How to Use His 5 Senses to Turn Him On Like Crazy

We all take our senses for granted. Here is how to use his 5 senses to turn him on like crazy. In a sexy situation, take just one away and everything else gets more sensitive and so much more intense.

Everyone knows how things are supposed to look, we all know what skin feels like when we touch it and we can appreciate something that smells good.

It’s a bit like turning all the outside lights off so that you can see the stars better. It’s not that we couldn’t see those stars before. Just, that now they look so much brighter. So much more intense and there seems to be so many more of them.

Taking away one of our senses can have the same effect, inevitably making us so much more aware of our surroundings. How things feel, how they smell, and so on.


New Intensity

Just in case you are struggling to pull those five senses into your head and need a memory refresher, they are sight, touch, smell, sound and taste.

For me, the most important sense of all is the one that I think that most of us rely on the most. It’s sight. Take that away and everything changes.

Using the same night sky as an example, with no lights and no stars to distract you, your senses will ‘notice’ things that it missed before. You may smell the smoke of a fire or hear the rustle of animals scurrying through the hedgerows.

But this is about you and your lover and using the same principles. You will be amazed at the new intensity that this could add to your love making.

First set the scene in a warm, dimly lit room with very soft background music playing – he is naked and stretched out on a bed whilst you are at the most only partially clothed.


1. Sight

Start with a blindfold. Without sight every other sense will immediately become enhanced. As you tie the blind fold over his face to completely cover his eyes, tell him that there are a few rules:

1) He needs to raise his hands over his head and keep them there,
2) He needs to keep still,
3) He cannot touch you or himself.


2. Sound

I have read any number of surveys (and carried out a few of my own). It seems that men find something very sexy about a woman taking control of things. So, tell him what you plan to do.

You’ve already whispered a few rules and got his agreement. So, if you plan to slowly kiss and lick his naked skin from his ankles to his neck, just tell him. Get close to him and breathe or blow on his neck and then whisper seductively in his ear. Keep whispering about what you are doing. Tell him how you are feeling as well as what you are planning to do next.

Talking sexy can reap you a lot of rewards in the bedroom! You just have to be comfortable to orally express your desires and practice dirty talk until you start seeing the real benefits from it. You need to find out what kind of sexy/dirty talk you and your man like.

Some words are more explosive than others….so talk dirty and turn him on like crazy.


3. Smell

Make sure that as you whisper in his ears that you are close enough to his face to ensure that he can smell your perfume. At some point you can introduce some exotic smelling oils to trickle over his skin, remember to tell him what you are going to do.

Take the bottle containing the oil close to his face and drizzle a little onto your hands, rubbing your fingers gently together so that he can smell the oils and hear your hands as they touch together. Explain gently that you will drip some of the oil onto your hands and then apply it to some parts of his body, just to see if he likes it. This will turn him on like crazy.


4. Touch

You can stroke his skin… trail your fingers across his body from his calves up to his knees, across his chest and neck. Add more sound by telling him where you are planning to touch him next.

Try blowing on your lover’s skin – the sensation of your warm breath on his thighs will feel almost electric. Play with that sensation by starting about 30 cm away, slowly moving your mouth closer and closer and until he feels that it is so very close that at any moment your lips might touch his skin.

Now, start giving him a sensual hand job that will turn him on like crazy. Men can be greedy and impatient, wanting instant gratification.  It can be up to you to prolong the pleasure and anticipation.

Don’t use just one boring action.  You can vary the pace at which you rub; remember you are teasing him to the point of no return…Build up a steady pace of up-and-down movement, speeding up according to his excitement, until he ejaculates.


5. Taste

Tell him that you are going to touch yourself and then allow him to taste your fingers or sprinkle wine or champagne on your hands and allow him to taste you as he licks you clean.

Or, get him to masturbate you the way you like it by using these real-life sex tips.

Ice is good too; tell him to suck on an ice cube so that the warmth of his mouth melts it a little and then trace a pattern over his body with the melting ice, following its course with your tongue and licking up the little droplets of water left behind.

After a while, all his senses will be heightened and every touch, every taste and every smell will have a much greater impact than ever before and every sensation will feel so very much more intense.

But remember to stop everything occasionally; pull back and just stop for a while. Your lover will wonder what happened and when and where the next touch will come. He will be bordering on desperate for your touch any touch to happen again and soon.

But ladies, please don’t be surprised if at this point he decides that he will no longer play by your rules.


Now it’s up to you how and what you are going to do next. You turn him on like crazy, now award him. Maybe with a great BJ that will blow his mind?

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