Why Is Masturbation Good For You?

As Woody Allen once said: “Don’t knock masturbation; it’s sex with someone I love.” In our article you'll learn why is masturbation good for you and why you should practice it more often.
Why Is Masturbation Good For You?

In ninth grade, someone asked, during a day that was dedicated to sex education, what the girls used when masturbating. Someone jokingly replied that “the cucumbers at ICA (a supermarket) are excellent.” It sort of sums up the relationship Swedes have with masturbation—they accept it as a healthy part of life.

Sadly, masturbation has often been written off in history books as taboo, where anything the least bit pleasant was considered a sin, and some of that stigma lives on.

Truth be told, masturbation is good for you—in moderation.

You rule your desires, or your desires rule you. So long as you rule them, you can live them—and who doesn’t want to live their desires?

Know what you want

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Unless you know what you want in the bedroom, you’re helpless with men. That’s to say, if you don’t know what works for you, you will accept anything a man does that feels remotely good. It could be so much better if only you could tell him what you like.

Of course, you find out what you enjoy from interactions with men as well, but it makes it much easier if you already know what you want when you enter the bedroom.

That way, you can help your man as well as he doesn’t necessarily know what he’s doing.

Articles are no substitute for the real thing though, so any man will be thankful if you help him by teaching him how to please you. Trust me: he wants to please you.

Men don’t feel complete unless they can please their woman. They feel like dismal failures if you don’t show your appreciation for them in the bedroom. And it gets easier appreciating them if they know what they’re doing.

Masturbation won’t teach you everything you want to know in the bedrooom. Sooner or later, you will have to find a man (or woman) to explore what someone else can do for you—but you will learn what turns you on. That itself will give you confidence. So,learn how to get a guy to masturbate you the way you like it by using these real-life sex tips.

The health aspects

Sexual arousal and orgasms are good for you. Research suggests that women who have more orgasms are less susceptible to heart disease and type-2 diabetes. Add a healthy diet, regular sleeping patterns, time spent outdoors and exercise, and you’re on your way to great health!

Research also suggests that sexual arousal might help to prevent cystitis (urinary tract infection) as the cervix and the cervical mucous get stretched during arousal and this enables fluid circulation, meaning cervical fluids containing bacteria get flushed out. Immune function is also said to be improved thanks to masturbation as it controls cortisol levels, which regulate immune functioning.

Feeling a bit depressed? Endorphins are released in the bloodstream when you masturbate/orgasm, which can help to prevent depression. What’s more, when you orgasm, the muscles in your vagina contract, meaning: a) blood is pumped around, which can prevent menstrual cramps and b) the muscles get exercised, making them stronger.

It’s important you keep these muscles strong to prevent incontinence. You can also improve muscle strength using Kegel exercises. Ideally, you combine it with other pelvic floor exercises as well as exercises to strengthen your butt. Combined, they will prevent incontinence by helping to support your lower parts.

Of course, too much sex or masturbation can also irritate your vagina. So as to avoid both urinary tract infections and candida (yeast), eat probiotics, and use probiotics in your vagina. You can read more about preventing and getting rid of yeast infections.

The Big O and the feel good factor

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Ever noticed that orgasms make you feel good? Either they relax you and enable you to fall asleep like a baby, or energize you like the Duracell bunny. They release a lot of good chemicals into your bloodstream, so as meditating to get into the right frame of mind is good, so is having an orgasm.

Of course, you shouldn’t use orgasms or anything else as a way of escaping your problems—sooner or later, you have to face them—but it helps to face them when you’re in the right frame of mind.

Easier to orgasm

The more you orgasm, the easier it becomes. As a lot of women have a hard time orgasming, this will help them. Plus, some women don’t orgasm without their clitoris being stimulated and you can actually do that yourself while having sex with a man—even when he’s inside of you. In fact, it turns a lot of men on.

As you will also know what works for you and how you like it it will make it easier to direct a man, which will also help you to orgasm. Discovering your clitoris, U-spot, A-spot and G- spot helps you to direct your man to these spots.

Read on to discover how to have the best orgasm of your life.

Lessen your inhibitions

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We all want to be a sexy vixen in the bedroom when we meet the right guy, but how do you practice in the meantime? Masturbation can be the key to feeling sexy, exploring sexual fantasies and even learning to talk dirty.

Most men love it when you talk dirty, or at the very least verbally letting them know how good they make you feel. The first time you start talking to a guy in the bedroom, it can feel awkward as, well, there were no classes for that in school, so practicing on your own can be a great help.

Best Masturbation Tips

Curious about increasing your pleasure?

These masturbation tips for women are guaranteed to satisfy you.

Strengthen your vagina muscles and enjoy multiple orgasms!

Try Female Vitality Protocol!

This is is an at-home video system that contains discreet and efficient exercises that can be done any time, anywhere.

It’s great and very helpful and it will definitely increase your pleasure.  Besides attaining the most intense orgasms, the program enables you to  improve overall health.

Masturbation is good for you—very good for you, in fact. As long as you don’t masturbate obsessively or use masturbation as an escape from problems you know you need to deal with, it’s great for your health. It should be part of a healthy lifestyle.

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