Man Reveals 10 Shocking Things Guys Secretly Want

You may think you know what men want, but are you completely sure? Read on for the inside scoop from our brutally honest male contributor!

You may think you know what men want, but are you completely sure? Read on for the inside scoop from our brutally honest male contributor! Read on to find out what guys secretly want.

Let’s be frank: men can be freaky, nasty or whatever you want to call it. They have inner desires that they may not admit to women or even each other. If you were to overhear some real guy-talk, you’d only hear what guys feel comfortable sharing while knowing their manhood may come into question if they say something out of the norm.

If you want to know the deepest darkest secret desires that the average straight man has, read on—if you dare.

Here are some of the things guys secretly want.

1. To make a porn movie

what guys secretly want

This may not come as a total surprise: even the nicest guy you know has either made some kind of sex video or has always wanted to do so. Men watch a lot of porn—making your own porn and watching it later is the ultimate form of that.

The awkward part is when there’s a nasty break up involved. Do they still watch it? The answer is yes, but probably not that often. If those graphic video clips of you and your ex-boyfriend didn’t get dumped into the recycle folder as part of his getting-over-you phase, you can bet he opens them up once in a while, not because he misses you, but because they’re kind of interesting/funny to watch years later.

2. To be kissed on the backdoor

Let’s use our imagination so we don’t have to explicitly say it. Licking of any kind feels good everywhere. Guys want to cross everything off the list, if not out of pleasure, then out of morbid curiosity. There’s no good way to ask your partner for that. They have to kind of be into it already. If he does that to you, that’s a strong indicator that he wants you to do that for him, too.

3. To have sex in a public place

guys secretly want

Guys are not the only ones who get a thrill from a random, intense quickie. There’s something very arousing about knowing that there is the possibility of having random sex with your partner at any moment. It’s exciting, and although it’s a bit risky, it’s worth jumping on your man when he’s least expecting it. He’ll never forget it.

The thrill of getting caught while having sex can be exciting, but it can also be distracting because you might be worrying too much about who is going to see you instead of actually enjoying the sexual quickie.

These are the best sex tips and sex positions to try out when you fancy a bit of fun and a thrill in public, but intend on not getting caught!

4. To hook up with his girlfriend’s friends

No one is proud to admit this, but—as a guy—I can say that I almost always have some kind of attraction to at least one of my girlfriend’s friends. It’s not just me, though, believe me. It’s a twisted urge that should never be acted upon, but it is definitely there.

5. To be teased

woman touching man in a car

I’m not referring to leading men on through texting and never hanging out with them. Men hate that. I’m talking about someone you’re already with, or at least whom you are sure about being intimate with. Building up sexual tension by teasing your partner really works. Make him want you so badly that he can’t take it anymore.

The idea is for you to feel sexy and confident. It is even more important for you to feel like yourself so go for comfortable attire.

Most importantly, make sure your mouth looks amazing! Your mouth is perhaps one of the most erotic parts of your body.

Among the things guys secretly want is to tease them with your tongue.

Learn how to tease him with your tongue by giving him pleasure first. Your tongue Is your weapon – but only if you use it right!

6. To role play

This also may not come as a huge surprise, but guys get a kick out of it. If you can’t stop laughing while trying it for the first time, try again later. The initial hilarity of it will subside. Try something easy to get comfortable with the idea first.

Is your man a bit of a handyman? Is he good with his tools? (wink, wink) Imagine you’ve got a plumbing problem in your bathroom and as you go to pass your partner the ‘wrench’ take your top off and let him fix you instead.

Having a loving relationship is awesome, but it’s so incredibly easy to fall into a bit of a rut. Here are some fun and frisky ways to spice it up with a little bit of change and sexy role play ideas to turn him on.

7. To look through your phone


Guys are curious about what you talk to your friends about. If you don’t use password or pin protection on your phone, he may have already read through your conversations.

8. To know how many people you’ve slept with

Your boyfriend may or may not have asked, but he is curious. Women have a funny tendency to say that their number is three, so if your number is actually three and you decide to fess up to him, he probably won’t believe you. His number, however, shouldn’t be that hard to find out: men like to brag. If it’s a high number, you’ll get it out of him eventually. He’s probably proud of it.

9. To know who you’ve been with in the past

Some guys can be a bit insecure and may be wondering if you’ve been with guys in the past who are wealthier, taller, in better shape, better endowed, etc. They also want to make sure you didn’t do it with any loser criminal-looking guys. That’s a huge turn off.

10. To know what you really think about his size

woman measuring penis size

Guys definitely wonder how they stack up to the boys in your past. Some guys have a huge hang up about this. They cannot stand the idea of you enjoying sex more with someone from your past. That’s an awful thought for anyone. If they are convinced that you liked someone from your past better, it could cause a rift in your relationship that will slowly tear you apart.

Try not to hate men for having simple desires that usually involve sexual pleasure. There are plenty of great guys out there who have their urges in check and complete self-control.

Share your thoughts on things guys secretly want.

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