Five Outfits That Will Make You Look Slimmer

While there is no Photoshop button in real life, there are a few fashion rules that will make you look like you lost a few pounds. This does not mean that you should give up on your exercise regime, it just means that you should choose your clothing more carefully, and feel better about your body.

The best advice I can give is that you should always buy clothes that fit at that moment. Don’t bother with buying smaller sizes because that is not a healthy way to encourage your diet. Furthermore, do not hide under bigger sizes; it will make the clothes look cheaper, while your figure will look wider.

Don’t hide behind black color, but take a good look at yourself, find what’s best on your figure and emphasize it. Curves are sexy, so stand up straight, and do not compare yourself to other women. Every woman is unique and the beauty is, actually, in the eye of the beholder.

Two in One Dresses

If you are pear shaped, bottom parts should be in darker colors. If your figure looks like an apple, wear these dresses with a belt. In case your upper body is stronger than your legs, wear light colors on the skirt area.

It is that simple. Not only that you will look better, but these so called two in one dresses, are easy to find, easy to combine, and it will save you a few extra minutes in the whole “what should I wear today” procedure.

Bqueen V-neck Single-breasted Splicing Pleated Dress Outfit

  • Bqueen V-neck Single-breasted Splicing Pleated Dress (
  • Feather Crystal Necklace (
  • Jillie Gladiator Sandal (
  • Cole Haan Jitney Medium Zip Pouch (
  • Turquoise Candy Bangle Set (

Wide Legged Jeans

One of the biggest fall trends are jeans inspired by the 70’s. Wear them with simple, loose fit tops and make sure that you decorate the whole outfit with jewelry. That way the focus will be on your chest and neck area, not on your bottom.

Navy inspired tops are a great choice for a casual daily look, but you have to know that horizontal stripes will make your chest area look wider, which is great for pear shaped women, while vertical stripes make you look taller, and they are a great choice for apple-shaped women.

Wide Legged Jeans Outfit

  • Lanvin Wedge Sandals (
  • Textured Stripe Tee (
  • Dark Blue Denim Jeans (
  • Belle Noel Mini Dagger Collar Necklace
  • Turquoise Drop Earrings (
  • Salvatore Ferragamo Ceyla Bag (

Oversized Accessories

Whatever you wear and wherever you wear it, add some oversized jewelry. Same goes for bags, purses and clutches. Do not wear cross body bags; try with oversized envelope clutches with chains and studs.

Big pair of earrings, paired with a nice necklace, will make your face pop. No one will bother to check if you have a couple of extra pounds. Plus, all those accessories will make you feel more glamorous, so you will be more confident.

oversized envelope clutches outfit

  • Red Sleeveless Dress (
  • Walk on The Wild Side Necklace (
  • Bracelet Noir (
  • Mulberry Large Dorset Tote (
  • Steve Madden Women’s Platform Wedge Sandals (
  • Leaves Pendant Tassel Golden Earrings (

Thick Heels

Yes, we all love those super skinny high heels. But, they are not your friends. They will make your feet look wider, and ruin the entire outfit. Thick heels are more comfortable, more versatile, and they look great with knee-high dresses and skirts. Also, they are the right choice for wide legged jeans. Wedges are another great choice, especially during summer time, during which you have a fantastic choice of colors.

skinny high heels outfit

  • Pierre Hardy Red and Navy Canvas Platform Sandal (
  • Silky Tie Neck Blouse (
  • Blue Print Skirt (
  • Candace’s Blue Beaded Hoop Earrings (
  • Alexander Wang Red Leather Darcy Handbag (

High Wasted Shorts/Skirts

High wasted pencil skirt, or summer shorts, will cover up your belly, and show those curvy and sexy hips that you have. Choose fabrics wisely: they have to have at least 1% of spandex. With the right skirt, or pair of shorts, wear loose fit top with print, and add some interesting details. You can wear pretty much anything, as long as you know how to create balance, and turn those extra pounds into feminine curves.

High wasted pencil skirt outfit

  • Steve Madden Taxxi (
  • Ria Rubber Colour Bracelets (
  • Diamond Duster Earrings (
  • River Island Black High Waisted Shorts (
  • Stella Mccartney Falab Shoulder Big Bag (
  • Tribal Print Beach Tee (
  • Heart Necklace (

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