Sex On Your Period – The Top Reasons You Should Do It

Most women hate when their period comes around because that means no sex. Not anymore, ladies! Here are the reasons to ditch that ‘rule’ and do it anyways.

Raise your hand if you dread your period coming to town. If I could see you all, I bet at least 80% of you would have your hands raised high in the air. The rest of you probably just feel too silly to actually do it, but agree completely.

With your period comes headaches, cramps, exhaustion, inconvenience and, for most of us, no sex. My boyfriend likes to refer to period week as ‘his’ week. *Insert much-deserved dramatic eye roll*

Well, I was getting tired of ‘his’ week and decided to do something about it—and by something, I mean him. That’s right, ladies. And you know what I discovered? There’s actually an astronomical number of benefits to period sex that I had never realized before.

This isn’t just personal experience speaking, either. I decided to look a little further and found that period sex is really good for you—and your period! Here are all the reasons you should no longer avoid that dreaded week.

1. It gets rid of cramps


Skip the Midol and get naked with your lover instead. Not only is it better than pumping your body full of medicine, but sex releases hormones—like oxytocin and endorphins—that are pain relievers. Goodbye cramps; hello good times.

The next time you start complaining about some heavy cramping, just strip down and hop on your significant other. I think they’ll be more than happy to oblige.

2. It feels way better

This is definitely the main reason you should be having sex on your period. During this time of the month, there is increased blood flow to that region of your body because of all the cramping and expelling it has to do.

This means that all those nerve endings are pumped to the max and extra sensitive. Everything feels more intense in the best way possible.

3. Headaches fade away


Sex is a natural pain reliever whether you’re on your period or not. It just so happens that you tend to be in more pain around the time of your period than at other times during the month.

Headaches are a big part of having your period and they can make everything worse. Your mood is affected by headaches and so is your energy level. Having sex during your period alleviates all of those by getting rid of that pesky headache.

4. You can go lube-free

Although period sex can come with a bit of a mess, that mess is also beneficial for the act itself. Lube is annoying. I’ll be the first to admit it: you have to pause the act just to get some and reapply if you don’t have enough. It’s exhausting. Periods naturally lubricate you so that’s never an issue at this time of the month.

5. It’s something new

If you need an easy way to spice up your love life and want to guarantee that you get some benefits out of it, period sex is a great way to do just that.

It’s not something that you and your partner are used to, so you’ll get the thrill of experiencing something new together. And believe me—your significant other is going to love the way you react to period sex since it feels so much better.

6. Your period can end sooner


Can I get a hallelujah? This may not be true for everyone out there, but a large number of people who have sex on their period report having their period end much sooner than it normally does.

The contractions your uterus makes when you orgasm are responsible for pushing everything out much faster. I think this benefit definitely outweighs all the others. Easily.

7. It’ll bring the two of you closer together

Period sex isn’t something that you’ll do with just anyone. It’s personal and has you in a vulnerable place. Opening up to someone enough to let them have that part of you will definitely make you feel more comfortable around them and bring you closer together.

Sure, sex on your period can be a bit messy sometimes. However, the benefits greatly outweigh any of that collateral damage. Try it—we promise that you won’t regret it!

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