Emilia Clarke’s Beauty Secrets

British actress Emilia Clarke impresses on- and off-screen with her beauty. Read all about her beauty secrets and achieve her polished and sophisticated look.

Emilia Clarke has fast become one of the most recognizable faces in the TV world, and the British actress has wowed us both on- and off-screen with her goddess-like beauty. The young actress has more recently become a mainstream name, and it’s more than just good acting skills that have gained her widespread attention.

Beauty editors and stylists from all over the world have been clamouring over the Game of Thrones splendor, so let’s take a look at how Emilia has transformed from under-the-radar TV movies to the adored beauty muse she has become for many. No doubt we’ll be using these handy beauty tips and tricks to mirror Emilia’s allure!


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It may be obvious to point out, but your skin is the canvas for your painting masterpiece. The foundation of your beauty routine is your skin, and Emilia has perfected the art of smooth, clear and flawless skin.

You may be surprised to hear that Emilia doesn’t opt for $150 creams or lotions, and chooses a much cheaper cleanser to use on her face: Biore’s $10 Acne Clearing scrub is Emilia’s holy grail for perfect skin.

Another interesting fact about Emilia is that, like many of us, she has sensitive skin. This means that she can’t use just anything on it, and she isn’t one of the lucky few who can leave makeup on after a heavy night. Because of this, she opts for skincare that is hypoallergenic, and ensures that her delicate porcelain skin is tended to at all times.

In another bid to maintain polished skin, she avoids heavy makeup when not at work—that is on set or on the red carpet. Instead, she opts for tinted moisturizer to combat the harshness of the heavy makeup she often has to wear. You can use this method to gain clearer skin, too; giving her skin a break now and then means that Emilia can really wow when she does wear makeup.

As a final tip to emulate Emilia’s route to skin perfection, it’s worth noting that she religiously tones and moisturizes. Keeping blemishes away is a big step towards red carpet skin.


Having brows that wow is a major thing these days—and it’s something Emilia pulls off to perfection. Your brows frame your face, and no matter how well-applied your makeup is, it can’t realize its full potential if it’s not framed by a good set of defined brows.

emilia clarke

Emilia is in the know about this fact, and has a very nifty (and inexpensive) tip for those wanting to wow with their brows: Vaseline.

You heard me right: Vaseline.

Emilia complements her eyebrows by finishing off her look with a slick of Vaseline to make them stay in place, while giving them a pristine look. She also has very prominent and thick eyebrows which are a very chic trend to sport. It appears this look isn’t going away fast, so put those tweezers down!


emilia clarke

Voluptuous lips are something of a want for many of us. The good news is that you can replicate this without succumbing to the needle (like a certain Jenner has). Emilia has perfected the full lip look without going to extremes.

The one thing about Emilia that has gained her fandom with both men and women is that she maintains a natural beauty at all times. Emulating this approach to makeup is a surefire way to gain attention for all the right reasons.

That being said, she still knows how to rock a striking red lip as well as an elegant nude lip. While she opts for a cheaper skincare range, Emilia chooses a more expensive way of complementing her lips. She famously recommended Dolce & Gabanna for lipstick, as well as saying she often chooses Tom Ford on occasion.


emilia clarke

As Vogue recently voted the Chanel mascara to be the best one on the market today, so has Emilia Clarke. And judging by the batting, wide-eyed look that you often see Emilia sporting, we agree.

Aside from the perfect skin and well groomed brows, Emilia’s next trademark look is this striking eye. Her go-to look for the red carpet is a smoky, glittery one and it enhances her blue eyes flawlessly. In addition, Emilia always follows the golden makeup rule of eyes or lips (never both!), and never overdoes the fine balance.

She really knows how to wow both on- and off-screen, and the go-to look for any modern day beauty follower is something that Emilia encapsulates. From the laidback natural look to the full on Hollywood affair, Emilia can pull them all off with style and sass.

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