How to Wear a Hat: Stylish Outfit Ideas

Hats can definitely transform your outfits and add personality to them, but they take a lot of courage. Honestly – do you know how to wear a hat?

There are several ways to style a hat whether a casual look, on the beach or an elegant look. Hats can transform any outfit and let’s be honest here they are great for the “bad” hair days. Wearing a hat can take a lot of courage at first as you tend to think everyone is staring at you, but once you get over this you’ll notice how a hat really does make an outfit.

wear a hat

Pairing a hat with a dress adds personality to the outfit and adding a baseball cap to a casual look adds that “cool girl” vibe. Wearing a hat on the beach not only keeps the sun out of your eyes, but all of a sudden you become that stylish chick on the beach.

It depends on the look you’re trying to achieve, but a hat can be added to just about any look and will add a flair to the look as well. For the first timers or the person who bought a hat but never worn it out try a small hat or a cap or even a beanie is a great start. Smaller brims are much easier to wear, but the large brim hats are so fun.

The best way to know which hat is right for you is to go try them on, make sure you feel comfortable and that the hat sits well on your head. By this, I mean getting the right size, which is key in making sure the hat is not too large or too tight.

Hats are worn all year, but each season there are different types of hats due to the weather. During the spring we see more straw hats and some wool fedoras, but as we head into summer the wool hats seem a bit too hot to wear so we see more of the straw hats for the warmer weather.

Hats seem to be a very strong accessory all year as well as all over the runway ways from wide brim hats and boater hats. I have a few favorite hat brands which are all great brands: Janessa Leone, 66 the label, Rag & Bone and Lack of Color.

If you want to wear a hat every now and then and don’t want to spend a lot try Target – yes, Target – they have a nice selection of hats or even Asos, Zara or Free People.

If you don’t mind spending the extra money on a higher priced hat I would try Ryan Roche, Eugenia Kim or Maison Michel. These hats are gorgeous, but much higher priced.

Here are a few outfit ideas on how to wear a hat:

1. Sporty cool – pairing a baseball cap with a pair of sneakers, t-shirt and jeans is a perfect casual look.

wear a hat

wear a hat
2. Elegant – if you’re wearing something a little more dressy try wearing a hat with a dress could be a maxi dress which are very on trend for Spring or a flowy slip dress. Pair with a pair of booties or heels and you’ve got a bit more of a dressy look. A wider brim hat is perfect for a more elegant look.

wear a hat
3. A beanie – this type of hat works well with so many looks could be worn in the spring or winter. Wear a beanie with a pair of sneakers or loafers and a t-shirt and boyfriend jeans. Add a blazer or leather jacket for a little extra touch.

wear a hat
4. On the beach – All you have to do here is add your favorite floppy hat that covers your face from the sun. The best beach hats are foldable floppy hats perfect for throwing in your beach bag. Floppy light weight hats are perfect for the beach even straw hats make great beach hats. A straw fedora is even great just for a hot summer day worn with cutoffs, Birkenstocks and a cute tank or just throw a hat on with your favorite bikini or swimsuit while on the beach.

wear a hat

Outfit Ideas:

Look 1 – Casual Cool

wear a hat
This look I paired a pair of faux leather leggings with a neon sweater which adds some color to a spring look. Neon is on trend for spring, so I thought I’d add a playful color to this look.

Then I added my Aquazzura lace up ballet flats which add a little flair to the look. I finished the look with a textured coat.
It’s important to keep your looks balanced when wearing a hat you don’t want to appear as if the outfit is overdone. The Janessa Leone hat is truly such a staple in my wardrobe it pretty much works with any look.

Look 2 – Elegant look

wear a hat

Wearing a hat with a dress is always fun. Pair a fedora with a dress and you’re set. Here I wore nylons with a fit and flare dress and added pointy toe booties for an elegant yet casual look. Again, here I wore my Janessa Leone hat b/c it’s perfect and works well with so many looks.

The hat options and colors out there are limitless and there are so many ways to wear a hat it’s such a fun way to play with your outfits. Wearing a hat is like a form of art as you get to play with different looks and make them your own.

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