3 Must Have Bag Styles for a Fashionable Fall 2013

Fall is just around the corner, and what you need is a trendy bag for all your necessities. Here are 3 must-have bag styles for fall 2013.

This fall, designers say: go wild and crazy with your bags, girls! And no matter whether your budget is 100$ or 1000$, you are bound to find something on our list.

These are the 3 hottest styles of 2013, for your pleasure and inspiration only!

1. The Animal Print Satchel


This bag is certainly every girl’s dream, but doesn’t quite fit the budget, now does it? However, what you can do is follow the hottest trends in the materials and patterns and invest into something less expensive.

So what is this bag all about? What makes it so special?

First of all, it has that back-to-school flare reminding us of little boys’ and girls’ satchels in which they carried their books to school. This is a style that has slowly become more and more popular and it is in full expansion this fall.

Secondly, it features a variety of patterns and colors, while still staying on the safe side when it comes to you being able to actually wear it with something.

The zebra-like and leopard patterns are reminiscent of a safari in the African savannahs making you look as though you’ve just come back from vacation.

And last but not least, where can you find a similar style for a smaller price? Guess by Marciano features similar models this fall, so you should probably check them out.

So, to recap –  this style is a multi-colored, animal-printed leather satchel. We know you will enjoy every minute of shopping for this lovely one!

2. The Multi-Colored Fur Bag


This bag definitely screams: it’s fall and I’m lovin’ it! Whether or not you like furry coats or bags, you will definitely fall in love with this deliciously soft and lovable style.

I am just so in love with this bag I don’t know where to begin. So first of all, it will brighten up any combination, whether you dress casual or smart.

You can rock it with jeans during the day and with the little black dress during the night. It is not too small or too big, just the perfect size. And plus it has handles on top and a strap to hang it on your shoulder, which makes it super practical.

And even though it’s plain black, it’s the colorful fur that makes all the difference. It says that you’re fun and exciting and corky and all that at once! The golden metal buckles are a perfect addition to an already great style, so what’s not to like?

As for the cheaper variant, there is always ALDO, which has similar styles in their fall collection. You will not be disappointed, because their bags are a very good quality for a reasonable price.

3. The Studded Bag


Believe it or not, the stud-spiky trend of last fall has come back in a slightly more contained fashion. It is not all about oversized golden studs anymore.

This fall it is about spikes, but not those BDSM-dominatrix-collar-like long spikes, but those that will not actually hurt you fingers. It is about giving an impression that you are a fierce rock chick on the inside, but that you have a soft side too.

The shape is that of a half-oval, and the bag is medium-sized so it can serve as both a by-day and a by-night accessory.

Then, the multi-colored spikes really make it so universal that it goes with literally any shoes and accessories you may choose. Boots, high heels, even flats – the choice is yours. You can pair it up with a nice tight-waisted coat and you’re good to go!

As regards the cheaper substitute, I would go for H&M, which in my book sells the best styles of spiky and studded bags while avoiding that trashy look.

This bag style needs to be done right, or else it can come off as really trashy and cheap. So if you are in love with this particular model but not its price, I would suggest going through this store first and then deciding whether this fall’s collection fits your budget and taste.

So, girls, what are you waiting for?

We have shown you 3 hottest trends in bag fashion this fall and also recommended some alternatives to the high-end expensive styles.

Shop smart and remember that fashion is not about paying a lot of money for an item, but about pulling the look off. Have fun and enjoy!

Cover photo: papuatattoo.com

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  • The multi-coloured bag is gorgeous, it reminds me so much of my Louis Vuitton karakoram fur scarf; they’d go so well together!