprised by would be for you to spread it all over him and lick it off. You can also do this with whipped cream, caramel, or honey.

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You do the leg work

As much as your boyfriend says that he loves giving more than receiving (to some extent) and that he loves being the one who does the work, surprise him by being the one who’s sweating due to the labours of your love making (instead of just sweating from how intensely good the sex is).

Try surprising your boyfriend while in bed by riding him in cowgirl or reverse cowgirl until he orgasms, he’ll love it and he’ll love the view he gets from both positions. Keep in mind, as much as you love it when your man takes charge, so does he. In fact, most men find it really sexy when a woman take charge and does the leg work once in a while.

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Position the pillow

If you feel like your boyfriend is starting to not feel as excited by your sex life, then try putting one or two pillows underneath your lower back. Put it right above your buttocks in order for him to go deeper than he ever has. He will love this surprise and so will you as it will intensify your orgasm and sex.

Be his alarm

After a great night sleep in each other’s arms, surprise him with the best wake-up call of his life. This is very easy to do as he will have an erection due to it being in the morning.

All you have to do is jump right into it for the biggest surprise by giving him a blowjob, or hand job. You can even just start riding him to wake him up. However, if you want to ease into it, you can do by feeling him up and trailing kisses all over him and then doing something even more intimate.

Either way, it will be a great morning surprise that will have him feeling like he’s in a sexy haze all day.

Attack him with kisses

how to surprise your boyfriend in bed

As soon as he enters your house from his long day at work surprise him by jumping on him right at the door and don’t stop kissing him. This will be a great surprise that will definitely catch him off guard. In the end, you will end off at some place in your house breathing heavily with clothes strewn all over the place.

Be a tease

While walking around the house give him a show by wearing just a bra and panties with one of his button-up shirts while you clean up around the house. This will not only surprise him but it will also leave him following you around the house practically drooling while trying to pull you in the bedroom.

However, make him wait for it a bit by tossing the washcloth at him, or by bending over really close to him. Of course, you can also be an even bigger tease by brushing up or grinding against him until you finally pull him in the bedroom (if he hasn’t already pushed you against the nearest surface and pleasured you).

New speeds

When you’re in the bed riding him, or doing any position, surprise your boyfriend by asking to change the pace to slow or fast. If it’s slower it will be more intimate and be more like making love. If it’s faster, it will be hot, heated, passionate sex.

Either way, your boyfriend will love the suggestion and will view it as a great bonding experience that will strengthen your connection.

Have a theme

Surprise your boyfriend in bed by going with a theme, whether it’s for Christmas (as a sexy Santa’s little helper), or if it’s just for his favorite sports team. You can wear his team’s jersey (and only that), and then pull him into bed after his games done.

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Sexy sensual young couple standing and hugging on the kitchen

Just because you’re trying to surprise your boyfriend in bed, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have sex in other places and surprise him there. A great idea to surprise your boyfriend sexually is to start pleasuring him and eventually have sex while staying in your kitchen, living room, on the floor, in the shower or bathtub. You can even do this on top of your pool table after you’ve played a heated game.

Be loud and proud of it

Be a moaner or a screamer, encourage and surprise him by not holding back. You can even let him know verbally with words. Either way, your boyfriend will absolutely love it. However, make sure you do this naturally don’t fake or force it.

Get assertive

Put on your “do me” heels and some sexy lingerie. Then, blindfold him with a scarf and restrain him with handcuffs. Then please him every way you want!

Ice cube trick

A really good way to surprise your man in bed is to give him goose bumps and to exhilarate him all at the same time. Get an ice cube and hold it in between your lips while running it over his stomach, legs, chest, and arms. Then when you’re done, your lips will be cold and you can then literally give him a very hot, but also cold blowjob.

Communicate your desires

Surprise your boyfriend in bed by telling him how good he feels, what you love, and what you want him to do. Then, let him do the exact same thing. This will definitely make your sex life better, and even more hot and steamy. It will also bring the two of you closer together.

Give him a massage

Close Up Beautiful Sexy Healthy Happy Man Enjoying Relaxing Back Massage In Outdoor Day Beauty Salon

Get some body oils or nice smelling lotions and rub them all over your boyfriend. This will be a great surprise for your him, and it will definitely add to your sex life. Not only is a massage very intimate, but it will also build up some serious tension due to it being so sensual.

Once you’ve already gotten him to relax completely, there’s no bigger stress relief for your guy than an “erotic relief.” Why not add some fun to your massage by also giving him a good old-fashioned hand job. It’ll definitely be a massage he won’t be able to forget.


Engage in Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation can be an incredibly erotic and intimate activity. Encourage your boyfriend to pleasure himself while you pleasure yourself. The visual stimulation and shared vulnerability will create a deeply arousing experience.

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Explore New Territory with Sex Toys

Introduce sex toys into your bedroom repertoire and discover new heights of pleasure together. From vibrators to handcuffs, there are endless possibilities to explore. Communication and consent are key when delving into this exciting world.

Get on your knees

Blow your boyfriend’s mind by giving him the best blowjob ever. Start off slow, swirl your tongue around the tip and lick from the bottom to the top of his shaft. Then bob your head slowly, but quicken the pace randomly, and then go slow again to tease him, and work him up. Remember to also make eye contact, grip his legs, and even gently cup and massage his testicles.

As well, another way to surprise your boyfriend in bed by giving him a blowjob would be to go with the pace he wants when he pulls your hair. However, the twist is to also resist and to then work him up even more.

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No matter how you surprise your boyfriend in bed, it is important to make sure you are both happy to do so and to also be confident in yourself.

Enjoy yourself, and have some fun while you and your boyfriend fool around and experiment. Who knows, maybe he’ll be inspired by you and will surprise you in bed as well.

Have a wild time, and if you can think of any more surprises for your boyfriend in bed, feel free to share!


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