In a Mood for a Quickie? 5 Advices on How to Do It Fast

One of the best ways to 'spice up' your sex life is the quick sex on an unusual place, and in an unexpected hour. Get dirty and don’t be shy at any moment. As you have to cut on time, you also have to improve on intensity. Quick sex is also ideal if you guys are fresh parents, and have very little time to have sex, with the baby and all.

So, quickies are a great way to be sexually satisfied, and still have time to pass your baby the bottle. Timing is everything!

Even if that isn’t the case, a limited amount of time can be very challenging and really hot. Are you up for a little play? Well, this is how to do it.

1. No Time for Foreplay or How to Get Horny in Such Little Time

Surely there is something that turns you on instantly. Perhaps some of your fantasies, maybe masturbation, and it may be enough to cross your legs and grip your muscles (Kegel exercises) … Sex in a hurry leaves little time for foreplay and warming up. You have to think fast, and know your fetishes, and those of your partner.

2. Do not Worry about the Small Things

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You haven’t planned to have sex and you didn’t wax your legs, and your underwear is not sexy at all, but who cares? This is no time to bother about the given conditions. When it comes to sex, men are not bothered with little things, why should you be?

3. Timing is Still Important

Do not indulge in a quickie if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. It is best to do it in a period of time that you don’t usually spend having sex. Studies have shown that men and women are in their horniest mood in the afternoon. Mornings are also good, but only if you wake up on time and won’t be late for work, even if you indulge in a “quickie.”

4. In Unexpected Places

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Do it in a place where you’ve never done it before. Think bathroom showers, halls, cars… Anything that isn’t a part of a usual sex routine will work just fine. Of course, try not getting caught. Public sex is illegal in most states.

5. Do not Remove any Clothing

When you’re having a “quickie” it isn’t important that you’re completely naked. It is important that strategic places are available. Wear an easily lifted skirt, or dress – it’s less complicated. The worst case scenario is that you wear an overall. Avoid those.

So, you’ve got the point. The key word of a quickie is, in capital letters, HORNY. Be creative and fearless, a little dirty, daring and provocative. As a matter of fact, why are you still reading this? The clock is ticking! Ready, set, go!

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