Top 7 Aphrodisiac Foods for Girls

You want to turn up the heat in your bedroom? Still, lately your libido is kinda low – you don’t know why. It might be the stress you pick up in your daily life, or maybe the routine of a long relationship has killed your libido a little. As it often happens, nature has the cure for your problems.

The solution could actually be laying around in your fridge. Some foods actually work as aphrodisiacs. At times, spicing up the things in the kitchen may be the same thing as spicing things up in the bedroom – check out our list of foods that will set the mood.

1. Honey

Bees can be kind of annoying in the summer, but they produce one thing that makes a lot of men be very thankful to bees. Honey – you shouldn’t only have it in tea, when you’re sick. It can actually cure your libido. The aphrodisiac power of honey was known since ancient Egypt. Plus, it’s sticky – you can use it instead of whipped cream in the bedroom. Let your Honey put some honey on you and later lick it of you… Then you do the same for him. Game on!

2. Red Wine

Play the song “red wine” and open a bottle. Don’t have too much of it – it might to quite the opposite of setting you in the mood. But a glass or maybe two will certainly do the job, thanks to the antioxidants red wine contains.

3. Chocolate

Woman eating chocolate

Not only chocolate is there for us when we lose our men, chocolate can even help you keep one. Not only is it sweet an pretty much the most adored food there ever was, it can help you feel very sexy. It affects neurotransmitters in the brain believed to produce sexual desire. One more reason to eat chocolate!

4. Bananas

Yes, we know – it’s too obvious! Potassium and vitamin B are the things you need for having a healthy sex urge, and a banana has both. Plus, the sight of you eating it will make him horny, too.

5. Strawberries

Woman eating srawberries

Did you know that strawberries are a well known symbol of the nipple? Just saying. Plus, it will help your nipples to get hard.  They have a high level of vitamin C. Do you even need another reason to eat strawberries? Try eating strawberries and then have a glass of champagne.

6. Arugula

The last thing you’d think of, huh? Well, someone thought of arugula a long, long time ago – it was documented as  an aphrodisiac for women as back as in 1000 A.D. Plus, the health benefits are numerous – it can even help cancer prevention, has more vitamins than any other vegetable… And is also low in calories – a salad never sounded sexier.

7. Almonds

Even before ancient Greece, it was a very well known fact that almonds improve the sexual desire in women to high extent. And not  only does it inspire arousal in women – it raises fertility, too. There is also a famous, notorious recipe for almond soup that is said to put women in the mood.

Put two hard cooked egg yolks with a cup of blanched, skinned almonds in the blender and chop them well. Add one cup of chicken stalk, a spoon of it at a time, until they mix completely, then keep mixing while you slowly add the rest of the chicken stalk and a cup of light cream. Put the content into a saucepan and heat it on low heat – it shouldn’t boil, but wait for it to get thick.  Stir in two spoons of honey before serving and add a little bit of fresh raspberries on top.

Check out the video below, she gives a really good explanation on making Aphrodisiac salad.

I wish you a very, very good night.

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