Men’s Perspective: Do Men Enjoy the Woman on Top Sex Position?

Why do men love woman on top sex position? How to make it work and reach maximum pleasure for both of you and your partner?

The reason men like woman on top position is that they are aroused by visual stimulation. This means that anything visually raunchy and erotic turn them on.

For instance, the angle they are viewing you at. Sometimes,  anything that is visually sexually suggestive, like what you are wearing and what it connotes.

What turns them on?

The best woman on top sex position

We’re not lazy, but sometimes it’s nice not to have to do all the leg work. Plus women look damned hot on top!” Said one guy I spoke to about the Woman on Top sex position.

Guys get to look at you in all your glory when you are on top looking down at them. That can be a turn on. Still, remember that there’s nothing sexy about a girl being on top who just looks uncomfortable. As one other guy I spoke to suggested; “My girlfriend doesn’t like feeling exposed by being on top, so she becomes more inhibited, and I feel too conscious of the fact that she’s not enjoying herself.

Men are much more likely to be turned on if they know you are having a good time. Sexy girls are confident girls!

Do you know what you are doing?

One significant point which was highlighted by a number of the men I spoke to was that a woman might look great on top, and that might be a massive turn on, but if they don’t really know how to ride a guy, then the guy isn’t going to receive much physical stimulation from this position at all.

Most of the guys I talked to agreed that they get more physical stimulation when the girl bounces up and down. This way the length of the penis gets friction and the sensitive head pops in and out of the vagina, building him towards his climax. It is also a visual treat to watch a woman’s breasts bobbing up and down in front of them.

Women, on the other hand, prefer to rock back and forth when on top. It allows for more clitoral stimulation, which makes it easier for them to build towards their own climax. It is also a lot easier on the legs. Men have complained that this movement doesn’t actually do much for them, though, and in some cases, it can even be quite uncomfortable or hurt.

Healthy Balance

I’d say that if you enjoy being on top and you want your man to get as much physical pleasure out of it as you, then focus on achieving a healthy balance of both techniques.
If you feel like your legs are giving up on you, then the other option is to keep fairly still and allow your man to move you up and down. Alternatively, he can hold your hips and thrust up against you.
Just be prepared for him to go a bit crazy. Men often take the opportunity to pump you like a mad thing when you let them! This can be a very welcome shot of vigorous stimulation for you, though. Make sure he knows that you like it every now and then.

Here are some quick sex tips to help you get the most out of being on top.

How to make the woman on top sex position work?

Now that you know some tips: How to make the woman on top sex position work

Advices for woman on top sex positions

  1. Look good and feel confident. Wear something sexy, sit up straight so that your breasts are perky, and feel good about the fact that you are turning your man on and that you are in control.
  2. Don’t just do it for him – Make sure you do it for you too. Enjoy yourself, because that will show through and arouse your man even further.
  3. Pace – Go at a pace that feels natural to you, changing it when you feel ready. You are in control of both your own pleasure and his. Don’t be selfish, share it, and don’t be afraid to try or suggest something new.
  4. Rotate your hips – Being on top doesn’t mean you just have to bounce up and down. You have hips girl, so use them! You can give and receive different kinds of sensations by stimulating different parts of his penis and your vagina. Try rotating your hips in a circular motion, or rock back and forth, or even rotate them like a Ferris wheel.
  5. Don’t go crazy – his penis isn’t indestructible, and you will damage it. If you want some crazy thrusting, better to let him orchestrate it by holding onto your hips and moving more vigorously himself.
  6. Use your PC muscles – If you are familiar with your PC muscles, which you should be if you are doing your Kegel exercises, you can use them to give your man extra pleasure while you are thrusting on top. It can also help you to achieve your own orgasm. One man exclaimed that when his girlfriend uses her PC muscles during sex it feels like she is gripping him from the inside, and the extra friction is delicious! 

    Variety is key

    Now that you know enough about how to  get the woman on top sex position right, I suggest  you explore with discover the variety of  sex positions that will bring you so much pleasure. Here are some sex positions and advice to help you and your partner get the most of you being on top .

    Remember, communication is key. There are so many different ways you can explore with your partner and penetration is only one of them. Explore oral above his mouth while moving. Try fingering, or clit stimulation.  Tell him what feels good for you.  If you stick to penetration, don’t be afraid to explore different woman on top sex positions until you  find the one that works the best for you two.  Have you tried  “The Frog”, ” Reverse or  Sidesaddle Cowgirl”,  or “The Rotating Grind”. Sky is the limit…

    If you have hard time orgasming in this position, try using some stimulating toys.

    Don’t forget, being on top is not just about sitting and looking pretty. It’s not about grinding your way selfishly to your own climax. And it’s certainly not just about ‘doing it because he wants you to’.  Also, “You may always express your discomfort with being on top and try different positions.

    So, relax and enjoy being on top, if that’s your kind of thing!

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