What to Do If His Penis Is Too Small?

His penis is too small? Here's what to do if your guy is lacking in the penis department.

Ladies, we have all come across that one man who is lacking in the penis department. He thinks he has powers like Austin, but he’s more like mini-me. Many times men will act overconfident in their size because they know that they just do not measure up.

When it comes to a one night stand, then the best advice I have is to do one of two things: make up an excuse to leave or just ride the night out and hope for the best.

But what happens if you start dating someone and develop feeling for them only to find out they have a small penis? What if you have already established a relationship with them before becoming intimate? What do you do if his penis is too small?

I have been in situations where I cared deeply for a man and found out down the road his penis was just too small for my liking. Is it shallow? Possibly, but let’s keep it real; size matters.

Women will claim it is not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean that matters. I say if he has a small boat no amount of ocean power will make up for it. Approaching your man with this touchy subject can be very difficult; you do not want to hurt his feelings or give him a kick to his ego.

However, if you are with him or plan to be with him long term then the subject needs to be addressed. That does not mean there needs to be a conversation. It just means that you need to be crafty in how you handle things.

Here are a few tips on what to do if he has a small penis.

What to Do If His Penis Is Too Small?

Keep it to yourself

Even if he asks you if it too small and you want to say yes, don’t. All you will do is bruise his ego and hurt his self esteem. Chances are if he is asking then he is fishing for some kind of compliment on his love stick because he is feeling insecure.

It’s the same thing women do if they are feeling low about their bodies. If he does ask then keep it simple and say “it is fine stop worrying” or something along those lines.

Yes, it is a little white lie – but you will be doing yourself a favor in the long run. Think about how you would feel if he told you that you have small tits or a flabby ass. Point taken.

It’s all about position

So, we have established talking about his small penis is a bad idea. Consider some positions that can make sex feel better with his small penis. Having a small penis is not always a bad thing. You just have to figure out some flexible and creative positions to make it feel amazing.

The angle is everything when it comes to sex positions. Below are some positions to try so that his undersized love stick can hit the right spot for maximum pleasure.

Doggy-style with his leg over your booty

Get in regular doggy-style position. Instead of him being directly behind you, have him put his leg over your hip and hit it from a side angle. The penetration will feel deeper and be better for both of you. Not only will it feel deeper but both of you will also feel pleasure in spots you are not used to feeling.

Explore anal sex

Having a big penis will deter women from even experimenting with anal sex for fear of pain. Luckily for your man the fact that he has a small penis will most likely put you at ease more to try anal sex. Actually, having a smaller penis will enable your man to thrust harder and deeper thus hitting more sensitive spots. This guide will give you great insights on how to get the most pleasure out of anal play, the items you’ll need, the safest ways to play.

Ride him sideways

This position has the same idea as the twist in the doggy-style position. When you ride put one leg between his so that your knee is close to his balls and place the other knee on the side of his hip. Doing so will give you more leverage and you can go deeper. Just like the other positions this one focuses on angles and untouched hot spots.

Tilt your hips up

If you still want to play in traditional missionary positions all you have to do is tilt your hips upward. He can ram you deeper and harder.

Suck him from a different angle

Ok, this one is more for his pleasure but if you try it he will consider you the blowjob queen! Lie on your back and have him in a position where it looks like he will ride your face in reverse. If you are having a hard time picturing this just think about how you ride his face with your back to him (reverse). Make sure he is on his knees though so he can control how far in your mouth he goes. Then let him slowly enter your mouth until you are able to deep throat him all the way. This works because of the angle your neck is at. Try it!

A good blowjob is kind of like art. You have to love it to do it right. Learn how to give a blowjob that will blow his mind.

Master the art of blowjobs and make any man sexually addicted to you

Bring on the toys

There are only so many positions you can tweak and try before you and your man get bored again. In that case it is time to bust out the sex toys.

Most men are more comfortable than they have been in the past about using sex toys in bed; they feel more secure. If his small penis has stopped giving you pleasure then here are some ideas to incorporate sex toys.

Sex toys are for everyone and it’s a great way to add a bit more fun and interest into your relationship. Read on about The 5 Best Sex Toys You Can Use With Your Man.

Mutual play with a vibrator

Either give him a show by masturbating in front of him or let him masturbate you with a toy. Either way he will love the visual and you are guaranteed to get off.

Invest in a position pillow

Not deemed a sex toy this handy pillow will let you and him get into positions easily that allow deeper penetration. His small penis will not matter as much since it will be able to hit more hot spots with this aid.

Buy a penis sheath:

There are toys out there designed to give men more length and girth. They are called sheaths. It’s hollow inside and your man simply slips his penis in it and it makes him longer and thicker. These come in all different shapes, sizes, girths, ribbed, and even colors. Many will have some kind of special lining on the inside to give him some pleasure too. You can add as little as one inch or as many as 5 with the standard sheaths. Also on the sex toy market are strap on sheaths that are hollowed out and they are 9-10 inches long for more of a fantasy role. If you want your man to consider buying one of these there is a delicate way of seeing if he is up for it.

Having a small penis does not have to mean bad sex. Try some of these great ideas to spice up your sex life and enjoy his small penis.

Be honest

If it’s simply not working for you, faking an O isn’t the answer. You two should have fulfilling sex. Try several approaches, and talk openly about what works and doesn’t for you.

Using toys, changing your focus from just penetration, and taking specific postures can make a huge difference.

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  • This is going to sound kinda cheesy on my part, but there’s this guy I’ve been dating for a month and I really like him a lot. We haven’t had sex yet, but we’ve had naked make-out sessions. We almost went once (but got interrupted by a knock on the door). One of my number 1 deal breakers has always been if he is just too small for me. This guy, is definitely not well endowed. I’d say the largest I picture the guy getting while hard is about 4 inches. But after reading this article, I’m more willing to try. So thanks!! =)

  • Penis size should never be a deal breaker. That would be so shallow and superficial. To hurt someone like that over the size of a body part just mean and cruel. Well, at least you reconsidered your horrible stance and give this guy a chance. So, this article was constructive and did some good in your case.

  • Seems to Me that whoever wrote this article is pretty much telling Guys like Me who where born with a small penis that vaginal sex wasn’t meant for Us.