Power Trip: How to Turn Him On In Less Than a Few Seconds

Follow these tips to boost your confidence and sexuality. Here is how to turn him on in a less than a few seconds.

Why would a woman need know how to turn on a guy within a couple of seconds? Well, there are many reasons.

Feeling sexy and seeing proof of it boosts your confidence, and confidence is what makes a woman powerful. Powerful women are in control of their lives and they get exactly what they want. Have I convinced you yet?

With the kind of power that makes men go weak at the knees, you can get to where you want to be. No, I’m not talking about sleeping your way to the top; I am talking about standing up and being noticed.

A woman who is confident about her own sexuality becomes one of two things; intimidating, or a challenge. This means that you can enjoy playing with power structures in the workplace, at home, or when out shopping. It means you can have fun with your personality and make people around you feel good. Most importantly – it means you can demand respect.

Follow these tips to boost your sexuality and power status, and watch your life begin to improve.

#1: Use eye contact

how to turn him on

Create drama with your eyes. Women have the option of being able to use make-up to enhance beauty and features. You can use makeup to make your eyes even more arresting.

Powerful eye contact makes a man stop dead in his tracks. Hold the look for a few seconds too long and his head will be turning in the street. When you turn a man on in a public situation, for example during a meeting, you can make him feel slightly uncomfortable or flustered, hence giving yourself a powerful edge and advantage.

It can also tip the table when you are faced with a potentially intimidating situation like an interview if you are able to seduce a man onto the same playing level as you so that you can take control of the interview and get that job!

#2: Lick your sexy lips

There is nothing more powerful than association when it comes to turning a man on. All you have to do is bring his attention to your mouth in a sensual and slightly provocative way, and you will have his undivided attention.

Make the most of your mouth by defining it with the right lipstick or gloss, and making sure your teeth are pearly white. Then get into the habit of smiling widely, licking your lips and biting your bottom lip ever so suggestively.

You can also use your mouth in a suggestive way when eating which is great when you are out on a date and you want to make sure his imagination is playing all the games you want to play with him at some point down the line!

Sometimes men can find a pair of sexy lips somewhat distracting, so think of ways that you could use this to your advantage!

Find out how to achieve more luscious and kissable lips in just a few simple steps.

#3: Know your best assets

Do you know what your best visual assets are? I am talking about the parts of your body that scream SEX! If you have legs up to your neck, muscular thighs or shapely shins, show them off with heels and pencil skirts or skin-tight jeans. If it is your generous bust then make sure you make the most of your cleavage by wearing the right tops.

Every woman has a favourite sexual asset. Zone in on it, if you want him to zone in on you! Remember it is not about sex for you, it is about power, and if you succeed he will happily hand over his power.

#4: A manicure will get your man’s attention


You might not think men notice such girly things, but if you invest time in making your nails sexy, then, believe me, he will notice when you touch him!

Go for something feminine, with a splash of exotic flair. Long oval or pointed nails can be given a touch of drama with a dark shade. Go for rich plum, dark red or gothic black with a shimmer. Alternatively get the secretary look with a clean French white-tip manicure.

A woman who knows how to take care of herself is a turn on. Bring his attention to your sexy nails by placing your hand gently and lingeringly on his thigh when you talk to him. If the situation calls for it, maybe you can even gently graze his cheek with your nails when you take his head with your hand to give him a goodbye kiss…

The unexpected scrape of your nails will send an erotically charged sexual current straight through his body.

#5: Get your posture right

Not only is it good for your body and health, but getting into the habit of sitting up straight and standing up tall will also bring a man’s attention to all the things men find attractive about a woman.

Firstly you will look more confident which is sexy; secondly, when your head and chin are up, your hair will fall away from your face and reveal your feminine neck, shoulders, and collarbone… all ripe for kissing!

Thirdly, you will lengthen your body, making you look taller and slimmer, with your chest leading the way. A woman who walks by with good posture always gets a second glance! And a woman who walks into a room with her head up, owns it.

#6: Practice your sexy smile

Turn Him On In Less Than a Few Seconds

Nothing turns a man on faster than a bright, carefree, sexy smile with a hint of flirtation in it. Show your teeth! Men will be more attracted to a woman who smiles with an open mouth because it suggests honesty and simplicity.

Smile with your eyes too, make them sparkle and connect with him. Laughing is a massive aphrodisiac, so throw in a giggle and you will put him at ease.

Smiling shows you are a happy and fun person to be around and a great smile boosts your attractiveness tenfold. So forget about wearing your sexy dress, and just make sure you are wearing your sexy smile if you want a man to be totally receptive to you.

#7: Touch him unexpectedly

I have already talked about the power of sexy nails, but a man will often get turned on when a woman touches him unexpectedly, whether her nails are painted or not!

A touch is quite intimate, so if you are not very familiar with each other, then touching him will produce a thrilling rush of adrenaline. You can create the same feeling with a man you have been with for a while simply by touching him somewhere ever so slightly too intimate when he is least expecting it, when you are in public.

He will get excited because he is the only one who knows you have just rubbed the inside of his thigh, or gently squeezed his bum without his friends seeing!

Use His 5 Senses to Turn Him On

We all take our senses for granted. Take one out of a romantic environment, and everything else becomes more sensitive and intense. How things feel, how they smell, and so on.

Here is how to use his 5 senses to turn him on like crazy.

So, find out what his fantasy is and make it happen. Is it a hot cop in a barely there uniform with cuffs and whips that excites him? Whatever it is that sends him from zero to sixty, do it.

This is how to turn him on. Don’t be afraid to spice it up with a little bit of change and sexy role play ideas.

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